Sword Master

Aside from Ganon's taint, the master sword isn't actually good for much other than the fact that it'll recharge instead of breaking permanently. There are stronger weapons out there for casual adventuring and I'd hate to waste them on chopping trees!

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  1. What about bombs? :)

    1. apples all over the place, nobody wants that.

      1. [insert horse name here] would beg to differ.

        1. You’ve got a horse with no name?

        2. Yep, he likes to ride through valleys on it too.

        3. He’s been through the desert on it, saying “it felt good to get out of the rain.”

      2. You’re gonna get them one way or another.

    2. Too time consuming! The cooldown timer slows things down too much.

      1. If you use both bomb types then it is managable. If you have the upgrade it is fine.

        1. the master sword turns into the best weapon in the game when you do the side quest to give it permanent ganon’s taint

        2. ZeldaGameNerd3101

          What quest is that? I need to know so I can complete it.

  2. this comic looks a little different from more recent ones, You changing your style up a little bit Celesse?
    It’s true though, why break awesome weapons when you can get a legendary sword that fixes itself :3

    1. true
      so very true

    2. I’ve recently recruited a friend to help with the inking so sometimes the lines are a little off model as she adjusts to the style. I hope it’s not jarring or anything!

      1. aw no it’s not jarring, just a little detail i saw and was wondering if it was actually different or i was mistaken :3

  3. Tarry Town isn’t going to build itself.

  4. Supreme Ruler Of The Universe

    Thi sould be a webtoon

  5. Not entirely true. The Master Sword also works on Guardians. Going for the legs then moping them up is much easier with it.

  6. Best… sword… ever.

    1. the tree guy’s hilarious.
      Link: “wow, what an incredible weapon. with the power of this blade at my command, nothing will stop m,e! I will defeat gannon and save this land!
      Tree: yeah, yeah, now get inside me.

  7. Anyone one else a little put off by the rebranding.
    What was wrong with “the blade of evils bane”
    That was much cooler then “the sword that seals the darkness”
    I mean the old phase had alliteration.
    I don’t know may be I just being overly nostalgic.

    1. I totally agree. I remember first hearing the “blade of evil’s bane” playing Link to the Past as a kid and thinking “That’s so cool! I want that!” So much, that it felt like a betrayal to upgrade the sword at the blacksmith. Sword that Seals the Darkness makes it sound weaker. It isn’t the bane of anything anymore, it just… seals it? I guess we have to put it away for later or something. The next sequel I guess.

  8. Or you could just use a Double Axe, which chops them down in ONE hit and is a crappy weapon, so its not like it’s going to waste on trees.

  9. The weapon breaking mechanics was honestly one of the few things I hated about BotW. For a game that prided itself as allowing you to play however you want, it was an infuriating bit of railroading forcing you into a certain manner of approaching the game.

    1. How’s it railroadin’ ya? If anything, it’s forcing you to play-however-you-want when otherwise you’d just pick the best and stick with it. it’s forced variety.. and that’s a force I’ll accept.

  10. Honestly I get weapons so fast that I don’t mind breaking the standard ones. I wished that the Master Sword was more useful for other enemies besides the Guardians, but it breaks fast when used against standard opponents. I don’t want to have to wait for it to recharge before I can take on the guardians, so I don’t use it for mundane stuff.

  11. Heresy!!! besides, heavy weapons are so slow, they’re really not good for much else besides a-choppin’ trees..

  12. When my brother and I finally got the Master Sword, we found out it only did 30 damage!! And this seems like the only logical explanation for what it’s supposed to be used for XDD (that and helping people recognize that Link’s a champion, along with the Shieka Slate:3)

    1. The master sword’s power doubles and it becomes indestructible when fighting guardians or in areas afflicted with Ganon’s corruption. It also has a ranged attack instead of a throwing attack that shoots a beam when you are at full health. So that’s what it is really meant for.

      1. It gets raised durability, it isn’t indestructible.

  13. Actually, it’s a good idea (but against Lost Woods).

  14. Yeah for sure if I had EXCALIBUR itself, the feather-weight magical sword that can cut through anything and gives strength to its user, I would definitely use it to chop wood. I mean think about it… a heavy, work-intensive axe or a few minutes with Excalibur to supply the entire house with wood for the whole winter? It’s a no-brainer.

      *house collapses*

  15. Yeah, that’s exactly how I think! XD why bother using your breakable weapons for ore and trees when you can just use the recharging Master Sword?

  16. Pretty sure “weild” is spelt wrongly. Also, I never played most of these games because I don’t have a gaming console. I would like to have one though, for Persona 5.

    1. Oops, typo! I’ll fix it soon!

  17. Hey id like to see a comic of gamercat playing against sans of undertale it will be good

    1. there was that one from a little while back, or do you mean playing a game with him?

  18. Pro tip: you don’t have to use any weapon durability; just use the bombs. 1 to cut down the tree and one to turn it into timer

  19. I wanna see glitch play my singing monsters XD

  20. Please don’t hate me but can Glitch get hit by a car or stolen or something, followed by a dramatic search or recovery process??

  21. Ha! That’s so true!

  22. Ha! Ha ha! That’s so true!

  23. I use bombs.

  24. you chop trees?

  25. Ever use the rune bombs for chopping trees? I discovered that and… there really is no going back!

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