Boxed – Guest Comic

I'm currently on break for October! This guest comic was provided by Ethan Ror I can't get over Gamercat's doe-eyed look in the last panel XD

67 thoughts on “Boxed – Guest Comic

  1. [cat]

    1. .exe

      1. Once it boots up, it’s fun for hours

        1. Keep it update and install antiflee software

        2. Warning: keep away from water

      2. gamercat.exe has stopped working

  2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Cats and boxes, amirite?

  3. Oh God, it’s WONDERFUL!!! =^w^=

    1. This is the best thing i have ever seen
      pls put the guest comics in gamercat volume 3

  4. This is probably the most true of all the comics

    1. Awwwww!! Putting the CAT in Gamercat!! *squee!*

      1. RHEEEEEE!

    2. I’m never first ok?

      1. one day, glitch

        1. For Christmas, I want a box. A BIG box.

        2. I want a BOX ROBOT!!!

          See Berds and Nerds Comic #504

  5. box? box BOX??? BOX!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!


    2. cat? cat CAT??? CAT!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. Plays Mario Odyssey in the box

  7. Who would buy this? It’s just a….BOX. (>‘-‘)>

    1. (0) (0)

      1. 0w0

        1. =0w0=



  9. Finally. I can see an artist of culture.

    1. Ethan Ror. If i’ll have a cat i gonna name it Ethan.

      1. My brothers name is Ethan

  10. Corn

    1. Lime

      1. Beef

        1. I love gamercat


        2. What’s taters, Precious?

        3. Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons, hourglasses, rainbows, and tasty red balloons

        4. CHOCOLATE.

        5. Chocolate Hearts,
          Chocolate Stars
          Chocolate Horseshoes
          Chocolate Clovers
          Chocolate Blue Moons
          Chocolate Hourglasses
          Chocolate Rainbows
          and Tasty Chocolate Red Balloons

          Daisy Kitty, you and me are going places.
          We can rule the comments

        6. lol king and queen of the comments

  11. This is my favorite guest comic so far.

    1. You’re welcome!

  12. the true reason for labo i knew it!

  13. We built a box fort for my cats once.

  14. Boi wow. Like why not? Let’s buy a box to stuff a cat in. Lol. The boxes are totally different. Is it just me or idk. Or is it a box in a box. 😂

  15. Lol, this would totally happen!

  16. This is perfect.
    Waiting for the plumber to sign you on for marketing.

  17. If it fits. Gamercat sits.

  18. #True_story

  19. box? BOX? BBOOXX!!!!!


  20. im bongo cat. i actually sit in box whlie i play instruments, so i actually do have a body for those who animate me without one. but this is so true. i have box istruments i played with as a kitten…. YEEEEEEEEE

  21. -insert solid snake reference-

  22. Best box

    1. cat 1: what kind of box do you have i have a plastic box
      cat 2: ha i have the name brand CARDBOARD box. it makes geting your head stuck in a paper bag look like being a dog .

  23. Hey another good one

  24. ………my life……

  25. I see were you’re coming from and i agree to some extent. Everyone does have a different opinion and wheather they like it or not the art in these gueat comics gives the readers a taste of how they think the other comics are gonna look thua incuraging or discuraging them to look at the other comics made by them.

  26. Here we have the wild cat, in its natural habitat of the cardboard box.

  27. this is the most beautiful gamercat comic to ever be made, a true work of art

  28. Hmm, I’m bored. Time to reread the entire series.

    Also, that is exactly what my cat would do if I got a labo.

  29. Ahhhh the way to happiness…

  30. cerylia, I totally agree with you. We shouldn’t argue about them bacause people gave a lot of time and effort to make theses comics to support gamercat, the community, and the owner of this site! We shouldn’t ba mad about it because of the time people gave in to the community and gamercat.

  31. Huh that’s funny.

    Important: dat a labo not a piece of cardboard called a box.

  32. Powerpuffrailfan121

    gamercat.exe has stopped working

  33. yes… butiul so…so… I hav no words

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