Trash Talk

GaMERCaT can trash talk with the best of them. Too bad nobody can understand it.

83 thoughts on “Trash Talk

  1. I would play with GaMERCaT any day. Better to hear MAOMAOMAO than @#$%! Every other word. xD

    Seriously, those expressions reflect every bit of gamer exasperation out there. Splendid.

    1. I agree completely!

    2. Better to hear that than “I’ll **** your mom”. If you know what I mean… Arrgh I hate that

      1. =°∆°=

        1. WHY you curse gamercat?! why?!

    3. =°Δ°= I can imagine what he is REALLY saying…It’s not pretty…*3*

    4. i know

  2. GAMERCaT is adorable! Thank you so much for making these comics, they make my day whenever I see them. :)

  3. Why has no facebook share button!?

  4. @LinKitty – Cause it has Facebook LIKE button instead.

    1. @Delakando – but Facebook also has a share feature

  5. oh awesome xD
    I love these comics <3

  6. CarnageContestant

    His teammates cant understand him.

    1. holy crap, you can see the comic too?!


  8. That gamer should be glad he can’t understand him

    1. I like the picture of your profile xD

  9. OMG this is awesome!

  10. Always a great day when I see a new Gamercat comic! Love his expression in the 4th panel! LOL

  11. Shouldn’t the GaMERCaT be hissing instead of MAOMAOMAOMAO?

    1. You lunatic. =/ Cats don’t hiss OR mao, they nya. Every manga fan knows that!

      1. They myrrew, silly!

  12. So Adorable!!!

  13. I wish my cat would play videogames with me….

    1. I agree, it would be so EPIC if my cat could play videogames with me..

  14. Amazing.
    Officially best webcomic on the internets :D

  15. I love his face in the 3rd panel. It cracks me up! You should make a wallpaper using the face he has there!


    1. hablas español…! :amazed:

      1. no estoy solo!

  17. This Cat is Really badass X3

  18. everybody have 1:21 am,i have 11:40 pm ._.

    1. hola, se te da bien el ingles

  19. LOL excellent! This reminds me of so many gamers that I know; it’s scary just a little. ;P
    Great work, I love GaMERCaT.

  20. Am I the only one who loves GaMERCaT’s headset? =^-^=

  21. man , all of your works are funny , punny and incredibly cute and EPIC, keep up the good work

  22. Wait…….ARE YOU A CAT??? i’d be asking that. BTW if you have a wii, You should try Monster hunter Tri. XP or even MHFU sence you have a psv (PSN store).

  23. more gamer cat please atte: Pokélegendcat :3

  24. XD LOL poor Gamercat X3 Too funny though XD

  25. jajajaja! Me encanta!

  26. hehe the headset has a paw! pawset!

  27. This is my personal fave ;)

  28. funny as hell i love this lil guy…. hes my new fav cat,
    Sorry Garfield xD

  29. ok, so if gamercat cannot speak English, how he can play games if they are in English? how he can start a conversation trough microphone with the human? in the comic “Puzzled” we can see him talking to a human as well in the comic “Action and Reaction” we can see him making interacion with GLaDOS. So im confused. Can gamercat speak with humans? how he can play games if he can’t understand them?

    1. GaMERCaT can understand english, but he can’t communicate with real humans. The only reason he can interact with humans in those comics is because he’s projecting himself into the game as the character. When he’s outside of the game in the “real” world nobody can understand him.

  30. To be honest, I prefer the constant MAO rather than the unreserved *censored* every 3 times a sentence.

  31. ill do that necst time i play call of duty black ops

  32. poor gamercat is he playing gears of war 3? or would that be “gears of FUR III” probally playing as “marcus meow” (laughs)

    1. *crickets*

  33. Man I love this. XD

  34. reason #3 why I want to build a GaMERCaT to English Translator….

  35. I love these comics so much :D

  36. I would play with him. :33

  37. Moves control as If it would work faster. xD



  39. Gamercat, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!

  40. hehe. i act like a cat too. i get it. Meow

  41. That is a good thing about being a cat, you can trash-talk all you want and no one would notice. Except for other cats but they wouldn’t care

  42. Cut the swearing out would you Gamercat i am only 12 years old for goodness sake bad gamercat bad. >:(

    1. What is Gamercat’s breed anyway?

  43. Im glad humans can’t understand him…

  44. Langauge barrior in a nutshell!

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