Potion Purée

At least there's still Lonlon Milk...

140 thoughts on “Potion Purée

  1. Awww, poor GamerCat

    1. ‘shrug (proceeds to drink potions to make room for milk)

      1. HOLY CRAP.

        1. someone call the cops for fairy violation! :O

    2. Well; that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

    3. O_O

      1. LMAO the poor fairies…Would you rather kill them or BLEND THEM DO DEATH?!?!?!?!

        1. The blender was made to blend fairies together

  2. OMG OAO that make so much sense.

  3. Oh GOD! Drink all the LonLon milk.
    How did you think up this?

    1. But the truth is that LonLons actually eat red fairies to get the healing property in their milk.

      1. There’s always pumpkin soup for Skyward Sword… right?

        1. One word: Fertilizer.

      2. GaMER CaT will never be healed after this…

    2. RainbowSushiGamer

      I guess nothing in Zelda can heal without a little fairy death. hah, hah.

      1. LonLon milk… I don’t think that it is made with the healing properties of fairies… I think it is made with rupee bitz (or tEm flakes! 😋).

  4. I thought they were made from chuchus. Not that it makes it any better.

    1. They are, in Wind Waker.

  5. Omg, his face. Its like relapse of horror.

  6. There’s also Grandma’s soup…

  7. That means Blue potions…..!!

    1. Blue Potions : Navi’s Family Tree.

      1. Then I’ll take one with this specialty fairy partner

  8. And so, you continue to find new ways to mercilessly horrify people with this comic.

    I approve.

  9. I’m sure you’d find a way to shock us with how Lonlon Milk gets extracted or pasteurized or something.

    1. LonLons eat red fairies, that’sounds why the milk has healing properties.

  10. very funny :3 I never want to use portions again lol

  11. Oh sure, but how does Lonlon milk get those healing qualities?
    By feeding the cow fairies of course. You just don’t get those results with plain wheat and hay.

    1. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

      Rupee bits?

  12. OH MY GOD!!! Oo’
    It’s disgusting! >.<'

  13. ;) I love this comic! Keep the updates coming! LOL!

  14. And LonLon milk heals because they are FED fairies, as they grow.

  15. That made me laugh real hard. Great :D

    I’d actually buy a T Shirt with Zelda-Gamercat on ;)

    1. I 2nd that.

    2. I say, madam. Do you perhaps mean Link-Gamercat?
      *is stickler for accuracy*

      1. Dafuq is a stickler? One who stickles?

        1. A stickler is a person who insists on a certain quality or type of behavior.

  16. Just passing by…

    Its awesome!

    Laugh so hard with this!

    That face is all!

  17. This is one of the best gamer comics out there! I LOVED THIS ONE!!

  18. cat trauma in 3..2..1..

  19. c: Poor little gamercat, he means well!

  20. Are hearts fairies too?

  21. I’ll never be able to buy a potion in a Legend of Zelda game ever again. :3

  22. I just choked on my drink. Excellently humorous follow-up to “Sacrifice.”

  23. You have made it onto my list of bookmarks! Keep it up! MOAR UPDATES

  24. could we use navi to make a potion?

    1. Would make her more useful then she is now. XD

  25. Actually it’s true. Anyone remembers ocarina of time? There was a secret with a butterflies.
    “As a kid, take a deku stick out and hold it. Now, in a bunch of butterflies slowly walk, not run, round them and yull eventually see a butterfly hoverin your stick. keep walkin, dont stop and the butterfly will eventually touch the tip of the stick and turn into a Resurrection Fairy! (pink fairy)”

    And what do they use in Skyward Sword to improve Health Potion tp Health Potion+? 3 Blessed Butterflies. Yep.

  26. I Saw That Face… In An Earlier GC Comic…

  27. How Many Potions did I Drank? O.o’

    1. 99999999999999.1

      1. Hmm… I Think You Are Right T.T

  28. Here, I fixed that for you..


    1. OverlyDramaticLogic

      LMAO HARD. And I rarely laugh.

  29. “These are the faces of evil!”


    Just found this comic, hilarious… I regret to inform you however that your RSS feed seems to be broken…. thought you might want to know (unless you already did).

    1. Really? The RSS seems to be working fine for me. Can you tell me what it’s doing?

      1. Hrmmmmm…. tried it on some other pages and is seems that the problem is on my end… sorry. Still not sure what is causing it, but its not your doing at any rate.
        To answer the question, it displays the code itself in a new page… its quite odd.

  31. thats… thats just eff’in hilarious…

  32. Oh my gosh, that’s so terrible.

    I love these comics, so much. XD Your drawing is jsut so adorable.

  33. CarnageContestant

    Worst than touching fairies. =D

  34. You know, before this, I never used to buy potions…
    But… Now… I think I will.

    1. OverlyDramaticLogic

      You`re a savage.

  35. Juvenile heart attack!!!

  36. Mikary the shiny celebi

    Omg thats very traumatizing oAo

  37. *cough* Chuchus *cough*

  38. Actually, potions are made from mushrooms according to majora’s mask.

    1. Well, true, but we all know that Majora’s Mask has quite a few… shall we say disturbing secrets.

      1. OverlyDramaticLogic

        ya…let’s not go there.

  39. Yeah, think I can survive without health.

    1. LOL! Totally starting laughing at that! XDDD

  40. LMMFAO!!! This is brilliant!!!

  41. You, sir, are a disgustingly sick and demented person.

    I will be reading this comic regularly from now on.

  42. You could always rip the hearts out monsters and eat them ;D

    1. OverlyDramaticLogic


  43. I say that Link should make his own BLUE potion

  44. Red potions have been made from murdering enemies for Chu Jelly, and magic mushrooms.

    LonLon Milk is canonically alcoholic.

    No matter what, you morally lose.

    1. OverlyDramaticLogic

      alcohol? isn`t legend of Zelda rated E10+? wait..i could be wrong. …T?

  45. Didn’t Wind Waker show how potions were made, using the Chu jelly system?

  46. Oh my God! This must have scarred him >:O

  47. i vomited in the toilet

  48. OMG! is that… LINK blending the fairies?! *Same expression that GC has*

    lol GaMERCaT.
    Luv the Comix btw! <)

  49. What about the hearts that come out of grass and pots?

    1. TempestDash (smartass warning)

      well they are most likely remains of dead animals which somehow ended up there when they were brutally murdered or those could just be Fairy Hearts. that seems quite legit.

  50. Damned if you do……..!

  51. LIES! ALL LIES!! IT’S MADE FROM CHU JELLY! It’s made of… of….. T^T

    1. OverlyDramaticLogic


  52. Well this is certainly canon now as of Breath of the Wild, since fairies are one of the many ingredients you can cook meals and elixirs with.

    1. They just leave dust and go away, though. ;)

  53. Haha, that’s why you drink grandma’s soup.

  54. Haha, that’s why you drink Grandma’s soup instead. =)

  55. (°○°)


  56. What’s with the random blender? Isn’t that modern?

  57. There is definately a lot to learn about this topic.

    I really like all the points you have made.

  58. Last pannel:
    Me when I see a spider in my room

  59. *takes a potion of another game* See. these dont have red fairys in it *looks at back* (made out of: Blood. sugars, human hearts.) Welp imma throw up now

  60. What a waste of money.

  61. Que the scary music.

  62. I’m suprised that a fairy isn’t horrified by other fairys being blended. She must see this alot. I feel bad about her childhood

  63. Can the red fairies talk like blue fairy does?

    1. That was on “Sacrifice” page.

  64. Oh my god… I’m never drinking potions….

  65. Oh right now I remember. :P

  66. Heh ima still drink it

  67. le gasp*

  68. I make my OWN potions. I don’t need to waste money so an ex-hero can break the fourth wall and blend some fairies

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