Why did we even go out before if there weren't virtual monsters to collect?

33 thoughts on “Motivator

  1. i definitely know how this feels

    1. It’s life

  2. I know how this feels lost a growlithe to the server crashes was very saddened

    1. I’ll hook you up fam, I have growlithes and arcanines for days. Join the PoGO international trading subreddit TheSilphRoad and when trading comes online shoot me a PM at /u/dyngari.

  3. I don’t play Pokemon Go, and I’m alive nevertheless. ;)

    1. If you don’t play Pokemon Go, you aren’t alive! -_- Pokemon Go is truth, Pokemon Go is life!

      1. Well, technically your still alive, your life just isn’t complete.

      2. Well, technically your still alive, your life just isn’t complete.

        1. That’s what I said.

        2. I play Pokemon on my 3Ds (Y, Alfa Safire, and Sun when it comes out) but I don’t have an iPhone and I can’t walk around with my iPad all day, so I don’t have Pokemon Go. So am I partly finished with my life?

      3. hmmm…maybe Pokemon Go has started a cult?

  4. When they’re down, I’m up for it.
    When they’re up, I’m tired of it.
    What to do, what to do?

  5. We’ve been getting a LOT of exercise because of this game! It’s weird, I still haven’t figure out what that big ball of light in the sky is, though ;p

    1. High King Philip of Narnia, Advocate of the Calamity Canon and his Rise to Power Over the Sinnoh Region

      Dear sir, that is our lord Solgaleo watching us from afar, guiding us down the path to the Mewtwo hiding under your neighbour’s Chevrolet.

      1. Oh shuckles that means he’s been set aflame by a fire type. Don’t these foolish trainers know our sun is weak to fire?

        1. It’s only a burn.

  6. Make a series about Glitch’s past!

    1. That’s a great idea, actually

    2. I can tell it’d probably be a feels trip but I want it sooooooo bad

    3. There would have to be 1 for each of the characters then.

  7. Hah, so funny. Another Gamercat, makes my day. ~♡

  8. I just spent an hour reading all of these comics, again. Probably gonna do a third time soon.

  9. I don’t play Pokemon Go. And I don’t go out.

  10. I like Glitch’s faces of distress. Poor little guy.

    1. I like Pixels face in panel 5

  11. Dominique S(*o*)S

    when i do play pokemon go, the only pokemon that show up in my area are normal type (눈_눈)

    1. *Sees a Kangaskhan, a Snorlax and a Porygon*
      See what I mean?! I’m sick of it! XD

  12. I prefer battle camp. Anyways, I don’t play Pokemon Go and I’m still alive, and I go outside.

  13. Pokemon go. He’s quite the gammer.

  14. Would he go if pokemon go never existed?

  15. their faces in panel 4 and 5 are just soooooo….EXPRESING HOW I FEEL IN SCHOOL

  16. Red pill or blue, they’re both placebos. We’ll be stuck in the matrix one way or another.

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