Fear Blocked – Guest Comic

Last guest comic from my break through October! This one was provided by EnzoComics https://www.facebook.com/enzocomics I hope you all enjoyed the guest comics! It was fun to see my characters in various styles and I really appreciate all the artists that contributed while I was taking a break! I don't know if I'll do guest comics for every break in the future, but I hope it was fun :) (Reminder that comics are posted one week in advance on Tapas so this is technically one of October's comics)

73 thoughts on “Fear Blocked – Guest Comic

  1. Ha ha! I was the….. fi-
    First hundred and forty seventh person.

    (Can u do first hundred? is that english?)

    1. I dunno. I’ll just throw the first hundred forty seven blue shells at you

    2. I don’t think so.

      1. I DO think so!
        who are you, the eraser guy from So Strng?

        1. wait, were you talking to Random Guy?

          Le regret last post

        2. powerpuffrailfan121

          No, he’s the Asian guy from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

    3. That is funny though, unlike first comments

  2. I swear these get better every time

    1. YAAAS

    2. YEAH BOI

  3. Oh my gosh I’m third,
    And we seriously still are changing our looks?
    Also I am reading awkward zombies comics you should read them.

    1. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!!!!
      This comic, AZ, and Berds and Nerds are the best comics

      1. ??

        1. Look it up

  4. No… the scariest game is Pong… ominous bleeps and bloops…

    1. bleep

    2. For some the scariest part about Pong is that both playable characters are white and straight XD

      1. For me, the scariest part of pong is that it is in Monika Afterstory with a Yuri jumpscare.

        1. Are you referencing Fatal Frame or something?

          Cuz I don’t really play many horror games

        2. I’m referencing Doki Doki Monika Afterstory mod.

      2. If the game doesn’t drive you away at first. Pong is like FNAF!

      Well that proves that you’re a gamer+furry…
      You are accepted among the gamers!

  5. Okay i don’t get this one at all. Could someone please tell me what the joke is?

    1. The blocks never stop falling.. they just fall and fall and you have to stay ahead of them and sort them and omg.. eeeevil..

      It’s an over exaggeration, mostly :)

      1. Oookay. Eveb though i understand it now i still don’t see how it’s funny.

        1. I think we’re suppose to laugh at the new character’s quirkiness?

        2. The Gamercat 2.0

          Just a guest character I think

        3. Yeah it’s just a guest charchter. I guess i just don’t find this particioular comic funny but hey, what can ya do?

        4. Guest characters are afraid of some game you can either throw in the trash or delete off of your phone.

          Known as TEEEETRIIIS, the evil game of mobile entertainment which is including colorful space blocks.

          I don’t play Tetris.

  6. I’m fine with these guest comics, but wasn’t it just for October?

    1. Idk

      1. Given that it was most likely written in October (the Halloween theme and all), I’m betting it still counts :)

  7. There’s actually something called the tetris effect in which even after the person stops playing, the Tetris blocks persist as parts of their subconcious. It isn’t inherently harmful, but is kind of funny. Sort of like how if you play 2048 enough you start noticing when numbers would make good combos for the game (like 8192)

    1. Or if ur working on a hard puzzle and your seeing them in ur dreams, or if ur fav game carachters are being eaten by slither.io snakes, or…… any of the other things that happen to those who play addicting games

    2. The ferris stuf docent happen to me but the 2048 stuff happened before I herd of the game

      1. Also I can’t spell apatently

  8. I see why he thinks this is scary.
    I’m always scared that I will mess up a position and lose

  9. It’s all just…

    1. Night in the woods was the fucking best

  10. There is a (German) online flash game called “Paraplüsch” where you have to treat plush animals that experienced a traumatic event. One of those animals had some dream where it got crushed between two tetris blocks…

  11. Some people see gameplay footages in thier dreams hours after playing tetris.

    1. As it gets harder, the blocks fall faster and the music speeds up until you lose and scream. I can still stress my mom out by humming the Tetris music at her.

  12. once i had a night mare of avoiding tetris blocks while i was 5 so i made an animation about it. i called it TETRIS’D, RETURN OF THE RAGING. it came out better than i thought, so i put it on my youtube channel. my friend BongocatplaysYT made a 3D SFM remake of it on his channel too

    1. What is ur u2ube channel called?

  13. Onwards to hell below.

    1. Probably below that lmao

  14. tetris block no. 5867567476436478567456

    i dont get it

  15. “Cheer up emo cat”

  16. Remember pixels pumkin spice obsetoun and how she was 90% pumpkin sPous

    Not even going to correct that

  17. Hey there!
    By the way, have you (The Creator, Samantha, what suits you better) actually drawn some guest comics for others? If yes – may we see them? :)

  18. I asked my dad once if I could play Resident Evil. He said no. ;^;

    1. If you see a cat Natsuki like this picture or a cat like the one above, they are both me as long as you see the name Daisy Kitty.

      1. I wanted to change the picture but the thing wouldn’t let me use my usual email address so I used a different one that went to the same account.

    2. I don’t know what Resident Evil is ._. DO. NOT. JUDGE. ME.

      1. No judging… I’m pretty sure it’s for the Game Cube.

  19. Wow. lol how is someone scared of dat? And I’m back

  20. “Blocks. They all saw blocks. Falling through space, sometimes rotating or fitting neatly into empty spaces between other blocks. Some participants also reported seeing completed lines disappearing.”

  21. Many thanks conducive towards the great data. Purely nondiscriminatory wen upwards!


    Ew he soooooooo dirty from Tetris: the falling block game

  23. Powerpuffrailfan121

    I don’t get it

  24. that_kid_that_oofs

    Honestly, I think the other kitty was afraid of being crushed. Since it’s the artist’s own cat character, we don’t know anything about him, so something traumatic could have happened to him…

  25. *Troika intensifies*

    1. Oh wait this is the gameboy version so
      *Korobeiniki PLUS Troika intensifies*

  26. Why is it a different style .-.

    1. This is a Fancomic

  27. I agree with Ms or Mr. Random cat here. Tetris is literally terrifying. HAVE ANY OF YOU GUYS PLAYED TETRIS.. 99?!

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