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  1. Woot! Warframe! Best game ever! And it’s still in Beta!

    1. It’s never coming out of beta. They just use the term to ignore major bugs and continue the game as-is without a promise of it getting better. I do like the game a lot, but the glitches and over-all grind based game play are a major turn off.

      1. Hi there, 2017 knocking on your door.
        Warframe is out of Beta, many bugs have been fixed and there are ambitious things on its horizon.

        1. 2018 Tenno Nydus is the beastest frame ive run imho

        2. 2020 Warframe and now there is a third open world.
          I like the rail jack – I just got mine and whenever I’m in it I feel like I have more power course through me than any being should ever be allowed to have.
          The downside is that if you leave it, you die. 😐

        3. ive never herd of this game

  2. This is how i feel about the Commanders

  3. This is how i feel about the Commanders. I hate them

  4. Been part of Warframe since it became open beta on steam, haven’t stopped since, got over 2000 hours in it and still loving it :D

  5. Awesome comic as always.

    However your RSS feed has been getting worse and worse. Now it is always toggling between 4 updates(either showing ‘Hit and Run’ and the 3 following it, or ‘Industry Standard’ and the 3 following it as new). Each time you post a new comic this number goes up(so next monday it will be 5 if this continues).

    1. I’ve had no problem with the RSS myself, using Feedly. What client are you using?

      1. I am using RSS Live Links for Chrome. It is a simple feed that only shows the links(I only use it to track updates on a couple blogs and some Web Comics where I prefer to click through to the sites). I have looked at the actual feed itself and it is messed up, likely Feedly has features to keep issues like this hidden.

        The feed is swapping between the most updated version and a cached version(cached on the week of Aug 31). Each time it changes my reader shows what is different between the posted feed and what it has last read as new, so everytime a new comic is added to the up to date feed it increases the number of entries that are different between feed versions.

        To fix the issue, the site manager would have to manually clear all cached data for the site. As this is hosted on WordPress I am not sure if this will be enough as the caching issue could be beyond what can be done from the WP-panel.

      2. Bamboo has been repeatedly showing two or three for some time. Even when I clear them they show up again.

        1. The issue is site side not client. The site master is aware there is an issue, however they have not been able to resolve the issue. If they wish, I could look into fixing the problem for them(as this is hosted on WordPress right?). If so drop me an email and I can help you fix the issue.

    2. Firefox’s Bookmark Toolbar RSS is laging behind a bit as well, most recent it has is “Morning Ritual”

  6. Heheh, Glitch switched.

  7. Wall running is easy in Unreal Tournament.

    1. and in mirrors edge and assasins creed and prince of persia…

      1. TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. :D

    I’ve been forunate enough not to run into any troll Lokis.
    Although I did get a few troll Mags before they changed how pull affected other players.

  9. Is GC trying to just jump across every time here? XD

  10. I can’t play warframe I’m on mac :(

    1. I’m running OS X as well but I just run it on Boot Camp. You can also get Cross over. No excuse to not play! :p

  11. goemon mystical ninja plz

  12. love this comic too much. its the only reason to look forward to monday :D i would really appreciate it if you used more child-friendly games though, like pokemon, zelda, infamous and all. i woud REALLY like it if you did a comic of minecraft too!
    keep up with the awesome comics x3

  13. Scrub, can’t wallrun even in Parkour2.0
    Be very scared when Glitch figures out Radial Disarm though…

  14. I feel that there is an irony statment to be made here. I can’t quite put it.

  15. I just started playing warframe, so I just got the humor in this one.

  16. It’s so easy to do a wall run now since some updates…

  17. Wall running lol more like bunny hopping, Bullet jump Then glide for distance. As i say in the game your a space ninja murder hobo MOVE LIKE IT.^_~

  18. I play as the unicorn


    im late..


    Cats as Tenno, they should be inside the pod and control the Warframe from afar, inside the orbiter, they still can get out, with Transference skill (Finish The War Within) and yeah, stuff.

  20. LOVE WARFRAME!!!!!!

  21. Gamercat is Excalibur, Glitch is Loki…Is Sweet supposed to be Rhino?

  22. Gamercat tried so hard….

  23. *-* im possibly never honna stop slow clapping in disappointment and embarrassment

  24. ive never herd of this game

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