I wonder who got the honor of programming that. I'm so happy RDR2 is finally out! The first one is one of my favorite games.

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  1. FIRST!

    1. Why? Why do you think that any of us will care?

      1. I CARE!
        …about blue shelling this dude!

        1. It’s not my fault IMMAMEOWZING

      2. I’m sensing hostility

        1. I remember back in the day when replies on Gamercat comics were actually about the comic, and there was some stimulating discussion about the relevant games…

          I miss those days

        2. We all do.

      3. Be nice, have you seen all the other comic’s comments? At this point it’s a friendly competition, and tradition. Oh, and welcome to the internet

        1. Why thank you! I was actually born before the internet was publicly/commercially used–I’ve met it a few times ;) And yes, I’ve read the other comic’s comments; I contributed to many of them :)

      4. 8 people and their families cared

    2. congrats

      im not saying i would say first if was i was but…

      1. when you make a grammar error you cant fix…

        1. If you don’t say things like that, most people won’t know that it’s a grammar mistake, unless they’re English teachers or hermione or something like that

    3. Nobody cares!

      1. Yeah, nobody cares.

      2. I CARE!

    4. RandomCommenter#1437

      Blu shell the firster.

  2. The programmers must really not want any memes on their horses owning no private parts…

    1. Well, now they will have meme on their horses owning private parts! ^_^’

    2. As a game programmer… I seriously doubt that the programmer cared about such kind of thing. I believe the decision must came from higher position.

      On the other hand, some designer must had described how it should work (probably in some design document), an artist must had modeled it in 3D, then an animator must had animated it and then give instruction to the programmer how to properly animate it in game. Then the programmer wrote the code to control it and designer with animator checked whether it works properly and wrote some bug reports to the programmer describing what exactly is wrong… I’m not sure whether I find the though more scary or hilarious…

    3. If the programmers got the physics engine right, it wouldn’t be up to them. It would be up to the art/graphics department to slap the dick on, check box the “meat physics” option and call it a day.

      A game of this size? No fucking way would the programming team have any say in the horse dicks.

      1. Hey dude, keep this family friendly.

        1. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  3. Looks like cat ain’t from around these parts.

    1. But they found some new parts!

      1. Doesn’t really help when you’re that short…..

        1. Yeah… but GaMERCaT is usually naked anyway.

        2. Umm… he’s a cat. He should be naked, unless you count the bandana he wears all the time.

        3. *AHEM*.

  4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Monster Musume does things to a man. Makes a man question himself and others.
    Some of us see a horse butt and go “yep… that’s a horse butt”. But others… OTHERS man… apparently they see beauty in a horse butt, something us common folks can’t seem to understand.

    Some of us see a horse butt and go “Nay!”
    But others go “Neigh!”
    It is for them that I weep. For them I pay respects. For it is they who have lost the most, and gained nothing.

  5. … Gamer cat aren’t you usually running around nude half the time anyway? lol

    1. Horses are especially endowed.

    2. The point is that they have “it” and he does not

  6. Okay but why though?

  7. “Everything must be detailed!”

    1. “Even…”

      1. Ain’t or aint isn’t a fkin word

        1. RandomCommenter#1437

          Nobody gives a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.


  8. They also take shits randomly.

    1. … Okay that’s just ridicilus to have in a game.

      1. Well, horses crap a lot anyway all the time. Ever been to the fair?

  9. Animator: “Please let me go, I have a wife and family!
    Rockstar: “Not until the horse is as detailed as possible”
    Animator: “Does that mean I have to… *shudder*”
    Rockstar: “Yes.’

    1. Animator: “Why do I do this…”

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        Rockstar: “You chose this job”

  10. Amazing as always

  11. Gamercat better watch it, because those horses will also happily take a dump on him.

  12. Oh, also, the horses’ scrotums will shrink in cold weather. That is a ‘breathtaking’ level of detail for horse privates.

  13. That’s nothing new. There’s a Skyrim mod to add genitals to the horses.

    1. This is QUITE new. The mod was done bysomeone adding to a game as a joke, or just ’cause they could.

      This was -with- the game, added ’cause someone was paid to add it and ’cause the company assumed it was needed.
      Quite, quite different. XD

    2. What the fuck is a horse?

      1. *facepalm* -_-

        1. Hey, I got a new gravatar email thing, so it’s still me, just with a different pic. =^w^=

        2. <3

          You look AMAZING!!!

  14. If gamercat needs bleach I will definitely give him some.

    1. Nice beverage

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        It tastes amazing with tide pods I hear.

        1. And a hint of chunky milk

  15. I am so loving Red Dead 2.

  16. They are just trying to cater to female gamers.
    Seriously though, thats nothing next to Conan Exiles, which is out on steam!
    Dangly bits on everything is pretty much officially mainstream at this point.

    1. What, is a female gamer going to think horse genitals are hot?

  17. Anyone heard? Stan Lee passed away today.

    1. Wait. Who’s Stan Lee?

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        If I can remember correctly the actor of iron man

  18. Is this the first PEGI 18+ game GC has played in this comic? I’m kinda new, but i’ve read a lot of the comic, and all I’ve seen is PEGI 7-12 games.

  19. So… they decided to make all the horses stallions instead of mares… okay…

    1. No they didn’t. They have mares there as well.

  20. Has GamerCat ever played Spyro? The Reignited Trilogy just launched, will we see any acknowledgement of it this year?

    1. gamercat should play dokidoki literature club

      1. great game but spooky

        1. poiloyhorror bloger39

          more of an psychological horror game like layers of fear , the park ,lucius ,p.t. ,visage ect .

        2. I believe Glitch should play a horror game like the ones suggested above, and then when something is about to do a jumpscare or something similar, someone swoops in and prevents him from getting scared but get scared themselves.

        3. A few others that seem lighthearted but turn into nightmare fuel are Night of the Rabbit and Silence. Both are amazing plays.

      2. The first time I saw DDLC my sanity meter lost so much.

      3. No. Gay.

        1. No, as in when I saw a dead Yuri and Sayori. The images was frightening.

        2. But now I’m Natsuki. #BestGirl

    2. Who are you? Pyrocynical?

  21. Hope he’ll never hear the campfire songs in that game.

  22. ah yes the old Bad Dragon sayin’ “there’s no parts like horse parts”

  23. Now why in tarnation would a cat be weirded out by that?

  24. They should do earthbound.

  25. Cat in tarnation

    1. Also, one way to make your game AO, yet they got away with it

  26. do a HZD comic

  27. they should dob a comic on DELTA RUNE, undertale, FNAF, or well, i dunno.. splatoon maybe? i already drew a story board on another gamer cat guest comic. and im working on one about gamercat getting a nintendo switch and its calamity.

    1. They already did comics on Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Splatoon. Honestly, I really hope they DON’T do a comic on Deltarune under the simple premise of “I still haven’t played it yet and REALLY want to go into it blind”.

  28. There’s a reason why there’s the “law” of conservation of detail. Don’t put in things that aren’t relevant to the game or story. Otherwise you get things like horse genitals and fish AI. It’s a waste of money and ends up getting mocked.

  29. Gamercat, you lick your private parts, why are you freaking out?

  30. Pixel: “Think of the children!” *covers Glitch and nano’s eyes”

    1. Children? This is R18 game, isn’t it? You play on your own resposibility. GTA has sex scenes in exchange.

    2. Yeah your right kyguns what about the childern

  31. Why make the cat see the horse’s butt, why WHY!!!!!!!!

  32. I don’t really get why people make so much fuss about horse balls. Really? I don’t care.


  34. You should make some more portal comics.

  35. Oh dear god…


  36. Can someone that owns RDR2 say if the horse balls thing is true?

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  38. The media blew up because of this. The horses’ you-know-whats probably made this game’s profits go up by like 30%. What is wrong with humans?


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