The Goombette tasks were a lot of fun, but man did they make me feel like a real jerk.

131 thoughts on “Heartbreaker


    1. Hah, I’m first

    2. And the rainbow star is in my control

    3. Try and blue shell me now!

      1. dodododododododododododo…
        time on the Rainbow Star ran out
        BLUE SHELL!!!

    4. Congratulations for continuing a practice that is over 20 years old, doesn’t add anything to the comment section, and even in the first year of starting was already considered an act of trolling.

      1. It’s still fun though

        1. Dude,chats as fun as putting a peanut in the sandwich of a kid who’s deathly allergic to peanuts

        2. *thats, not chats

        3. That’s quite fun

        4. Um, That would hurt the kid
          what if he noticed the small lump in his sandwich from the peanut

      2. Oh, and thanks

        1. For congratulating me

        2. DIE!!!!!

    5. Remember, the star only lasts so long… And it wears off very quickly when you’re in first…

      1. Please stop

        1. Well, there’s another set of item boxes is close by…

        2. Well it’s been 6 days it has to have worn off by now *blue shells him*

        3. Hah, you hit the other guy

        4. I dropped back to second and regained first when you hit him

        5. Please consider removing yourself from the gene pool in any way possible, much appreciated, thanks!

      2. And I can always drop back to second, then regain first with the red shell

        1. No, this is Mario Kart Wii, and it will hit you anyway.

          Who else has been in first, had a blue shell thrown at them, unintentionally get passed by a few cpu, and then get hit with the shell?

    6. Kill yourself and make the world a slightly better place.

      1. No clue what’s worse: Unfunny first comments or people telling posters of said comments to commit not exist

        1. Both make me want to commit no more blood flow

      2. Nah, suicide doesn’t seem very fun

        1. Tell Yuri that! (ddlc)

        2. too soon dude

        3. You really like Fatal Frame, don’t you?

        4. And Sayori.

      3. Please don’t encourage suicide…….

        1. Sorry…

      4. You’re worse than a “first” commenter.

      5. This is why ‘R U ok day’ exists

      6. DUDE! The heck?!

        1. Whocares69 is now my favorite person

  2. I think the worst part of this is when you get down by jumping on each Goomba individually while Goombette cries

  3. I haven’t played this game yet (BotW is taking up all my Switch time) but what is it with Nintendo making you fake interest for items? It makes me feel bad for doing it, but I’ll have to do it for 100% completion.

  4. This is why, after I get the moon, I keep the hookah stack there. She continues being happy after I leave.

    1. Auto correct! I mean Goomba.

      1. I mean .. a hookah stack would probably keep her pretty happy too.. :D

    2. I do the same thing. Keep her happy for more power moons ;)

    3. I haven’t played (scince i dont have it) but i would do the same thing

  5. Nintendo: The family friendly video game company that gave us horny chestnut-mushroom monsters

    1. Also a world where capturing animals and forcing them into conflicts is legal.
      And a pink blob capable of consuming nearly anything which fights hellish eldritch abominations.
      And a parasite which drains your energy while you flail helpessly.
      Should I go on?

    2. |Nintendo: The family friendly video game company that gave us derpy chestnut-mushroom monsters

      FTFY (Fixed that for you)

    3. Wait was Bayonetta created by Nintendo? No, it’s just on the Switch

  6. Still a better love story than Twilight

    1. shots fired

      1. *bew bew bew bew bew bew* *foghorn sounds*

    2. Still a better love story then Romeo and Juliet

      1. Ya that’s fair….

      2. Still a better love story than Wuthering Heights.

  7. Yay!!!!! Second volume¡!!!!!!!

  8. I don’t feel too sorry for Goombette, because she falls in love at first sight with *any* Goomba. She’ll be over her heartbreak fast.

    1. She does seem to have very low standards.


        1. How insensitive. They probably have unique personalities or something.

        2. They all have different walk patterns, that’s it

  9. GoldenDonutzGaming


  10. GoldenDonutzGaming

    Also SERIOUSLY, what the heck is it with all of this “FIRST!” garbage?
    [im sure this will have no affect whatsoever on the garbage first comments]

    1. Make sure you lock your doors at night

      1. If you don’t want to feel my wrath

        1. Commit not breathing anymore

        2. I already have…

        3. Are you ok……..

        4. No

        5. Please…..get some help…… suicide isn’t funny……

  11. I will never be able to get this moon…




    3. -Octo expansion is required-

  13. She’s the one who only likes guys if they stack high enough

  14. do a yo-kai watch busters comic!

    1. Yup, no

      1. a fan of the comic

        why not

        1. The game sucks

        2. Don’t yuck other people’s yum(not saying I would play it but still)

  15. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Goombella just can’t find a good man, not since that one guy in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. He was a class act.

  16. ___ |\ __\ \ |__| I made a cube :)

    1. didn’t work :(

  17. Mario’s just a big ol’ sociopath. You ever played Super Mario 3D World? How in the title screen, there’s this little place where goombas and turtles just dawdle around, until Mario and his pals run on-screen and start stomping around on them for literally no reason. I just find it a bit difficult to sympathize with him.

    1. “Hey, I gots an idea, let’s kill the sun!!!”

    2. “We have a goal?”
      “Sure. Why did you think we were here?”
      “Well, I just figured we’d wander around, kill some sentient creatures because they had green skin and fangs and we don’t, and then take their stuff.”

    3. You think that’s bad?
      Keep in mind that in the original Super Mario Bros., the manual reveals that all the brick blocks you break during your adventure are actually Mushroom Kingdom citizens transformed by Bowser’s magic.

      1. I heard about that

        1. Me too, there are people who make video only about these obscure things

        2. Piranha plants too are mushroom kingdom’s citizens

  18. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  19. I totally relate to this. I always kind of felt bad for the Goombette

  20. Hey could you do a comic on destiny 2, it’s a great game overall despite being filled with dlcs and some micro transactions. And anyways that could be used with the annoying fairy.

    1. The microtransactions are mostly cosmetic things anyway. Sure ghost shells, ships, and sparrows now offer some minor bonuses, but nothing game changing

  21. genji gamercat

  22. comment

  23. better be mixed with mercury

    1. was meant to be a replay to Justin

      1. Good. No water.

  24. Wow. 281 comics now! 19 more and there will be enough for a volume 3 book!

  25. Go commit drincc liquid ice

    1. NO! *jumps out window and steals car*

      1. Ummm ?-?

      2. Kay bye….. (Calls 9-1-1)
        Hi Police? Someone in this comments section just stole a car…What site? Oh, GaMERCaT… Yeah, I know, a lot of weird stuff happens in this site’s comment boxes…

  26. Oranges? More like Boreragnarok.


    1. *Hides* TAKE COVER!!!!!!!! Cats and guns are NOT a good mix!

  28. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

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  31. Gamercat’s face in panel 2… he must now be a master at seducing people (he was terrible at it earlier in the series, for the ones who don’t know)

  32. Ethics made in Nintendo

  33. If you thing about it, there are a lot of things not properly correct. Think about pokemon. In their world they are are just like animals. In the real world, make animals fighting only for fun isn’t legal and it’s cruel. Why it isn’t in pokemon world

  34. Eh. I’ve dropped the baby penguin off the cliff in Mario 64. My morality concerning Mario games has been gone for a LOOOOOONG time.

    But it’ll be a cold day in Hell before I use a Yoshi as an extra jump….unless it’s Mario Maker. Those are simulation Yoshis in my eyes.

  35. The best thing to do with these things is try to ignore them. And, by the time, you will accept them. You have to learn how to do this if you start to watch videos about obscure theories about video games.


    The female goomba has been betrayed, reminds me of me

  37. So u fall in love with goomet then kill her possible husband and leave her there just to get a stupid MOON man when I did it I did NOT fell sorry NO MERCY…until now u ruined my lifeeeeeeeeee

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