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  1. 1st

    1. Are you gonna bring the blue shell or should I?

      1. I will, along with a TROLLOLOL and a Turret (See previous comics)

      2. I’m in last and all I’ve got is a coin and banana peel, sorry.

    2. Okay, because of that I’m not gonna read the comments anymore.

      1. good idea

        1. sorry i was repleying to DBMaster

        2. You replied to DBMastrr. Ur under that category

    3. Can I just say, part of the reason the 1st comments are so annoying to me, is because the comment thread is like 30 comments long from people yelling at the first person, it would be less annoying if we just left it. Yelling “Blue shell” isn’t really helping anything

      1. Eh, i have never really posted any blue shell comments (i think) and because when i checked this site to see if the comic was posted which it was the only comment was that 1st comment so I decided “eh, why the hell not.” I get where ya comming from though.

    4. you are an annoying fuck

      1. Dear lord what is happening.

      2. Please keep this pg

        1. Blue shell!

      3. Sir, this is a Christian Comment Server. NO SWEARING!!!

      4. Woah VoidFang. Keep this family friendly

    5. guys, I need to tell you something really importet, NO ONE CARES IF YOUR FIRST!!! AND IT’S SUPER ANNOING!!!!!

      1. Agreed!


      3. Dude. I don’t think how hard it is to get to comment first dude. Wtf. Like your racing 572 people to comment first. Like holy shi*

    6. Breon_The_Umbreon

      Crazy 8 boiiiii (Mario kart 8 deluxe best power up ever)

  2. First guest comic. Pretty good. Oh! I wonder how the halloween comics are gonna turn out! Still though. I like this one. Who’s the dog though?

    1. I don’t get it

      1. What do you not get?

        1. The fact that I have no idea what an egg set is.

          Or who that doge is

        2. EEG = ElectroEncephaloGram; basically, it measures the electrical activity in various parts of one’s brain.

    2. 100 replies for a JoJo crossover.

      1. Who’s JoJo?

        1. Well, imagine something absolutely opposite to the gamercat’s slice of life comics…

        2. I see.

        3. Some… Anime character, I think?

          I dunno, I don’t watch anime

        4. Stop confusing anime with Jojo.

          I think i’ve chosen a wrong place do discuss fusing of two masterpieces.

        5. Wait. Do you mean JoJo’s bizzare adventure? I havent watched the series but i’ve heard about it.

  3. Wait, did gamercat just make friends with a dog?

    1. Why is there a dog!?!?!?

      1. when did GaMERCaT meet this dogo?!?!?

        1. It’s not melee- I mean it’s not canon.

  4. wait is celesse going to do gust comics all of october or some of otcober?

    1. I think it’s gonna be all through october.

      1. i dont know if im exied for that or not

        1. Well we will get to see GAMERCaT in new artstyles. Tgat is a little exiting.


        3. The Gamercat 2.0

          Calm Down Pixel


  5. Hmm… Looks like spooktober is going to be a month of guest comics. The new art style is both neat and a little strange… and GC hanging out with a dog? What madness is this?

    1. art style good…. funny yes and- wait. WHAT IS THIS DOGO DOING HERE!?!?!?


    1. dude its from another artist who got their comic on here

    2. It’s not like it’s permanent you know. The old art will be back in november.

    3. “just because i don’t like it has no right to exist hurrdurrhurrdurr”
      you are free to say that you don’t like that style, but don’t you dare to make something bad just because you don’t like it, anime/manga is an art-style, no matter if you like it or not

    4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      “Anime? In my cartoon webcomic?! HOW DARE! Such violations!”

      1. You have angered the weeb.

        1. Hello Daisy Kitty I am GAMERGIRL. Also I just want these crazy people to STOP SWEARING for once.

    5. thats mean shaheen

      1. oh now i realized. sorry.

        1. i did not know that was another artist. but still i hate anime


        3. But i don’t understand the art i mean its like anime mixed with another anime

        4. Neither do i. The art feels a little wierd. It doesn’t feel solid. Like if i were to touch it it would wiggle like pudding. Even so i personaly don’t think it’s that bad. Just a little wierd

        5. RandomCommenter#1437

          Everyone is talking about weaboo s–t, why did Shaheen say “I hate anime” tho?
          Also imma die now that the weeb is angered.

  7. i am having a dejavu here, did this scene (with other characters) already happend in an other comic?

    1. Which scene?

      1. i meant the whole whole comic/scenario

  8. Optimus prime 30000

    Blue shell

  9. well well well it seems gaming has gone mental

  10. Whoa! i was confused until i realized it was a guest comic, it looks cool!

  11. Interesting concept to control games…

  12. what was the pint of this. I am just wondering, that is all

  13. Also will there be super smash bros comics soon really want some and fallout

  14. You know what would totally funny…. if they had gamercat, pixel, sweet, and glitch playing the new Mario party and totally raging at each other. Want to finally see glitch rage

    1. Yaaas

  15. That isn’t even gamercat!!

  16. i dont like it
    no like
    i like the previus version
    i know, it’s a guess comic but i don’t like it
    but congratulation bro it’s art

  17. sorry y not talk inglish here my real comment
    I do not like that magic was the previous drawings this October ba to be difficult to understand why there is a dog.
    You did it very well, but I did not like it, I do not understand why the guest comic

  18. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus


  19. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    This is a guest page.
    People hate on the style.
    It’s snowing on Mount Fuji.

    1. I guess your right ChaosSorceror_Davidcus

  20. WTH!!! So cringe! Get the bleach

  21. What the fuck is this?!


      1. No

  22. Have you ever looked at the RWBY soundtrack? Plenty to write out from that.

    1. What the hell is RWBY

  23. HI! REMEMBER ME? from like a year ago? no…ok ;.;

    1. It’s been so long I’ve forgotten the names of the characters XD

      1. GaMERCAT
        Annoying fairy
        Did i miss any?

        1. Well yeah but like who’s who

        2. GAMERCaT is the black cat with the red scarf
          Glitch is the light brown cat with brown spots
          Sweet is the big orange cat
          Pixel is the female cat with glasses
          Nano is the tiny kitten with the pink bow wrapped around her
          Malcom is GaMERCaT’s owner
          Annoying fairy is Navy from Ocarina of time
          Anonymouse are anonymous mouses that havent appeared in a looooong time.

          Is that good?

        3. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          You do realize there’s a “Characters” button at the top that takes you to a page wherein lies ALL the answers you seek… right?

        4. Oh right I forgot about that.

  24. No.

    1. If you don’t I’m eating the rest of your candle sticks

      1. He poisoned them.

  25. RandomCommenter#1437

    I feel like I need a small introduction to this new character, I’m mean in a few comics there’s another cat randomly added but that’s another cat. The dog is a bit confusing as there are no dogs at ALL through the rest of the comics.

  26. powerpuffrailfan121

    Why do i get the feeling this is a reference to the SAO full dive system?

  27. When was ther a doggo character

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