Trophy Maker

Glitch-awarded trophies are the best trophies

74 thoughts on “Trophy Maker

  1. Because apparently I was supposed to cry today. Thanks

    1. I just love the look of him drawing. It’s so cute.

      1. Thanks, Yay my trophie is the best.

        1. distressed Anon

          I’m trying to do homework rn
          but this c a t

        2. It IS. And it’s ADORABLE!!

        3. Aw Sweet is a big sweetie!

  2. This is why Glitch is best cat

    1. need merch of his poster

    2. aww so sweet

      1. Kurofox was that pun intended

  3. Sweet is channeling a little bit of Kungfu Panda, there. I approve.

  4. How cute! =^_^=

  5. KAWAI :-D

  6. awwww…

  7. Make a gamer cat game

    1. I would pay for a Gamercat game without question.

    2. So long as its not done as a collection of crap mini-games

    3. well, the thing is, one of GaMERCaT’s main characteristics is being able to be IN the game he is playing, so if there was to be a GaMERCaT game, it would need to include swapping between games and real life as one of the main features. Not that it would need to be “a collection of crap mini-games”, but still, it would probably require jumping in and out of genres, which I personally hate.

    4. Unfortunately that would probably require a LOT of licensing or going the Epic Battle Fantasy (Which is a real and super fun flash game on kongregate but also happens to be a steam game i think) path of omitting bits of names. Or just doing a bunch of indie games with mutual agreement.

      All in all GC would probably need to be like twice as popular so it could achieve the clout to get licensing for a game, or make a new game entirely with just references. Still I prefer the comic as is.

      1. still, a nice thought.

  8. Achievement: Sweet kindness.

  9. Looks like Glitch has found himself another big brother. XD

  10. The best Trophy anyone can achieve. Great job Glitch.

  11. Oh right in da feelz

  12. What is this watery discharge?

  13. Glitch, you are the sweetest little floof cinnamon roll. Don’t ever change!

    1. Glitch is the best floofy cinnamon roll anyone could ask for.

  14. I just can’t stop loving both of them:D

  15. My heart was not prepared

    1. Same here. It should have a warning thing on top of the comic.

  16. Thats so cute :)

  17. Da feels! Right in da feels!

  18. Dawwww. thos two havent hung out as much til now.

  19. So… wait… are you saying Sweet Glitch’d the game to get a trophy the other’s can’t access? ;p

    1. That was brilliant

  20. Why did I have to grow up??? Plz tell me why

  21. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    What is this twang I feel in my chest? It can’t be a tugging at a heartstring! I GOT RID OF ALL THOSE! THOSE DIED WITH MY YOUTH!

  22. Sweet is so sweet.

  23. MY HEART!

  24. This story arc took an unexpected feels turn.


  26. Awwwwww! So cute! <3

  27. S(*o*)S Dominique

    this puts gaming to a whole different and complicated level… I LOVE IT!!!

  28. cuteness overload! awwwwwwww

  29. Looks like the big guy can be… -puts on some shades- …Sweet after all.

  30. nice
    too nice
    and cute

    1. Agreed!

  31. Sweet has always seemed like that kinda grumpy lookin but very caring uncle character to me.


  33. AWWWWWWWWWWW im less dead inside now

  34. Sweet is being sweet…
    haha, sorry, my puns are terrible

  35. Well… I was feeling pretty bad. And then I saw this. So adorable

  36. Sweet is so… well, Sweet

    Never thought he’d be after his rather rough Start with Gamercat

  37. Make a GaMERCaT about Minecraft! And should have more than 1 comic about it!

    1. YES!! Samantha play the Minecraft!! I’m begging you!

  38. so sweet was given a trophy by a glitch :P

  39. my heart melted

  40. Sweet has 12 little sisters, makes sense he’s good with kids.

  41. OMG KAWAII <3

  42. I remember i got to this comic when i first found out about this webcomic series..

  43. Having lousy day. No friends to talk to. Feeling bored.
    “Hmm… I should check the GaMERcaT comics.”
    Oh. My. Gosh. This made my day!


  45. Bleep-Bloop! You Got Achievables!

  46. The name Sweet makes a lot of sense now. I’d always kind of thought it was entirely ironic, but perhaps not entirely after all; maybe just mostly, eh?

  47. Glitch is such a sweetheart. Pun intended.

  48. GLITCH MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER!!! You all know i’m right

  49. Dawwwwwwww!

  50. i didnt know sweet could be sweet

  51. He’s a better artist than me so… ima go take some art lessons now

  52. Sweet never smiles

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