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  1. A power moon in the shape of a star is a power star. What do you not understand, Mario Odyssey?????

    1. I KNOW right? I played and finished the main story, but my bro finished the whole game. We are still questioning why they made the stars power MOONS.

      1. And how are you guys up so early?

        1. In the words of everyone who has played MMBN2…
          TIME ZON
          wait Shadowman killed everyone in Yumland your friend is probably dead

        2. i get up at 5:oo am every monring (even on weekends!!)

        3. I get up at like 4:00 on weekends and 6:00 on school days

        4. But today I woke up at 3:00 am and could not go back to sleep, so I went downstairs, let the dog out and back in, then played roblox. (yes, I like roblox. sue me (pls don’t rly))

        5. My friends today, (this really happened) here, you play the last of us, let me have a turn on roblox

    2. Press my name

      1. why? WHY? JUSTIN, WHY!!

        1. Reason 1: to get people to watch more of those
          Movies, they’re good

          Reason 2:To fuck some one up.

        2. really justin… really…

        3. Suddenly, I don’t want to press Justin’s name…
          Unless it goes to a stash of Blue Shells

        4. watch your profanity

      2. NOICE, pyro, memeulous, and idubbz are the best

    3. I regret saying this, but what is a blue shell?
      I think its one of those really spiky turtle shells right

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        You’re cultured.

        1. The url was removed

        2. Gamercat TRIGGERED

    4. actually the object is “power moon”. just because it is shaped like a star doesn’t mean that it is a star.

  2. First!

    1. Nope, sorry

    2. Second!

    3. Congratulations for doing something that you know probably pisses everybody off

  3. Yay!

    1. why are you saying yay

      1. cause he can duh


    (okay maybe meowrio)

    1. Super Mario 3D World already brought Mario and cats together

      1. Mario can be cats, but cats can’t be Mario

  5. On ho, did you just assune it’s shape?
    You don’t understand, it might look like a star but it identifies as a moon.

    1. ……….that’s legit……

      1. 1984

    2. RandomCommenter#1437

      The eff is wrong with people.

  6. That’s no moon!

    1. You have just won the internet. And all the cookies.

  7. Yay! you finnily put cappy in a comic!

  8. nintendo needs to go back to kindergarden

    1. lets all go back to story time where we sit on carpet and take naps
      my spanish teacher litteraly did this in class for our lesson(not the naps)

      1. i almost got held back in kindergarden yes i was that stupid

        1. LOL

        2. The school system is screwed and so is our future

          Hey, at least learning in kindergarten existed back then, now people can’t even fail grade 8


  10. GC’s just mad because he got cheated on some invincibility.

    1. LOL yes.

  11. Hey, if Cappy can take many shapes…

    1. Cappy can take many shapes, but he can’t take a shape that isn’t a hat

  12. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one to be frustrated by this.

  13. Shouldve called the Moons, Power Stars that look like moons

  14. All logic is failing…

  15. MONKEYS AREN’T DONKEYS! Quit messing with my head!

  16. Are you going to make a comic when gamercat is surprised to see Isabelle in smash?

  17. yeah i want to see that

  18. sorry i was replying to Ksan

  19. Remember when stupid people used to say: “The sun is not a star! The sun is a sun!”

    Yeah, there were so annoying…

    1. they did?!? sorry i was’t born in the 1900’s

  20. Panel 4; the moons are in GamerCat’s eyes.


  22. Why tho Nintendo……

  23. does that look like a moon to you nintendo?!?!?

  24. He’s been deformed from birth! Leave him alone, ok?

    1. Well if we knew that……

  25. Skylanders is an amazing game

    1. what does skylanders have to do with nintedo

  26. well you should play skyrim it’s weird and amazing and wonderful

  27. I have an unhealthy obsession with Picross. Please send help at 1-800-NOT-A-REAL-PHONE-NUMBER.

    There’s a difference between the sun and the moon.

  28. It is a star… it is always stars..

  29. A moon is a moon. You can’t say it’s only a star.

  30. RandomCommenter#1437

    How do I change my picture thing in the corner?

    1. RandomCommenter#1437

      Nvmd I got it. Also this name is mostly temporary.

      1. I welcome you to this shitty tundra we
        call a comment section

  31. PRESS MY NAME to find the memest channel around.
    And the stupidest.

    1. Oh yeah I’ve heard of that thing.

  32. I don’t even know how I ended up right here, however I assumed this publish was great.

  33. tj """""""""henry""""""""" yoshi

    A star is a star, you can’t say its only a moon

  34. I think it just happens to share the same properties as a Power Moon, therefore also shares the classification.

  35. i think Waluigi Time is right. the name of the object is “power moon”, but it is in the shape of a star. therefore, it is called a moon.

  36. Had anyone thought moon is just a general phrase and moons carry the same power juice as the stars and crappy recognises the energy spike but thought it was a moon shaped like a star cause he never seen a star.

  37. I did that before I saw the person with the username .

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