Patience Please

Papers, Please is an interesting game in that you rapidly progress through the life cycle of young, eager-to-please employee to worn-down-and-done-with-your-BS veteran.

67 thoughts on “Patience Please

  1. First??

    1. To die.

      1. That’s the official reply to “first” now, isn’t it.

        1. yes it is

        2. Then have something constructive to say.

        3. Then came “Here comes the blue shell”

    2. You’ve been denied entry to Arstotzka. Please leave before we need to detain you.

    3. First of being dumb??

    4. Ausweissen, papiren, schnell!

  2. Do an e3 comic

  3. It’s a good comic

  4. yeah that’s about the game in a nutshell,waaaaaaaay too many rules/regulations as the game progresses :3

    1. That’s why it’s such an effective social commentary.

      1. yeah, true that

  5. Game features in a comic.

  6. You should make a Street Fighter or a Drawn to Life comic!

  7. Can we get a Pixel backstory please?

    1. Patience my friend (?)

    2. Didn’t we already get one

    3. Don’t hate me (you probably will anyway) but can Glitch be hit by a car or get stolen or anything?

        And yes I hate you.

      2. Why would you say that!? He is adorable!!

        1. I assume as a way to give Glitch Character development.
          That or he is a sadistic jerk. But I hope not the latter.

        2. is name is a combination of the word “nice” and a superhero!
          of course he is a sadistic jerk!

  8. The evolution of GamerCat from kind hearted government official to grumpy coal heart via relentless increases in costs of living and providing heat and medicine to a shivering family. Its fitting, in a disturbing way.


  9. Greatest country.

    1. The only country.

  10. I remember jack(septiceye) play this. There was always this one man who kept
    Going up without always one thing(his name was potato man)

    1. His name is Jorji Costava. He great guy.

      1. Cobrastan is not a real country. And where’s your entry permit?

    2. Jack was so terrible at the game.. like really bad. Most decent players have 200-400$ at the end of day on average. I was very surprised he survived, and then at the end was too dumb to understand he needed to take passports. : )

      1. JSE fails.
        he fails hard

  11. Almost forgot… GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA!!!!!
    P.s. hope y’all had a great school year sneaking a look at the new gamer cat comics!!

  12. Oh yes I also pictured gamercat wearing the guys suit that’s on the last 3 panels

  13. If you play the game to “win” it does have that effect…
    However, you can get yourself immersed in a lot of side storylines and quickly it becomes… interesting.

  14. I don’t have ad block XD

  15. My god… this game…
    It’s been so long.
    For some reason I think of a line for this game being something like:
    “In Bureaucratic Arstotzka, Papers ask you!”

  16. Hey Cells see! Have you ever thought of making GaMERCaT like a real comic book? Also, is it weird that I have ocs for this… And only two are cats?

    1. Same here! And I’ve made a couple OCs for it as well. And they tie into Glitch’s backstory!

  17. Wait, waitwaitwaitwaitwait, waaaaait, time out! Are you the Celesse that drew the Strays Online comic?

    1. She is the one and the same, yes.

  18. Hey, you remember mice from third comic. Authtor, you can make the revenge (or return) of mice.
    P.S. Sorry, my english is poor :)))))


  19. USSR administration in a nutshell.

  20. Well, of course Gamercat can’t maintain a good mood. His outfit completely conceals his tail.

  21. Is that FRISK as the First Customer!? :O

    1. In Soviet Undertale, Flowers get souls from you!

    2. Instead of fleeing to Mt. Ebbot, Frisk seeks refuge in Arstotzka.

  22. Mario cart 8 on the switch?

    1. (In Russian voice) da it is on switch. It also has inklings as charachters

  23. Ah, I love this game
    *breath in*

  24. Also, what about the final day on day 31? that would make a cool sequel to this

  25. Oh. Out of comics.

    Fun fact: I came here mostly because I got the sticker set on Facebook and thought it was cute (been using it a lot). Any chance of getting sticker-sets for the other cats besides GC?

  26. I want Glitch to be hit by a car AND SURVIVE LIKE A BOSS!!!!

  27. Lovely comic, but inaccurate! On day 1, nobody’s papers are expired. Only the color of the passport matters on day 1.

  28. The first panel for both days is so perfect XD

  29. Actually I like the people who forget simple things like that. It is a easy “NO” and “NEXT!” now the ones that forget to put in on the desk are the ones I want to stab with a key

  30. As someone who has worked in customer service, I fully understand the “Leaving the country” ending.

  31. Poor Gamercat

    With such “customers” , i think his family will be cold and starving for long X_X

  32. PLEASEEE Make a Night in the Woods Comic!

  33. I’ve seen jacksepticeye play this. It was funny!

  34. Just another sheep

    It is a good summary.

  35. Game features in a comic

  36. Glory to Arstotzka, Comrade Mao.

  37. wait Gamercat has a family?

  38. (Game+logic)=error=(world+logic)

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