Pokemon Avenue

I can only imagine the precarious positions this game might put people in, but I'm so excited to play it! (Pokemon Go)

35 thoughts on “Pokemon Avenue

  1. Nope. I don’t think it’s worth getting mugged for it.

    Unless it’s a legendary.

    1. Or a shiny

      1. It’s a pleasure to find someone who can think so clearly

        1. tEMmiE sAYS U HoOMaNS Are IdTOtS

        2. ¿UnderSwap?

  2. What was that pokemon? A houndoom?

  3. At last, I have found the legendary ahh AHHHHHHHH AGH THE PAIN!!!!!!!!

  4. *got mugged

    I can trade my Shiny ;_;

  5. This was the first thing i thought of when pokemon GO was announced…

  6. i wonder if the dog is actually chasing him because he wanted the pokemon

    1. LOL That’s probably why. ?

  7. I hope it was a shiny, or a legendary, or both!! Then and only then would it be worth it

  8. 1) Find a rare pokemon in an alley
    2) Wait for kids with expensive smartphones come by
    3) …
    4) profit!

    1. Nah, I’d just stand in the alley with a clown mask on in plain sight so the kids are freaked out. More fun. Mwuhahahaha

  9. If it’s anything like Ingress (Niantic’s other geolocation game) you’ll have a decent radius to work on things. Enough that you can stay out of alleyways. Unless you’re really into that sort of thing.

    My real question is: how are they going to monetize it? A Pokemon license isn’t cheap…

    1. To Magar: About the monetizing… I can easily imagine that you will have to buy Pokéballs for real money. Better ones (Greatballs an better) for sure.

      1. I believe that they were going to sell certain Pokémon to stores and such, so the player would not pay anything.

  10. Those of us who play Ingress are going to go only dark allies pshh.. One time I walked 8 miles into the middle of the woods in the middle of no where to establish a guardian portal.

  11. Nothing like magically appearing belts.

    1. I thought I was the only one to notice that! You are awsome!

  12. poketch!!! tell me if its worth buying. i dont have a phone o i’ll have to buy that too and that’s practically robbing me of all my pocket money, and i dont wanna waste it on getting mugged. i love how funny and kid-friendly this comic is i cant get enoughhhh!

  13. Just found this the other day, went through the archives in 2 days. NEED MORE. Great job, love the art and humor. Really professional.

  14. Imagine a pokemon in the grand canyon

    1. Arceus is that y- AGGGHHHH!!!

  15. We gonna rock down to Pika-chu Avenue! And Let Me Take You High-a!

  16. On a trip to Old Faithful
    “A rare pokemon is nearby!”
    “You’re getting closer!”
    shoot, im surprisingly close to the geyser… oh well, a shiny’s worth it!
    “You’re 10 feet away!”
    aww crap, the geyser’s right next to me, and it looks like its about to-
    “Pokemon encountered! Now walk one more foot ahead to catch it!”
    Whatever you say, game.

    “Congratulations! you got a magikarp on the brink of fainting!”
    aand… F’TOOOOOOSH, you’re on top of the geyser’s water.

  17. I would only do that for an eevee. hey, what if Glitch sat next to an eevee while in a game? I ship it XD even though girl eve’s are extremely rare…

    1. Kya! I want Eevee too *_*
      I will go to the wall for Eevee, not just dark alleys xD
      I wonder when it will be out, it’s 2016 already and February on top of that if my calendar is right…

    2. I have 5 girl eevees in my Sun/moon game.

  18. What Pokemon was it

  19. Alleydogs? How does GaMERcat get away from all of them? Can someone PLEASE take pokemon from him? It would do me a big favor

  20. Don’t tell anyone (or my parents, they still don’t know). About three years ago, I almost got run over while playing Pokemon Go. One of my friends pulled me back right as a white SUV drove by. The optimal solution is to post this experience on the internet.

  21. Somehow this made my day and it just made my day brighter.

  22. Aren’t video games made to live incredible adventures staying safe at home? Pokemon go is dangerous

  23. Pokémon go is dead

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