Room Cleared

I know there's no way the helmet would fit a cat, but it's a cartoon so let's have some fun!

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  1. The Invis Guy Who Punched You Off The Island During Skywars

    oh my gosh poor glitch he looks traumatized XD

    1. He’s seen things that can’t be unseen…

      On a completely unrelated note, it’s a bad idea to get too close to someone using VR. They can’t see you, and a lot of games require large gestures. Unless you suddenly want to get hit in the face, keep away. Safety first!

      1. I remembered my friend saying his brother knocked out his dad while playing superhot vr, dangerous stuff man.

    2. He’s probably traumatized because the Awkward Zombie’s lately are bad

      1. Also Btw does anyone read Awkward Zombie?
        It is pretty good, but Gamercat is a significantly better comic.

        1. … I haven’t noticed a dip? I also adore both webcomics. I’m not sure why the heavy bashing

        2. yeah, i do

      2. i know right? zombie hasnt done a good one in almost a year

        1. I MISS ENTEIS!

    3. poor sweet glich….

      1. Welp, looks like he’s getting in trouble….

    4. Ikr!!!!

      1. Why the fk would gamercat’s owner trust him and why would he do that to poor glitch. :,(

  2. 2nd

    1. Oops, meant to put the red shell here

      1. Woopsie!

        1. FLERT DERT

    2. What goes through your heads?

      Why do you feel the need to do this, is it because you get no attention in real life that you make up for it here? Is it because you can’t think of something funny and witty enough for people to pay attention to you? Is it because you’re just plain stupid? It really doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it makes you look like an absolute tool, please people, don’t respond, don’t give him the attention he wants, it just encourages him, you can ignore my comment, or you can screen shot it to spread the word, see if I care, I don’t care if you don’t, but I would care if you do.

  3. Red Shell

  4. You should do a comic on the PlayStation Classic!

    1. I can’t wait to get one!

  5. VR is awesome but HOLY CRAP all the stuff in the game is real! That game is too immersive!

    1. Maybe the game makers are just trying to TROLLOLOL you.

      Trollolol will be the new blue shell one day.

  6. Can someone help me understand what the black thingy in panel 4 is? Is it GaMERCaT’s little paw-fist?

    1. That’s your paw in the game, yeah.

      1. Cool, thanks :)

  7. My cousin had a VR set and let all my other cousins use it during a family gathering. One of my cousins got way too immersed in the game and ended whacking me in the chest AND hitting his dad in the stomach.

    1. 0oO

      1. Why all the faces?

  8. I HAVE SOMETHING NEW! LAST! FOR NOW! -insert glitches “lets play monopoly face”-

  9. Blue shell

  10. poor glitched. that was me when i saw a cat gen run over, die in front of me

    1. i saw my 2 favorite dog in the world get run over by a pick up truck.

  11. They should play Superhot or Beat Saber instead .

    1. or the last guardian vr game

  12. I really really like Glitch’s faces /\ /\
    (*^* )

  13. who thinks that play stashion should make a shadow of the colossus vr game

  14. Still waiting for Street Fighter II to come out in VR

  15. I want to see him play undertale for the switch and react to Mad Mew Mew.

    1. UT is gay

      1. What’s your point Justin?

        1. Only its fanbase is bad, great game though, maybe they could make a joke about its fanbase idk

        2. Nah, the game is shit as well

        3. But yes mainly the fanbase.

        4. RandomCommenter#1437

          Nah, I mean yeah the fan base at times can be massive loads of shit if its fucking, idk, assuming gender and making just generally bad things and shit I guess but I personally think,
          1: Undertake is at least decent.
          2: Justin is being a shithead.

        5. “Undertake is at least decent”

        6. RandomCommenter#1437

          I’m sorry. I’ve looked at that SOOOOO MANY TIMES wanting to fix it but decided no-one would notice. DAMMIT AUTOCORRECT, YOU’RE GIVING ME OCD.

  16. What did Gamercat do to traumatize Glitch?!

    1. he destored everything in the liveing room and may have broke a window or two.

      1. Isnt that a normal day there?

  17. Why did you spend your time writing this. It’s great and all, but still.

  18. *spits out water and starts laughing* it*gasp* hurts!!!

    1. *laughs so hard while drinking milk that it goes out nose” ACKKKKKKKKKKCCCKCKCKCKKCKCGAHHHHHH…..

  19. Why do you write these Justin?

    1. where did you find thease?

    2. Too little people know about DF

      1. What?

  20. Imagine if a dragon ball game was on VR.

  21. Oh my gosh, yes. The first time I let one of my siblings use a VR headset, they… um… tried to run. Guess what? they hit a wall irl.

    1. Pfft. LOL!

  22. Click my name

  23. Wait do it here

    1. 0oO plz no more

  24. xXxn_5n1P3rK1LL3rH4cker_xXxxs

    the exact same thing happened when i tried to do a mele build in payday 2 VR and a cloaker suddenly charges at me :p

  25. New Year pal, Ide

    You know tekken 7 can be played on the vr

  26. how dare you put unrealistic things in this comic about a cat who plays video games


  28. Who wrote this song?

    1. Dragonforce GOD DAMMIT!

  29. rip Glitch

  30. It’s time for Gamercat and the gang to venture in the digital world, find the Easter egg, and to have total control over the Oasis.

  31. RandomCommenter#1437

    Glitch looks like he saw a ghost. Well actually, at this point GaMERCaT is a ghost. Press F if you get what I mean.

  32. RandomCommenter#1437

    Nah, I mean yeah the fan base at times can be massive loads of shit if its fucking, idk, assuming gender and making just generally bad things and shit I guess but I personally think,
    1: Undertake is at least decent.
    2: Justin is being a shithead.

  33. RandomCommenter#1437

    Whoops that was meant for the comic one back

  34. RandomCommenter#1437

    Nope this one but farther up

  35. RandomCommenter#1437

    Sorry if you saw that and were VERY confused. My bad

  36. RandomCommenter#1437


  37. Cat-lateral damage. Not Collateral damage.
    I wonder if anyone picked up on that.

  38. Thanks for your post! Are you really sure about what you say? I read something different on an other blog! I’ll share the link. bye!!

  39. Poor Glitch.

  40. How the same things that GC knocked over in the real world

  41. wait why does it have psmove controllers

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