Hero Privilege

It's pretty funny to me that you can basically wreak havoc all through New Donk City and nobody really cares. You'd think Pauline would have a problem with you kicking over trash cans for coins.

92 thoughts on “Hero Privilege

  1. Pretty sure what happened is that she saw it coming miles away, and the reason why you bounce off of everything in the game is because everything’s out of rubber


      Lol ima be second now:P:D

      1. A rubber car wouldn’t get dented like that
        neither would a trashcan

        1. Gee, wonder why they don’t get dented in game

        2. Insurance, probably. In such a big city they gotta have a State Farm or something. (no offense to these companies, it’s just a joke -w-)

  2. SECOND!

    1. RED SHELL!!!
      for second placers.
      I AM AN EVIL GENIUS!!!!!

      1. Well, it is a possible solution…

        To a problem that’s never really been a problem…

      2. Rainbow star is in my midsts

        1. The_MeltingClock

          for thirds a green shell

        2. For Fourth placers, we could use a Fire Flower




        So happy for second bro

        1. Why do people even care about being first? I mean, it’s not like it’s a contest.

        2. RIGHT?! Im confuzled

        3. They post “First” because my many blue shells need a target.

        4. Lovewing_dovewing

          It’s tradition

        5. I am also confuzled
          i have nothing to live for

        6. So why do it?

  3. Hey there tnt! Izza me! Classified!

  4. This new Sonic Adventure looks pretty nice.

  5. Idk how she didnt see it coming

  6. What happened with the navi?

    1. I mean the fairy

      1. She got trapped in a bottle. Duh.

    2. I thought GC hadn’t played Megaman Battle Network

  7. Right now Pauline’s remembering why she broke up with you.

    1. Broke up with him? No, they were never together. Pauline was his roommate back in in the 70’s, but after the whole DK incident she moved out.

      1. No, no, Pauline is Mario’s mother! Jump man is his dad.

        1. Someone watches Game Theory

        2. Yup. Usually I watch it because my brother is watching it and I become intrested.

        3. But HEY! That’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY!!! #MatPat

  8. Link is such a bad example…

    1. The only time saw a person get irritated with link was in Ocarina of time in the courtyard where you meet Zelda. a guard reacts irritated when you throw a bomb at one of the windows :P

      1. Wasn’t it when you shot the window with a slingshot and then the guard threw a bomb at you? o3o

        1. oh yeat hats the correct one, sorry has been while since i played it :P

        2. thisisthebestusernameicouldcomeupwith

          And that lady who gets ticked off if you step on her flowers

        3. Curse That Dere Lady, I Need Ti Get To The Shrine, So I Can Save The World.

        4. I blew up all the parts flowers and she killed me

    2. What about using revali’s ability to pass the flower challenge?


  10. Imagine if Peach was the mayor instead


    2. Didn’t that happen in Super Mario 64?

  11. Please do more animal crossing/pokemon comics

  12. The real villains are the people just throwing money away

  13. Still not as much havoc as in “Lego City Undercover.”

    1. I’m not sure what else you’d expect out of Lego games.

  14. Do terraria subnutica tarbound Smash tf2 overwatch fanf and loads more games preferably mostly indie


      Yeah plz do those

  15. We haven’t seen Malcolm in a while…

    We havent seen him since 2017….


    1. ..what about nano?

      1. Rip best character nano

        1. But seriously, she got hit by a truck 3 months ago.

  16. you JUST started playing?

  17. Make gamercat play fortnite

  18. In Lego City Undercover, you can destroy absolutely everything and still have a job as a police officer

  19. On December 10th, I’d recommend making a comic on Super Smash Bros Ultimate! it releases the 7th..

    1. Ridley, k. Rool, Simon, story mode (let’s face it it’s inevitable), and holding down with ddd, yeah, that’s a comic

  20. Ohhh…. GET OUT GAMERCAT!!!!!!!!

  21. LANGUAGE!!!

    1. Rly

      1. Such a long paragraph. Why did I bother reading it?

        1. You just listened to a DragonForce song
          without even knowing

    2. you kiss your mama with that mouth

  22. I

    1. Love

      1. Corn

        1. ??? corn???

        2. Yea its good

        3. Corn? yummy

        4. Scrummy. (Scrumptious + yummy)

  23. :3

    1. clonk! *knocks over coffee table*
      smash! *damages car*
      bonk! *kicks trash can*

      Miss Mayor: GET OUT OF OUR CITY.
      Me: But you still owe me a festival for all I did!

  24. I’m not much of a gamer but it looks to me as if GC has finally discovered where in the world Carmen Sandiego has been hiding or sent!

    1. …what?

  25. Is that where Carmen Sandiego went??

    Also.. Missed opportunity to say “DONK” every time he bounced.

  26. I want to thank you this greatidea! I love every bit of it. I have a bookmark you look at your new things.

  27. Did you know that Pauline was the damsel in distress in DK?

  28. Laws, Gamercat. Laws.

  29. In videogames world, no one cares about the basic logic

  30. But let’s try to explain why. Okay, in the real life there are the rules. You can’t do whatever you want. Sometimes you are angry and you want to destroy something or someone, but you can’t, because there are the rules. In videogames there aren’t this rules, and so you can calm down and feel better, without breaking anything or killing someone. This is also the reason why in videogames you never have to go to the toilet: you must already keep attention on a real body and its needs, if you should keep on eye also a virtual body, it would be too much effort.

  31. Haha fun

  32. Now they need someone else to save the city from gamercat!

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