Pac it Up

That's not how you fist bump, but good try. Didn't intentionally reference the movie trailer of Pixels, sorry for any similarities.

55 thoughts on “Pac it Up

  1. Glitch is rocking that hipster look.

    1. He’s cute no matter what he rocks.

    2. Together, they are Hipstercat and Gamercat.

      1. YES!!

    3. Glitch is super Cute with glasses!

      1. me agree

      2. Yeah, he’s basically cute in everything.
        But with GLASSES? Now THAT is cute!

  2. Wow glitch is even cuter with glasses.

  3. I think we need a wallpaper with all the characters rocking this look

    1. Yeah, but i have a slight feeling sweet will be in the next one. Then a poster may come.

    2. i stand corrected


  5. is this power in the game? Probably not the pac-man but the warrior angels?

    1. never mind looked it up

      1. WHAT GAME IS THIS???????

        1. I WAS THINKIN’ THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. the game is infamous second son.

  6. I can’t wait to see pixels so maybe you could do a comic where the cat crew sees it.

    1. I thought Pixel was in last comic

      1. Pixels the movie where video games come to the real world

        1. RIGHT.
          Yeah, totally forgot about the movie.

        2. To be honest, I can’t blame you :P

          I mean, I’m still going to go see it with some friends, but I’m expecting it to be terrible.

        3. It might be funny but… yeahhhhhh video game movies are usually terrible I’m looking at you super Mario bros. but I hope I’m wrong

    2. I hope it’s not terrible to!

      1. Yeah, Wreck it Ralph seemed like a flop

        1. trollingmexican

          most movies on games are a flop on purpose, check out game theory and they’ll explain why, something about free money or something like that, and they really aren’t even trying on purpose too

        2. That’s just a theory a game theory. So if they are trying it could be good. I already knew about that B.T.W

  7. Glitch has that anime glasses tint. Beautiful.

  8. Yeah, I’d prefer Pacman over Warrior Angels too, kid. XD

  9. Yeah, I’d prefer Pacman over Warrior Angels too, kid. This comic is funny. (:

  10. It would be cool if there was a power in real life where you could summon video game characters to the real world. It would be like Personas but with video game characters instead of mythological creatures.

  11. Summoning video game characters to the real world would be awesome. It would be like Personas except instead of summoning mythical creatures and demons its video game characters.

  12. Surely you played Smash 4, GC…


  13. I’ve just discovered GaMERCaT, and I was wondering when it uploads — if there’s even a fixed upload schedule.

    1. A new comic is posted on this website every Monday. Although, you can see the comics a week ahead of time on

    2. It’s usually updated every Monday, if that helps.

      1. Too far away, if you ask me

        1. That’s reasonable if you ask me


  15. still a better comic than the movie.

  16. I’d probably have liked Second Son a lot more if I hadn’t been expecting there to be a third area.

    I went into the last mission thinking I still had an entire other island to go through.

  17. Call me ignorant for not playing an Infamous game due to not owning any Sony games but what are Warrior Angels?

    1. In the game, one of the characters (played by Glitch here) has video powers and can summon digital warrior angels from a fictional video game to fight for him.

      1. Wow sounds pretty awesome. Imagine people having abilities like that in real life. Like summoning Chibi-Robo to help with the house or summoning a Moogle to keep as a pet.

  18. I’m not really sure about Pixels. It could be great if they play the sound effects right. Could you possibly create a few more pokemon comics? They were interesting.

  19. paigev videogames

    you should make nayn or nano a real charecter

  20. MASTER OF LAG!!! >:3

    make world of tanks please!!!!!! it would be awesome!!!!!! *-*

  21. PathOfTheAwesomePie

    And I thought the Pac-man in PIXEL was agressive lolz

  22. What was the game called?

  23. I want the game now


  25. *appalause*

  26. Waka waka warriors

  27. Lock@Shock@Barrel

    I want these powers. What game is this?

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