Making Change

Shovel Knight is fun! Edit: I haven't gotten very far into the game yet so I wasn't aware Dark Knight isn't really part of the Order. My mistake. I changed up the dialogue to fix the issue.

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  1. GC is such a troll… ^_^’

    1. You’d be suprised how that is interperted elsewhere

    2. I laughed so had at this joke!!! awesome job Celesse! *3*

  2. Is Black Knight part of that order? If I remember, he was not.

    1. He was. He’s the first boss you encounter and gives this speech.

    2. He wasn’t. He mostly just wanted to protect the Enchantress (for spoilery reasons) from Shovel Knight. Also seems to be a bit of a rivalry going on.

      1. I haven’t gotten that far in the story yet, then. The downside of making jokes before finishing a game.

        1. this is me and my dad everyday he cant take my puns any more and chelesse i love gamercat thank you for doing this so much. and yes i really like pixel but i know people will be after me so im piztel

  3. Now I need one comic about “plague of shadows” and I’m complete in this life <(°0°)<

  4. Can you make a Terraria one? That would be cool.

    1. Yeah! Terraria!


  5. If I recall correctly, Black Knight is not a member of the Order of no Quarter as he refuses to join in spite of The Enchantress’ request.

    1. That must come later in the story then, as the first time you encounter him he doesn’t mention that and seems like he’s a member. I haven’t gotten too far in the game yet.

      1. Sorry about that! I hadn’t considered that you hadn’t finished the game yet. I really hope you’re loving the hell out of it!

  6. Black knight is not a member of the Order of no Quarter! Noob!

    1. Yes, I’ve addressed this twice already.

  7. “No Quarter” means no mercy, to give quarter to your enemies in ye olden days was to be merciful and keep them as prisoners or slaves (until their ransom was paid by their rich families back home). This was standard practice in the medieval times of knights and swords and pillaging. Peasent fighters were rarely taken hostage, and were most often left to die, seeing as no one could pay for them

  8. Relax, guys. It doesn’t actually directly say in the comic wether or not the black knight is part of the order.

  9. Any chance for Dragon Age Inquisition?

  10. she changed it

  11. Wait, toll is only 25 cents???? I want to live there!

    1. unfortinly, i have no money

  12. So, Black Knight wants non-cents from GC. Should be easy enough.

  13. Dark Knight: QUARTERS ARE ILLEAGAL!!!

  14. GC’s expressions and gestures are adorable in this one.

  15. I love GaMERCaT its funny and cool makes you think how a cat can game anyway next issue should be super smash bros GaMERCaT whold be super awsome at it also if it is super smash bro he should be mairo or link it will fit him big time! :)

  16. I just started reading this comic last week, and it cracks me up! You manage to hit on a lot if the little gamer nuances and your art style is simple and expressive. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

  17. how about four nickels and five pennies? seem fair?
    priceless, Celesse.

  18. edit: shoot, i didn’t know his name was ‘Black Knight’, not ‘Dark Knight’. Never played this game before, is it for DS? if it is, im off to my video game store!
    …when you think about it, ‘Dark Knight’ would make more sense then ‘Black Knight’, because black knight is downright racist, and i think batman has an obsession for money.

    1. There are versions of it available for PC and most consoles, including 3DS. Though you’re probably better off looking on eShop than in a retail store, I don’t believe as an indie title that Shovel Knight ever had a physical cartridge or disc. Unless it was a perk for backing their kickstarter.

  19. You know, I’ve got a dollar – wanna give me three quarters in change?

  20. He’s acting like sans!!

  21. A twenty?

  22. When u bein funny and u piss sombody off and u nearly get killed because of it.


  23. puns the highest form of comedy (plus your puns make tons of CENTS)

  24. Celesse, you are going to kill my arms. To much clapping in dissapointement. And the fact that it is slow clapping doesn’t help

  25. Sorry Gamercat, but you only have a dollar bill. You may not cross.

  26. Well, I can do like, a dime, two nickels, and five pennies…

  27. I have a sore throat now and laughing makes it more sore. Thanks for making me feel like I’m diming. Lol cause it sound like dieing

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