Every Day I’m Shovelin’

This title has probably been used before, but whatever! Finally playing Shovel Knight so I thought I'd make fun of it.

24 thoughts on “Every Day I’m Shovelin’

  1. Well… is better to dig a NEW latrine, than to dig a OLD latrine! XD

    1. There were actually people who’s job it was to empty out latrines in the middle ages. They were called gongfermours.

      1. YEOUCH!!! >_<'

  2. Awesome comic, loved playing Shovel Knight when I bought it myself. I was half expecting a joke about burying treasure(or digging his own grave).

    Also looks like the RSS feed is fixed now. This comic was the only one to show as new this time around. Time will tell if it is truly fixed(or restarting the cycle).

    1. And I spoke too soon. The RSS feed just update with 6 new comics from the past. Guess it was a random fluke that it updated correctly earlier.

      1. I’ve had this comic in my RSS ever since I found it earlier this year, I’ve not once had that happen. It may be your feed service, rather than the comic’s feed.

        1. Sorry guys, I don’t know what’s up with it. I even turned off the caching for it. I’ll keep looking into it.

  3. I’d really like to see a comic with Pixel playing some Metroid. I wonder how would that go like.

    1. I agree with Gregor, I think throwing in a reference to Metroid would be neat.

      1. I want to see them play Battletoads. Then freak out on the bike level. Also mass effect, love the original trilogy.

  4. Sooo I might look dump but what’s a latrine?

    1. It’s an outhouse. A toilet. Usually a communal one like for a campground.

    2. conductor of the poop train

      In laymen terms, a hole you poop in, until it’s full. Then you cover it and make a new one.

    3. And that’s the story of how no one got your joke.

      1. Actually that pun was not even planned. I only realized that it existed when you talked about it!

  5. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Shovel Knight will give you much material. Please use as much of said mats as possible. Great game. And great games can take a little digging. (Eh? Eh?! Anybody?)

    1. T_T *Slowly Claps hand*

      1. …ok

  6. haha, his excited little face in panel 5! So cute!

  7. Hope he got the Plague Knight DLC.

  8. I love this manga. Go!

  9. Oh, THAT is what a latrine is. That is a very poor use of a shovel

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