Double Trouble

That was a mistake, Sweet.

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  1. I think I’m the first comment for once lol

    1. blue shell!

      1. your first blue shell! hooray!

        1. But make sure to only blue shell the people who comment purely for the sake commenting “first”. Don’t blue shell someone if they also said more than just that they’re first

      2. when sweet closes his eyes his markings look like tears lol

  2. I’m legit trying to give this habit up xD

  3. I’m legit trying to kick this habit XD

    1. why did you say the same thing but worded slightly differently?

      1. this happens often on Gamercat comments. This is because comments don’t show up right after they are posted, and the unwitting commenter tries again. Faulty memory contributes to the different wording.

        1. No because it will stop you from saiding the same thing twice

  4. I never really understood achievements. It kind of makes me think of the scoring system in older console games. I understood scoring on arcade systems, though I still never took it seriously.

    1. Achievements are the “gold star” of gaming you give to the kid in the back of the class eating paste just for showing up with his shoes tied.

    2. In single-player games its to encourage (or highlight the value of) exploration, experimentation, and replay. In a case of good design, they act as encouraging road markers, allowing the player to get more out of the game than they would have if left to their own devices. They can also give bragging rights by providing an indisputable record of some difficult accomplishment.

      In a case of poor design achievements are either valueless (*bing* “You just finished the intro video!”), designed to rope players into skinner-box style repetitions, or even encourage DLC purchases (Here is an achievement for watching the intro video on the new DLC).

      I’ve seen more of the latter case unfortunately. To even qualify for the first you usually have to design a good game, or else nobody will care about your “interesting” achievements, so I think they are always going to be less common.

  5. Fifth image is too much lol! XD

    1. *Does the anime glasses thing*

    2. looks like she got him a hand. or two

  6. I always go for as many trophies as I can in a game without obsessing over it, of course it all depends on how much I like a game, if I love I’ll be it for days or weeks, if I didn’t I just finish the game and move on.
    I wonder what Glitch thinks of trophies?

    1. I want between 74 and 82 percent! Period!

  7. Two well-tamed beasts.

    1. I like Pixel’s expression in panel 5

  8. Hate to say it, but I’m with GaMERCaT and Pixel on this one. Trophies/achievements were -made- for obsessive Virgos like me. Especially if I enjoy the game. (I am also the type of person that does every damned side quest possible before advancing the main story.)

  9. I can relate to Pixel and GaMERCat.

  10. I would do this on purpose.


  12. It’s weird, I play games for fun and not for some score attached to a profile that no one (not even I) cares about. If a trophy looks like fun I might try for it, but the hours in my life are too few to be chasing some arbitrary score for objectives that a company decided should be in a game, rather than just enjoying the game itself.

  13. I thought that Pixel was going to burst out laughing.

  14. I agree with Sweet here X)

  15. Honestly, I’m with Sweet on this one. I play games to play games. If I get an achievement, that’s cool, but it’s not gonna be my primary focus. The only time I’ll do side quests is if they benefit me, like unlock new content or make getting through the main quest easier. Heck, most achievements I unlock are ones the game pretty much hands to me, like getting through the first stage or beating the first boss, that sort of thing.

  16. I generally don’t care for trophies but I always have a look at them and if I spot any doable ones I keep them in mind. I only ever got 100% in one game and that’s cause I got almost all of them by the time I was done with them (minus 2 or 3) so I figured “just this once”.

  17. I’m most with sweet. If I beat a game and find out I’m only missing 1 or 2 achievements.. sure I will go back. If I’m missing 20+ mostly pointless ones? No thanks, next game!

  18. IT’S BACK!

  19. For me, it really depends on the game. If I like the game, I’ll go back for some of the achievements to extend my gametime.


  21. I just finished getting every rare sticker for my friend in Planet Robobot.

    Now I feel guilty.

  22. Goddamn achievement hunters.

    Enjoy your game, stop looking for the 100%!

  23. I’m with Sweet. I do some of the side quests and achievements, but I’m mostly there to play the game through. Usually once I finish a game, I then go back and try for a full 100% or just reset my file and play 100% through.

  24. YAY! Pixel is a completionist too!! :D

  25. Generally if it’s a game I enjoy, I’ll play it through once just to play it, then on my second time through I’ll try to play better and grab achievements. All in all I’ll go for achievements if I have nothing left to do in the game but still want to play.
    But I hate time achievements like ‘complete this level in less than x’ and tend to ignore those.

    My favorite things to do are the weird, pointless, unrelated to the game things. Like playing a spiderman game, finding a basket ball, and refusing to leave the area until I can get it in the hoop. The only reward there is a sense of accomplishment XD

  26. What’s wrong with you two?! Those are HIS trophies to earn! IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING IF SOMEONE ELSE EARNS IT FOR HIM!!!

  27. I’ve been playing a lot of Enter the Gungeon, and let’s just say… good luck beating the Old King. That unlock is ROUGH.

  28. I could care less about achievements. The only reason I care is because I think its fantastic that I still don’t have the one for taking the G.O.A.T in fallout 3 and I have beaten the game including all the DLC and I use the term “beaten” loosely. I still think its great and when I went back to replay fallout 3 as backwards compatible I intentionally skipped it again.

  29. I still don’t have “The G.O.A.T” in fallout 3 and I really don’t care to either because Its fantastic when my friends look at my fallout 3 progress and see that I have not taken the goat but still have more points than them.

    1. Sorry I didn’t think the first one went up. its really delayed so ignore this one please.

  30. Inserttrashartmusic

    Prepare for trouble
    And make it double

    1. Toextendourreachtothestarsabove


  31. Something odd occured to me…pixel doesnt have claws in this one for some reason…

    1. She was either declawed, or she is trying to be ladylike

  32. I’m on sweet’s side. I’d rather just complete the game.

  33. Because you gotta do something to justify a $60 game that can be completed in 6 hours if you rush it.

  34. Your comics are so funny. They always help with my depression.

  35. Pixels face in the fifth panel made me burst out laughing the first time I saw this. Best of luck, Sweet!

  36. Pixel’s face in the fifth panel

  37. Oh great… another achievement nerd…

    Glitch, don’t join in…

  38. Hollow Knight in a nutshell. :/

  39. Mission Failed We’ll get em next time

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