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  1. Love it haha

    1. i love this comic, and i would think if a dog would be introduced, that would be a howling twist!! (doggo pun intended).

      1. Really? Didn’t notice

        1. wild trainer glitch appeared, go meowstic, glitch sent out meowth, meowstic used physic, meowth fainted, glitch sent out meowth, meowstic used physic, meouth fainted, glitch sent out magicarp, magicarp used bounce, meowstic used physic, it missed, magikarp used bounce, meowstic used physic, magikarp was defeated, you won, earned 17 spiders and 5 leafs

        2. correction, i missed 2 meowths, imagine that gamercat destroyed 2 more meowths the same way

    2. Imagine if human Pokèmon existed, that’d be weird.

  2. I’d say that this is the best guest comic visualy so far. And comedy wise.

    1. Wait no i just saw the new one on tapas and i feel that ones funnier. Still though. This one wins in the visual part.

      1. save it for next week, dude.

        1. I do usually save the comics for next week but i reaaly wanna se all the art styles. Once octobers over im back to waiting here.

    2. I agree. This was definitely hilarious!

  3. As a Christian with autism I’ve learned that if your going to play Pokémon , best to leave your ethic question at home.

    1. Not sure how autism figures into the equation, but I agree.

      1. Imagine the same old ethics questions but without a off switch.

        1. i have autism and i dont know what you mean

        2. Maybe I’m just weird (shrug)

    2. As a person named Christian with autism, there is some ethical questions to these games, yes.

      But I have no problems with off switches concerning ethics questions. lmao Either that, or I come up with answers for them.

  4. Well, I see why a cat should care about ethical impliCATions…

    1. That pun is PURRfect

  5. I would say that this is a CAT-astrophe

    (Hi, this is Chat Noir)

    1. meh not rly. also,nice pun, sans with his skele-TON of RIB-tickler puns could even say its decent.

      1. SlightlyDramaticLogic

        Ok but Chat Noir

  6. I just want to point out that, whether by color or physicality, all of the Pokemon they are using fits the trainer. Also double battle woooo

  7. So should I rethink my playstyle and my team of Mr. Mime, Jynx, and Machamp?

  8. Cats Playing Cat pokemon. What do the Pokemon Think of this?

  9. Finally a good one

    1. I certainly think this is the best so far, but let’s not discourage other budding artists

  10. Frist to post frist

  11. This is the best guest comic so far, for certain. This actually seems like a comic that would be an official comic! Well done Kat!

  12. Wait, wheres Litten and Purrloin?!

    1. Not sure 🤔


  14. ROFL this was a great one.

  15. Well, humans do this all the time. Someone and their personal trainer.

  16. I was thinking whole time who Meowstic reminds me (especially the expression) – and I finally remembered: Guu from Hare nochi Guu :3.

  17. wait catemon? i made a ROM hack in pokemon BLUE on a game boy, I MADE THIS A GAME YEARS AGO!!!!

  18. i like all the new art styles

  19. Oh that’s so despacito, please stop. Now completely EVERYONE can make a Gamercat guest comic.

    1. If you don’t like the guest comics don’t read them.

  20. Gotta cat them all!

    1. lol XD

  21. Wait… I thought Glitch had a whole team of Magikarps!

    1. Guess he changed it.

    2. This is a new pokemon game that was on the game boy this is newer

  22. Holy Crap! How long did it take you to make this!?

  23. *For the damaged coda plays*

  24. love the art plus close to the original one

  25. Can you wrote more songs? But from videogames

  26. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    > Acknowledges that people are annoyed with these in the comments sections.
    > Posts “one last one” for good measure. :/

    Like… what is even the purpose of posting these here? Who is it for? Is there even a purpose or is it some sort of compulsive need that drives these? I’m not even really mad about it, just baffled. I can go to “” and find and share lyrics from all manner of songs… but this just doesn’t seem like the time or place to do so. This comic has nothing to do with music, or lyrics, or even the meaning BEHIND THE LYRICS… so why?

  27. WTF. WHY OS GLITCH’S TEAM FULL OF MEOWTHS? Guess he changed it bacause he learned that magicarps are useless or they evolved to garados. (Btw idk how to spell it. Lol) but still, meowths suck too. Lol

  28. Messed up. Lol. The os is supposed to be is.

  29. Did we just get sun/moon character changes?

    1. Holy shet. U haven’t read the 5th-18th comic?! (Not sure where. Oof)

  30. RandomCommenter#1437

    This guest comic (to me) is the most welcome by using all the previously thought up characters, and almost seeming like just another art style. Incredible work Kat Swenski!

    1. RandomCommenter#1437

      I’m not saying this is how it should be but there’s no wanted explanation for the characters. You also don’t have to make up names for them or personalities.

  31. Yes

  32. Karma? What’s this “karma” you are speaking about?

  33. I broke my switch but I had 2 Espurr and they were opposite genders and they didn’t evolve yet cuz they’re not on level 30 WAAAAAA

  34. What abou mew and mewtwo

  35. DADDY

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