So Strng – Guest Comic

78 thoughts on “So Strng – Guest Comic

  1. wow these guest comics are really good! also hope you are enjoying your break!

    1. Not replying but,

      1. When will more comics come out?!

      2. WHERE AM I ?!?!?!?!

      3. there’s a new one every monday at 3:00 AM CST

    2. These kinda remind me of rage comics.

  2. Yay, Paint! :D

    1. No
      *erases your name to say “Aohreoy”

    2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      I’m a Paintshop Pro sort of guy.

    3. that face at the end rofl


  4. What’s the joke here?

    1. idk but it is still pretty funny, lol

      1. I suppose.

    2. I think this is a reference to “Animator VS Animation”.

      “Paint” is being used in the comic, the layout of it is also similar to the layout in Animator vs Animation. As well as the “animation” coming alive and doing something to the animator.

      But then again, this IS a crossover comic…

      1. Makes sense.

  5. I *think* the joke is that gamercat is bad at drawing.

    1. No

      1. Yes

      2. Yes

        1. And yes

        2. “No” meaning the dude that erased GaMERCaT’s drawing
          and he was so strng

    2. For those that don’t get it look at the title. It is a crossover comic.


    1. NO, GC IS STRNG


  7. I am finally opening my drawing tablet I got a week ago today (I was busy until now).
    To see this released on the same day is hilarious XD
    Enjoy your break!

  8. i don’t like guest comics

    1. Neither do I, except this one.

  9. Everyone is a god damn critic. Even your own creations.

  10. I’m literally laughing really hard and the art is like a meme template.but it’s close to the original art.

  11. Well… Now i want a JoJo crossover again.

  12. Tbh these guest comics are terrible

    1. Hey, be nice.

      1. random bork

  13. I like his face in 4 panel

  14. Did you see the icons at the top? XD Even I can draw better that that.

  15. This could make for a really good meme template, lol

  16. Shut up please and look for God

    1. Which one

      1. (Is a joke)

  17. Paint was my friggin childhood. 👌👌👌👌

  18. Why is there always some idiot posting lyrics for some random song.
    This where we comment on comics, not make songs!

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      I said it last page, and I’ll say it again. “#Im12andthisisdeep”
      By copy/pasting all the lyrics of a random song, they give the illusion of being deep, without actually presenting any deep, meaningful, or pertinent conversation to the topic at hand (in this case: this particular comic strip).
      The same effect occurs when people post a random, non-sequitur meme, or claim “first”. It’s literally there just to garner attention.

    2. Actually there isn’t always SOME idiot, It’s usually just me

  19. lol gammercat is triggered!

  20. No offense but I don’t really like guest comics

  21. No offense but I don’t really like guest comics ok sorry

  22. Why it go twice

  23. What is this game?

    1. The game of MS Paint…

      1. MS Paint is an art program

        I guess you’re right…?

  24. This one is decent at least…

  25. That Lynx Over There

    Ah paint, the program I love to hate. While I love firealpaca, paint holds a place in my heart. Also buff Gamer car looks absolutely amazing.

  26. That Lynx Over There

    *cat, wow google, you can’t even hear me right

  27. Not anymore

  28. Is it possible to submit possible comics to maybe end up as guest comics? If so, how do I do that?

  29. It’s Monday again…where is a new comic?


  31. I cant believe im not the only one who is inspired by this awesome work.
    Great job on the comic btw.

  32. None of these people recognize flork? Sad.

  33. No joke, is this loss?

  34. Yas boi

  35. RandomCommenter#1437

    I swear, this is SO funny but I can’t quite tell which panel it is. Maybe all of them? Like there’s the face, but that isn’t the part that makes me laugh.

  36. Sometimes I feel like i’m like Gamercat, then my friend ((She has a real name, i just wont say it for her privacy,)) Devil Dog is like “N o”

  37. I luv that guy in the last panel and Strg

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