Target Acquired

Throwback to Portal because I miss it.

46 thoughts on “Target Acquired

  1. I love it. It’s never too late for another portal reference


      1. what cake???

        1. It’s an SMG4 gag.

        2. Check him out on YouTube!

        3. Uhh, you do know that “the cake is a lie” was originally from Portal, right)

        4. NecroFerret(PokeGeist)

          “So go ahead and leave me
          I think I prefer to stay inside
          Maybe you’ll find someone else to help you
          Maybe Black Mesa
          That was a joke, haha, fat chance
          Anyway, this cake is great
          It’s so delicious and moist”

    2. the shiny sylveon who likes tea


  2. He is a cat, ther’is no doubt… ^_^’

  3. We all miss Portal. Well, they’ll announce the 3rd one anytime now………….aaaaanyyytime now…..

    1. Silly, Valve can’t count to 3!

      1. You mean there’s a number after 2?!

        1. Lies and blasphemy!

    2. Well. I think Lego is op to somthing calld Lego Dimentions including Potal

      1. One of my friends hacked Valve on a dare. L4D3 confirmed.

  4. hehhehe

    Though the turret really should say “Found you” =P

    1. i liked: “There you are”

  5. It’s the oldest trick in the book, man!

  6. hey,havent you published that comic a long time ago ? ._.

    1. No, this is a brand new comic. I have done a few other Portal-themed ones in the past though, you’re probably thinking of those.

      1. MASTER OF LAG >:3

        oh,ok! i love these comics :3 !!!! PORTAL + GaMERCat= AWESOMENESS :3

      2. Lock@Shock@Barrel

        These comics are awsome. Though, they are more gamer than cat

  7. Anyways, the cake is a lie

  8. D’awww sho kyoot! I’ve missed the Portal comics too. X3

  9. Elect Gabe Newel for president.

    Then, there will be no WW3

    1. But there will be WW2: Episode 1 and WW2: Episode 2

  10. 4SS4S1N4T10N 4L1C3

    =(^.^)= Meow

  11. 4SS4S1N4T10N 4L1C3

    This never gets old xD

  12. please create cartoon-comic about crisis 1,2,3

    1. In de sense u is puting it, it is spld Crysis

  13. I don’t think any human would fall for that.
    Let me think about that…

  14. A wild Rattata appeared!

  15. Ivan Montserrat (@ftivanmont)

    Red light! Red light! Must catch! =^_^=

    1. Lock@Shock@Barrel


  16. Hey, would you mind if I posted these comics on a social media app called ifunny?

  17. Sometimes I forget GC is a cat XD comics like this is a great reminder

  18. Just found this comic and did a full binge from the first to the current, amazing work and no regrets spending my time reading.

  19. This is really interesting information for me. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Dear Samantha whitten;
    Can you please make more portal and portal 2 comics


  22. This book is very nice and funny I read through it, thanks for sharing the article

  23. D’awww sho kyoot! I’ve missed the Portal comics too. X3

  24. Lock@Shock@Barrel

    Your typical cat

  25. I just love comics. This one is hilarious though. Comics make me nostalgic.

  26. Wow good job robot but you’ll never beat the….blue shell

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