Mix & Match

I'm okay with this.

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  1. That poor eevee D=

    1. Woo! You beat those stupid first commenters to it! But also I agree with you on that one

      1. dont diss the first thats rude

        1. Yelling “first” on every comment is rude

        2. Not blue shelling the firsters is rude

        3. people are allowed to say that they have the first comment.
          it is annoying, but its fine.

        4. also yeah, gotta use that blue shell

    2. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Mai Eevee!

      1. I LOVE your new avatar Daisy Kitty.

        ALSO! Eevee used fly! It’s Super Defective!

        1. Thank you! ^w^

          How does Eevee know fly? It should use bite!

    3. Eevee, noooo!

    4. Ok, I agree that poor eevee but look, that trainer is like, wtf is going on. LOL. Then there’s growthe who is being stupid and barking like a idiotic dog at a dog. Like why and wth is going on. And rapidash is like halp moi. Finally Pikachu is like oh sh** I need to get back down.

    5. kitsunelegend, thank you for being polite and no shouting ” FIRST!!!” in all capital letters. i’ve talked to celesse about the whole matter, but all she seems to hear is ” mao mao maoo mao maaaooo!”

    6. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    7. If I ever catch that Eevee, it will become a Glaceon!!!!

  2. Seeing a new GaMERCaT c9mic is always the highlight of my Monday, Also, plz let eevee be okay!

    1. Ehhhhh. Wellll I missed like 3 Monday’s and yeaaah

  3. Noooo, Eevee!

  4. sorry……..am i the only who kinda likes the idea here?

    1. nope. I LOVE IT!!!!!

      1. YEEHAW!

        1. Uh…hope that fire doesn’t hurt tho

        2. In the first season of the Pokemon series, I believe at one point Ash was trying to ride a Ponyta and was burned slightly. The rancher at the time told him that Ponyta and Rapidash fire burns anybody they don’t trust, or something, and that a pokedex entry confirms this.

        3. Ohhh, I remember that! I had forgotten. I really like the old pokemon stuff.

    2. Uhhhhh, I haven’t seen the gen 1 yet. I’m on like gen 6. Lol. I skipped gen 1, gen 3 and 4 and most of gen 2. Seen all of gen 5 and working on gen 1 and gen 6. oof

  5. Im not sure how to respond to this

  6. Pokemon let’s go red dead redemption. Looks badass.

    1. If this was a mod, I would buy it

      1. Time to get coding.

    2. If they make that game, Im buying it no mater what my parents say! It defininetly looks badass!

      1. Thunderpheonix, I’m gonna say but now. I just responded that the Pokémon let’s go eevee and Pikachu is already out and is badass and yes the gen 1 starters are there but have to be caught. OOF

        1. In Yellow you would get them if you had immense friendship with your Pikachu.

    3. Pokemon Fire Red Dead Redemption

    4. Pokemon lets go Arthur Morgan

      1. wut.

      2. Hmm… that’s pretty good.

    5. more like pokemon RED dead redemption

    6. Pokémon Let’s Go Horse With Realistic Private Parts

  7. Best way to play Pokemon… ON A F***ING HORSE!

    1. It’s called a RAPIDASH!
      Get it right!
      (and some are called mudsdales, and I love them so much squaaw!)

    2. I have too many Ponyta cards. Trade anyone?

      1. Um. Sure. I’ll give like a tapu koko gx shiny for it. (LoL I already gave out a darkri gx. Lol why would i? It’s moi last gx)

        1. Woah cool. But have you got any Eevee evolutions?

        2. Ummmmmm yes. I have joltions (only one) (dumb me) I also have the legendary bird ho-oh. And it has unlimited lives because of the ability, rebirth. OOOFOOOOOOOF

        3. I have Vaporeon EX if you’re interested

        4. I really am. I’ll trade gx for gx

  8. someone make a mod where All animals are replaced with suitable pokemon.

    1. I tried making a mod for real life that did that, but the Admin for the server I use said they couldn’t implement it for copyright reasons.
      It’s almost done if anyone wants it, just missing a few textures for some of the Alolan Pokemon and one or two glitches with the Egg hatching code.

  9. We need this for Bendy and Mario! Joey Drew and Bowser could team up!

  10. GaMERCaT used Dead Shot!

    It’s super effective!

    1. The wild Scoughlaw used Snipe!
      It missed!
      GaMERCaT used Leer!
      The wild Scoughlaw’s defense fell!

      1. Scoughlaw used eat Doritos and this happened: I AM DA ONE DE PNE THAT NEED A GUN TO HAVE RESPECT ON THE F***ING STREET. then 360 noscoped gamercat. And gamercat’s defence, attack, special attack and defence fell sharply. Gamercat is at 1 hit points

        1. GaMERCaT is in a bit of a pinch. It looks like it might cry. Trainer uses a potion. GaMERCaT is thrilled to bits!


    1. Why Do You Type In All Caps Anyways?
      Your Name Leads Me To Believe That It Is Some Kind Of Reference, But I’m Not Sure.

      1. And why do you type in title case?

        1. Fp (if u don’t know, it’s face palm. 🤦🏻‍♂️). Title case is caps u dumb ass idiot.

        2. Hey, they’re not the ones that need petty insults to make their points.

        3. Avocado's Number

          Title case is When You Begin Every Word With A Capital Letter instead of just having the first letter in a sentence capital. So Citrisfur is right.
          And that the title case comment is asking whether something else is a reference suggests that it too is a reference. PRESUMABLY to the same thing.

      2. RandomCommenter#1437

        It means “Red And Orange” Earth Maiden

        1. RandomCommenter#1437

          I had Spanish class.

        2. Me too…

  12. YEET >ω<

    1. =>w<=

      1. Justin, you ruin this comment section

        1. V

        2. Wait, it went weird. sry

  13. Why has no one in Nintendo thought about this? This is the best idea for a new Pokemon story i have ever seen.

    We have already seen Pokemon rangers, we have already seen Pokemon mixed in with feudal Japan, we have already played as Pokemons in Pokemon mystery dungeon and we have also already seen a Pokemon detective game.

    so why not a Pokemon Western?

    1. We have a western. It’s called Lentimas town.
      Oh, you mean a Western game.
      We have the original Colosseum which takes place in a giant desert?
      (Would love to see an expansion on the Colosseum storyline or maybe just the region, shadow pokemon were kind of pointless).

      1. there is one
        it pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

        1. Ayup Colosseum XD. First one was pretty good too.

  14. PLEASE






    1. That ia the best idea ever. I loves octo expansion!

      1. I know! I’ve actually completed the entire game including Hero mode. ;) I

        1. Fuck octo expansion. Play mega man


  15. This… this is normal.

    1. It’s Gamercat, of course its normal… for him

  16. I hope there are no realistic pokemon private parts.

    1. Especially You In The Corner

      Gardevoir o.o

    2. My thought exactly. Does Lucario have a spike down there?

      1. O.o

        1. The look on your faces!

  17. I would play that game pictured in the last panel in a hearbeat.

    Wait a minute. Can’t you ride Ponyta in the new Pokemon game!?
    Holy crap we need a wild west pokemon game where you play as an outlaw.

    1. Yes that would be AMAZING! Too bad Nintendo probably won’t ever make the hero an outlaw.

  18. I can’t wait until I get to go home so I can be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. ?

      1. I was at school.

        1. Oooooooh same. Lol. I’m in 4th AIG. And I’m identified for AIG. (Advanced classes)

        2. Avocado's Number

          You’ve got a lot of life ahead of you from the looks of it. Reread all the books you enjoy now in a couple years, practice a lot to do something (like art or coding) really well, [other stereotypical pearls of wisdom].
          Also if you think you can breeze through everything and come out okay…just wait until High School.
          Difficulty spike much?

        3. Yep. Schools booooorrrrinnnnnggggggggg. My friend had he iPad guided access himself and cat get it off. (Read the date to know when this happened)

  19. Didn’t the anime have like a wild west episode?

  20. I want this game to be true…

    1. Nyoooo I spelt my name wrong… it was supposed to be Lycan Wolfe, not Lucan…

  21. If the horse is a rapidash, and given we all know how buggy the horse is when it comes to obstacles, it’s a forest fire waiting to happen. Oh, joy.
    (And would it be too much to ask for a MHW comic?)

  22. Does Rapidash’s shrink too?

  23. I would 11/10 play this

  24. Eevee didn’t last long…..

  25. Kristopher Tiberius Haven

    Just remember to get the *ahem* horse physics right. Would not want to have non-realistic horse physics in our flaming horse of doom. :-P

  26. You should do a D&D one, it would leave a lot of room for comedy. If you don’t do a comic, still give Dungeons and Dragons a try, it’s not a video game, but it’s still tons of fun.

  27. A Pokémon western:
    “This region ain’t big enough for the both of us, Blue.”

  28. What we see here, is the best game ever made…

  29. Meanwhile off camera, Glitch is setting plans in motion to protect his favorite sweet butterball from the oven?

  30. Eh that game was fine. But the one that blew me away this year has been Return of the Obra Dinn. Now there is a challenge for a comic. : )

  31. (Lyrics of Where dragons rule)

  32. oho this is funny

  33. Pokemon Ghost Rider!

  34. *Good, Bad, and the Ugly music starts playing*

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