It's dangerous to have an opinion on the internet.

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  1. Hey, at least the kid can spell “definitely”.

    1. Defiantly glad about that…..doh!

      1. Go Glitch! You listen in English class! (Unlike me) :C

    2. dolphinately good to see he can write it correct

    3. Dorfunately good indeed

      1. you most difiantley spelled that wrong

        1. NecroFerret(PokeGeist)

          he aybsawwlewtly speld delphinaphilliately rong!

        2. @NecroFerret(PokeGeist) you speld he rong, its hii

  2. He’s not wrong though, it really is.

    1. *prepares to fire so many shots*

      Seriously though, most times the phrase “which is best” is usually so conditional it’s dumb to ask. Most of reality isn’t black and white, so our claims and rebuttals (BOTH!) should be done with an open-minded tone.

      After you have some maturity anyway. Kids will bicker.

    2. Kids will bicker? I think most adults bicker so much that they are worse then kids bickering. But you are right. Whenever there is a “Which is better…” Question it always ends the same way. Be it about a game, a console, a anime, anti-viris, or even the “Who do you think would win in a fight ______ or _______?” It starts off friendly but then you get the one person that calls someone else a name and BOOM!!!! you got over 200 and counting comments of people arguing and getting way off topic and insulting others that it makes it hard for one to decide. Most people these days fall under one of the three groups.

      The followers: Who are people that base their choices solely on the opinion of others

      The Independents: People who will make a choice that they feel is right and may or may not take into consideration the opinions of others. But won’t base their decisions solely on the opinion of others.

      The Rude one: The ones who think that what they say is the correct answer and all other people are just stupid and must be insulted because they are right and the others are not. (Sadly lately I have seen more people fall under this category.)

      I fall in the middle one. If something new comes out and it interests me I look for a few things when making my choice.

      The Price
      Do I really want it.
      What do the video trailers (If any) show.
      Do I still want it
      (If it is a game) What are all the system info.
      (If it is an item like a new kind of game console or a new kinda of dvd player, or even a collectible.) Do I have space for it.
      and finally I ask myself again “Do I really reaaaalllly want it.”
      (If yes) Do I want it now or should I wait for like my birthday or christmas and get a family member to get it for me.

      I have so much to take in to consideration for my stuff. I am also coming up with a list of decisions on if I want a doggie next summer or not.

      1. I was referring to where society’s expectations should be, not observed results. Yes, there’s a gap.

    3. Didnt the WiiU fail? Hence why Nintendo is already making the next one?

      The NX or whatever to be announced officially next year?

      1. Define fail… and no, it didn’t.

        The Wii U didn’t sell sufficiently because the public are a bunch of blithering idiots that wouldn’t recognise a decent game if their life depended on it. They’d rather spend their money buying the PS4 or Xbox One based on nothing but hype and future potential, while the Wii U gets genuinely good games that they ignore.

        The Wii U didn’t fail. Gamers failed the Wii U, and we’ll pay for it by having a generation of samey FPS/Open World action crap that doesn’t do anything fun, interesting, or different from last gen.

        1. So, were the public still a bunch of blithering idiots back when the Wii was performing exceptionally well? I love my WiiU, and I love my PS4, but to me it just seems that people have just burned themselves out on Nintendo for a bit.

          Nintendo are exceptionally good at what they do; if you’re in the mood for playing something that encapsulates the qualities of a Mario game, then playing an actual Mario game will be a blast! Same with Zelda! Same with Smash Bros! It’s not that Nintendo are bad at delivering experiences out of their core set… it’s just that they don’t aim to deliver those experiences at all. Period. It’s just not what they aim to do.

          To me it just seems that people are just in the mood for something different right now. Not worse. Not better. Just different. You’re not going to find The Last Of Us, or GTA5, or Halo on a Nintendo console. They’re all exceptionally good games, and they’re /just not/ the kind of experiences you’d typically find on a Nintendo console, it’s that simple. It most certainly doesn’t mean that people who don’t want what you want are “blithering idiots”.

          It just makes you sound a little bitter about something shouldn’t ultimately matter. If Nintendo are still in a position to make the games YOU want to play (and they are, they’re not going to die any time soon), then why would you even care about how well other companies are doing? You’re not the one pocketing the profits at the end of the day!

        2. Have the WiiU, and it has so many pros. Okay, its less powerful than XO or PS4, but Nintendo uses the power to the last ounce, and has a library that its worth having. I know because i bought splatoon and i adore it

        3. I dunno… there was that 8GB model that nobody bought… that silly TV gimmick… for a while people didn’t even realize WiiU was a different console than Wii…

  3. Consoles and PCs SUCK. I had to buy 7 console to play all the cool games I wanted. AND upgrade my PC. AND now I want two more consoles. I wish there was just one gaming platform for all the games. With multiple different gamepads/remotes, keyboard, touch screen and mouse. And streaming to handheld devices.

    1. Not with capitalism around.

      Communism. We all agree, or die.

      1. Didn’t communism dissolve in the early 90s?

        P.S I would agree.

    2. PCs are the way to go, then. Most new games have PC versions, and most older games/consoles have emulators. You can even get replica USB controllers to play with the original button arrangements.

  4. Agreed Dean. For my wife and I it wasn’t about the quantity of games because we only have 3-4 wii u games anyways. It’s about whether those few games you have are great or not. I love the four we have.

  5. Flame war incoming! XD

    P.S.: the lasts vg i had, were on my Amiga 500… now i play almost exclusively flash on-line escape games! ^_^’

  6. I was convinced Gamercat was going to tell him ‘Xbox is best’ or something, but awwwww, it looks like he does care <3

  7. He has to sit on a pillow to reach the keyboard. >w<

  8. i’m waiting for nintendo’s next console


  10. I love how big brother-like Gamercat is in the fourth panel.

  11. He isn’t wrong through.

  12. How could he manage to type it all properly?

    1. Yeah… Cat paws are a bit big for typing on normal keyboards – even kitten paws.

  13. Oh no! Kittens mustn’t see normal words all normal people use.. they might turn out.. er.. normal.. like everyone else. How awful that would be!

    1. … if you mean swearing… well he doesn’t need to see that at such a young age .-. i don’t even swear and don’t think it necessary (i iz 21), but that tis my personal opinion.

  14. You know, at this point I can’t say. I’ve drifted toward the idea that all gaming systems are created “free and equal” and each has their own values. I still think that the xbox is a little odd though. I prefer the Wii U and the Ps4.

  15. The whole argument is like saying that apples are better than oranges. Or that pink is better than blue. Good on ya, cats.

  16. I’m sorry, but there is no way it is better than the Ouya.

    1. No there’s the raspberry pi :)

  17. Yeah, Gamercat knows, that stating something like this is always bound to start a Console-whereever it’s posted.
    However, if Glitch were to start with “For me,” than it’s more-clearly his personal Opinion.
    So far, we may only be able to say, what Console gave us the most Fun, but even tough, I’m 34 now, I still didn’t have a single Console, that was giving me the Feel, like it’s the Best Console ever at this point.
    Surely, the WiiU does have a lot of qualities, but it also got some issues, like starting with the limited Memory, that clearly encourages to get an external HDD (a 2TB-one in my Case).
    Also, while SuperSmashBros Brawl brought us Support for GameCube-Controllers, that Feature seem to be discontinued for anything else.
    Even tough most of the VC-Titles could use the Controller.
    And a Feature, that would also be nice, would be adding an USB-Adapter for GC-MemoryCards, to import the Savegames onto the WiiU, and introducing either a GameCube-Mode or GameCube-VirtualConsole-Titles.

    At the same Time, there are other Points of other Consoles, that makes them Special.
    Like my PS3, taking up the Slot, I initially used for my DVD-Player, then BD-Player.
    It’s quite a competent Gaming-System, and a well-operating Entertainment-Platform for DVDs, CDs and BluRays.

    And now, I’m coming to one of the most-versatile Platforms, The(my) PC.
    Installing Upgrades over Time, a PC wil grow stronger with Time, gaining the Power to play the latest Games, and opening us worlds of entertainment.
    Over the Years, the Gaming-Portion for the PCs had a huge influence of the entire Computer-industry, with an ever-growing demand on Calculation-power, all Computer-Systems did evolve way faster, giving us Smartphones nowadays, that by far surpass the Computers, used for the Moonlanding.
    And it’s stil in Development, starting with simple Text-Based Operating-Systems like MS-DOS, ccurrent OSs are mostly using a graphical User-Interface, that are made to be easily accessible, as well as offering more and more Content.
    And when it comes to playing a Game on the PC, there are Myriads of Controllers to choose from.
    Starting with what became the most-efficient way for aiming in FPS-Games and Strategy-Games, the Combination of Keyboard and Computermouse (in my opinion, this is the best for FPS and RTS, with the WiiMote+Nunchuck on second Place for FPS).
    as well as different Joysticks and Controllers, coming even to motorized Simulation-Chairs.
    But even tough the PC seems to be the Best Platform, due to it’s wide array of Combinations, a lot of Games do have problems with optimisation.
    While something like DirectX does provide a unified Solution for most Games, several Games do suffer slows and Lags due to the Myriads of differen Hardwares, that can’t always be completely optimized.

    And that’s where ConsoleGames do shine.
    Since they were Programmed on a specific System, their Code can be optimized for just that System, making it easier for Programmers to get the most of the Sytems Power used, instead of making it work on every System.
    But then again, the Consoles do sometimes have some limitations, that are easy to solve on PC-Systes, like the Problem of the Maion-Memory being too small:
    A PC would rather simply require aome additional RAM-Modules (up to 4GB for 32Bit-Systems), while the Console-Versions usually get a set amount of RAM that usually can’t change (except for the N64, getting a Memory-Expansion), and will have to make the Game work, on what’s available.

    1. Nothing to say except that that was the longest post ever.

    Ignore the other plebeians, flash is MOST DEFINITELY NOT dying, totally doesn’t have security problems, it’s not even possible for a browser to block it…
    But seriously, as a person who grew up playing Nitrome (and then expanded to other awesome flash developers), living right now is incredibly painful, and stressful (I worry about the play-ability of flash games in the future…).
    And then there’s the fact that there are very few other flash-gamers still around, and very few people who understand (or will let themselves understand -_-) that NOT all flash games are just cheap, simple, quickly made advergames… That some are, well, True Masterpieces!, even if they’re small bite-sized ones…
    And even Nitrome has stopped making flash games (they’ve switched to mobile, which happens to ALSO sometimes be as under-appreciated as flash…) because of profit issues, and they have ALWAYS cared deeply about what fans want (which is flash, of course!), so you KNOW that it must be REALLY serious…
    But yet, there *are* STILL plenty(ish) of flash-devs who haven’t stopped making games, who just keep pushing forward (scriptwelder is a great example), just because they, well, believe… They believe in making games that, as small as they may be, are ingenuitve, ground-breaking, unique, solidly made, even emotional…
    All because Flash is THEIR engine, the one that THEY use…
    So, I guess I’ll wrap this (incredibly bloated) post up…
    And hope that in the future, all my favorite flash games are preserved…
    Because despite ALL it’s awful flaws, glitches, security vulnerabilities and constant updates, Flash DESERVES to be remembered for the good that it DID do.
    Thank you.

    1. There indeed are some great Flash games! My favorite series is Submachine, and anything made by Mateusz Skutnik. If you like scriptwelder, you’ll love Mateusz’s games.

      And if you like Submachine, google “Rusty Lake”…

    2. Google chrome doesn’t support flash anymore.

  19. He’s right though. The Wii U is the best current console, because it offers what consoles SHOULD offer- a different experience from PC.

    Xbone and PS4 only exist for exclusives. I can’t justify buying a 400$+ console just to play the same genres and often same games as on the PC, with worse pricing/less customization/etc.

    I happily own a Wii U. I don’t have any interest in Xbone or PS4.

    1. Good point.

  20. GC’s expression in the last panel is just so cute.

  21. Inb4 “PC master race” comment swarm.

  22. The best gaming platform is obviously the Vita. Right? Anyone?

  23. I hope he’s not posting that comment on 4chan. All the language filters in the world would not help him.

  24. I don’t think wii u is the best but I do like it, I even have one. But I AM saving for a Xbone

  25. I don’t really understand the console wars. I have all three systems, but I find myself playing Wii U, and PS4 more than Xbox One. I could buy some of my games on the Xbox, but PS4 had so many more exclusives that I wanted that I don’t really think on which system to buy for anymore. The Xbox is just the Halo and Gears of War machine. Everything else is PS4 or Wii U. Not that the Xbox is bad. I just…. don’t buy games for it unless I can’t get it something else.

  26. Instead of every console/pc gamer being against each other, we should all band together against video game haters :D

    1. Good idea! Let’s burn some people down! See how it feels to be totally immersed in their roof is on fire- OH MY GOD RUN

  27. Whut? Nuo! The Atarti VCS is waaaaaaaay curler dan any ov dezz oddar cumsles!


  28. PC the mighty! PC the unerring! PC the unassailable! To you we give praise!
    We are but maggots, writhing in the filth of our own console peasantry! While you have ascended from the dung of filthy console peasants, and now walk among the stars!
    But you were once man! Aye! And as man, you said, “Let me show you the power of the PC Master Race, born of the North, where my breath is long winter. I breathe now, in royalty, and reshape this land which is mine. I do this for you, Red Legions, for I love you.”
    Aye, love. Love! Even as man, the great PC cherished us. For he saw in us, in each of us, the future of Skyrim! The future of Tamriel!
    And there it is, friends! The ugly truth! We are the children of man! PC is the true god of man! Ascended from flesh, to rule the realm of spirit!
    The very idea is inconceivable to our Microsoft overlords! Sharing the heavens with us? With man? Ha! They can barely tolerate our presence on earth!
    Today, they take away your faith. But what of tomorrow? Do the elves take your homes? Your businesses? Your children? Your very lives?
    And what does the Empire do? Nothing! Nay, worse than nothing! The Imperial machine enforces the will of Sony overlords! Against its own people!
    So rise up! Rise up, children of the Empire! Rise up, Stormcloaks! Embrace the word of mighty PC, he who is both man and Divine!
    For we are the children of man! And we shall inherit both the heavens and the earth! And we, not the Elves or their toadies, will rule Skyrim! Forever!
    Terrible and powerful PC! We, your unworthy servants, give praise! For only through your grace and benevolence may we truly reach enlightenment!
    And deserve our praise you do, for we are one! Ere you ascended and the Eight became Nine, you walked among us, great PC, not as god, but as man!
    Trust in me, Whiterun! Trust in the words of Heimskr! For I am the chosen of PC! I alone have been anointed by the Ninth to spread his holy word!

    1. wow, why do people post such long comments

  29. PathOfTheAwesomePie

    Is this the party where we choose which system is best!? *ahem*……………………I—-LIKE THEM ALL!!!! (Yes, that includes PC lolz) \(>o<)/

  30. Can I make a suggestion? Well if I can I think you should make a comic about GaMERCaT and friends playing Mario Kark 8, I think it would be really cool, if you don’t thanks anyways!

  31. Glitch knows what’s up. It may not have the most games or non-gaming features, but when it comes to actual gameplay, the Wii U has many fantastic titles.

  32. Well, with the vast Amount of Opinions on the Internet, several do Claim, that a certain Console is the Best System ever.
    However, every Console has it’s ups and Downs, and even if one System would be totally awesome in every aspect, it would still have to deal with one Problem:
    “Does it have ”
    The term exclusive Title comes to Mind, stating, that some Games are made exclusively on only one System, or System-Family, leaving others out.
    And just like with the First Meeting of Glitch, while he was still unnamed, GamerCat had the same Issue: “Does it have Pokémon?”, while GamerCat was holding A Sony-Handheld.
    Due to at least one exclusive Title being not accessible on an otherwise awesome Gaming-System, can lead to the absolute decision, that the absolute Best simply doesn’t exist.
    But since we all got different Tastes, some Systems are the best for US.
    Mine include: Wii, WiiU, PS3, PC and 3DSXL (not in any order, except the Wii/WiiU, due to their name-similarities), and even I have to admit, that those systems are not the absolute-best.
    For Starters, all my Systems do miss one Game, that I’d really like to get: MechAssault, an X-Box-Exclusive + it’s successors and also the Halo-Series.
    But buying a Console for just 2 or 3 Games each doesn’t feel right, unless you’re rich.

    In the End, you’ll make the Compromise, that you’ll buy some Platforms for what the announced or available Games you feel the most attracted to, and having earlier Versions of a Certain Console, make some Systems even more attractive than others, because you can get the newest Games with the Characters, you already know.

    But there is also one exception, one Platform does actually have the longest lifespan of them all, and that’s the PC.
    Getting Upgraded over the years made this System so powerful and versatile, that we’re still buying and playing Games on it, despite some Shamans telling us, that the Gaming-Market on the PC is dead – and I don’t quite see that.
    In fact, the PC got the biggest amount of Sources to get Games from.
    There are myriads of Platforms that sell Games, like Steam or Origin, using an actual Program, that manages just about anything for the Games and the Users, or even Internet-Shops, where you can buy Games for either Downloads, or their Keys for other Platforms(like HumbleBundle and similar Sites, that will give you the Keys, t use them on ther Platforms, like Steam, Origin, etc.).
    But even the omnipresent PC doesn’t have them all, so that’s where discussions begin again.
    And in the End, it’s just that unless someone Builds a System, that does support every Game, no matter what Medium it’s on, may it be Modules, CDs, DVDs, BluRays ad maybe even older Media, like 3,5″-Discs, or the Famous 5-1/4″-Discs from the C64-Times or maybe even Datasettes(Audio-Cassettes used for magnetically storing Games/Programs on them).
    Surely, a lot of the Games were made available at other Places, but usually, the Exclusive-Titles are not supported by other Systems, unless someone hacked them, and made Emulators or even some crafty Hardware.

    But even with the biggest amount of Games available on one System, one System can’t play everything, even with the most-ambitious Attempts.
    But that’s what makes those Console-War-Discussions to happen, because someone falls into the Illusion, that a single System is the Ultimate-Best, and mistakes his own Opinion for a given Fact.

    But it is a Fact, that we always do like one System more than annother.
    And coming with that is annother Fact, that sometimes, there are Consoles, that we simply hate, and that doesn’t actually need a logical reason, it can also be, because you simply hate the company behind it, or maybe you had a negative experience with it in the past(those handcramps from the first X-Box’s Controllers, while I played it in a Store will never be forgotten, even tough I now have a Speedlink-Torid, which is basically a X-Box360-Controller (working on X-Input + DirectInput + PS3, with the shape coming mainly from the 360-Controller)

    Well, but since I’ve got a negative Feeling against one System or it’s Manufacturer doesn’t make me flame their Fans all the Time.
    In fact, I understand, that they really enjoy their Systems just like I do mine.
    And I’m nowadays really happy to say, that I’ve never bought a System, that made me hate it at some Point for purchasing it, and the only System-Purchase, that I regrettet wasn’t a Gaming-System, but my current Smartphone, and that was due to it getting from it’s initial 85€ down to 66€ just a short time after I bought it, with the Ultimate Trolling following a few days after that, of one Store advertising selling it for just 33€, ouch, that hurt!.

  33. Aww GaMERCaT, I love how he’s like a concerned parent it’s soo sweet!

  34. Instead of “*console* is the best” it should always be something like “I’ve had more fun with *console* then any others”

    The issue is, people voicing their opinions as facts, instead of opinions.

  35. Not to burst any bubbles, but I really like the 3Ds more than the Wii U. The Wii U has some pretty sweet games though. And the fact that my first actual Nintendo console that was just mine was the 3Ds has some effect on how high I ranked it. ;3

    PS: If you think otherwise, please do not use any swear words when you reply.

  36. I liked the Wii U!

  37. shot me all you want, im invincible and immortal, but paper mario color splash is the best game coming up.

  38. For a kitten, Blitch has pretty good grammar!

  39. I meant Glitch obpn my last post… help.

  40. I only play PC

    Also, I cant get a gaming pc cuz its too expensive and my wifi is bad, so id be useless. But i still really like pc… and switch. I use a laptop.


  43. The Soul of Cinder

    My favorite consoles are Xbox and Nintendo because Zelda and the retro feel. I dont like playstation because its controllers are weird. Other than that, it’s okay.

  44. ? Uh, Gc… don’t you know what parental controls and language filters are for? I know how they work and they dont work likr that

  45. I have grown a deep respect for glitch after that article

  46. Just a random girl

    Just felt like doing that :)

    1. Doom Cat approves

  47. The Nintendo Switch is the best console

  48. Big brother to the rescue!

  49. The N64 isn’t the best Console of all time but it Definitely had some of the best games of all time. The best console of all time though, is the PS2.

  50. Oh wait it’s the game controller? Then definitely nintendo switch

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