Go the Distance

I recently started playing Pokemon Go again and all the Magikarp seemed to have just disappeared. I dragged my poor fish almost 50km to earn the last bit of candy I needed. I still feel bad about it. Also a heads up! I've decided to go on break for October to take a little me time and do Inktober. A few lovely artists have offered some guest comics though, so I'll be updating with those through the next month. I've never done guest comics before so it should be fun :)

96 thoughts on “Go the Distance

  1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Remember when video games were designed to be fun BECAUSE they were time sinks, and not BEFORE they were time sinks?

    1. I have to do this task on Pokemon Go. :(

      1. …BUT I JUST FINISHED IT!!! (Right now)

  2. Cool! I hope you enjoy your October!

    Also, was GaMERCaT pulling down on his lower eyelids in the second-last panel? Because those are some flexible lower eyelids if so…

    1. Falcontail (the ranter)

      Yeah he’s done that before

    2. Those were eyelids? I thought they were Silly Putty!


  3. Why is the Magicarp not just using Splash?

    1. It only has so many power points before it has to start using struggle

      1. But then it can just use Flail!!!

  4. i always felt kind of bad for my pokemon when i had to walk them so far.

  5. Hi this is my first time commenting

    1. Falcontail (the ranter)

      I thought I saw you before?

      1. Dun Dun DUnnnnnnnn!!!!!

        1. Very anti-climactic

          Plot twist

      2. I saw him before!
        In Animal Crossing!
        Can he make me a couch?

  6. Hi Cyrus I’m Catso

    1. im kechup dont juge but kechup is my favorite food. (yes its a food if you eat it and diejest it)

      1. You can’t eat water, so the definition of food is that you can digest it
        You got 50% correct

  7. I’m gonna judge by your name that you like cats

  8. I love cats. They are amazing balls of fluff and claws

  9. Yeah, I got pretty sick of how hard it is to evolve Pokémon in that game.

  10. I’m going to assume “KM “actually stands for “killed magicarp”.

    1. It means kilometers

      1. REALLY?!? Had no clue. XD

        1. i leared that in science last week

        2. How old are you exactly

        3. The Gamercat 2.0

          Never say your age on the internet!

        4. Dude, on one of the comics there is a thing where we told our ages.

  11. Oh man. I know that pain. For me Magikarp wasn’t so bad, just walk by a river and you’ll catch a few. Also if you stop rushing to evolve, you’ll eventually get to the point where you have 10,000 pidgey candies.

  12. This is how I feel when I need candy

    1. this is how i feel like when i dont have any kechup. like if i dont eat every day i dont know how i would make it

  13. Someone call PETA

    1. what does that stand for?

      1. People Eating Tasty Animals.

        1. well i dont know any one who would eat there pokemon team

        2. It stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

  14. Se ya in splatoon. Inktober or octo-ber has just stared! Unless inktober means something else. Please tell me if it does

    1. Falcontail (the ranter)

      Ummm, hehe

    2. I think It is like a drawing contest or something like that as
      PS it is the ink as in a pen…

      1. Thanks for telling me. Have a great day!

  15. Falcontail (the ranter)

    Finally, my comment might be seen because I’m not too late. Maybe. Not sure what I’ll say. Hmm. Well, let’s see here… Do dark souls comics, also maybe a horizon or shadows of mordor comic I’d appreciate that

    1. Falcontail (the ranter)

      Horizon as in horizon zero dawn

      1. Falcontail (the ranter)

        OH! And do the last of us please that’d be awesome

        1. What do you mean the last of us

        2. OH it is a game (facepalm)

    2. i agrre with you falcontail

  16. 400 killed magikarp doing this quest uwu

    1. Falcontail (the ranter)

      Press F to pay respects

      1. Aren’t Magikarp supposed to be magic or something? I mean, their MAGIkarp.

        1. (I’m really just kidding, but magikarp can breath above water though)

        2. Can’t every water pokemon breathe above water though?

    2. magikarp is in a better place now

    3. people killed some 400 magikarp can we get an F in the chat for our fallen magikarp U_U rest in rip magikarp

  17. If it survives, that is going to be one epicly angry Gyarados. Who will probably attack it’s trainer at every opportunity.

    1. Which is why he’s doing it with his low IV one, and is letting his perfect one stay alive.

  18. fortnite pls

    1. I’m jumping off a bridge if I see a fortnite comic


        1. No. No Fortnite

    2. if she does a stupid fortnight comic im going to kill myself

      1. Wait what is fortnite? (I know it’s a battle game but what kind?)

        1. its kind of like a cartoon vershion of call of duty

        2. It’s cancer that’s what it is. If she does make a fortnite comic I’m gonna join kechup and Justin.

    3. SuperDoom1, Fortnite Hater

      If she does that, I’m locking myself in my patented FNS Definitely-Not-Under-My-Bed Lockout Chamber. I’ll bring all my favorite portable game systems with me.

      Why am I replying to a months-old comment?

      1. Because time

  19. Ok! Good luck with your daily sketches!

  20. do one about ea

  21. I had to do that to evolve one.

  22. I like to think we carried it behind us in a cart with a tank filled with water.

  23. I can’t help but think of the Hercu!es movie now.

  24. In the next issue make gamercat tape his phone to a ceiling fan to try and get the candies.

    1. Good idea!

    2. the next comic is a gust comic and i really like it

    He’s going for speed,
    She’s all alone (all alone),
    All alone in her time of need….

    1. Because he’s racing and pacing and plotting the course,
      He’s fighting and biting and riding on his horse,
      He’s going the distance.

  26. SpooksSkelington27


    (gotcha wit da spooks)

  27. Poor Magikarp…

    1. Did you just assume that fishes current economic level?

  28. for some reson i get really happy when i see thease justin keep it up

  29. i did this once in first grade well sort of. i was gooing to bring my fish shyla for show in tell but her tank was to hevy so i grabed a shoe box and walked to school. i got a very sad and smelly suprize when i opened the box to present to the class.

    1. I don’t know weather to laugh or cry.

      1. For eternity

  30. im super exied to see the gust comics!

  31. Pro tip: If you use a bait module and a incense near a coast, you can literally fish Magikarps

  32. Omg XD I love it

  33. RandomCommenter#1437

    Don’t you just hate it when your fish wants to go on a walk.

  34. Nice logic, Niantic (the company that made pokemon go)

  35. You could also use rare candy, but I use mine on my shiny ariodactol.

  36. What’s an ariodactol

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