The Journey

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." -Greg Anderson I can't say enough good things about this game. Sorry, I know this comic is really long and has no punch line, but I had to get it out of my system. If you're interested in finding out more about Journey, you can see a synopsis, images and videos at IGN's page for it -

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  1. This is so incredibly beautiful. One of my favorite of yours. Wow!

    1. I cried.

      1. OverlyDramaticLogic

        I got CHILLS.

      2. me too every time I read this

      3. I am crying

      4. this is VERY saaaaad! :(


      1. wait……. was that pixel before she was an actual character!

        i think its her because look at the face it looks like pixels face.

        (yes i read this that much)

        1. noob / pro gamer

          Me too i finished gamer cat 5 times

        2. noob / pro gamer

          and i’m doing it again.

        3. yup same very sad there hasnt been in update in YEARS


  2. I saw a video for Journey. Personally, I cannot tell what in the world that game is about, and I’m not about to shell 15 dollars for something that I can’t tell is even a game. o_O; Still though, Good comic. Very well drawn.

    1. -shrug- you don’t have to. the game, as the name suggests, is about the journey. it doesn’t quite have a plot, though if you pay attention, it does tell a story – it’s subtle.
      anyway, you get a random companion – or several, but only one at a time – and you can help each other on your journey, or not. but what the videos can’t say is that the game is about the experience itself, between you and your companion.
      it’s not like most games. I’d strongly suggest you give it a try, but if you don’t like games that step outside the box like this, it’s probably not a game for you.

    2. i wish you could rent it. like a libary book, to bad Downloadable games can’t be shared like solid copies. but realy, you can’t judge it by what is shown to you. you have to experiance it to truely say “well, that was/wan’t worth the money.” also, it’s $15, i think you could afford it.

    3. I know this is old but…

      I’d been wanting a ps3 for a while, and finally managed to get one just this past Christmas. This game now has a hard copy sold in stores. It comes with three full games (Flow, Flower and Journey) and 3 mini games. I want to say it was 20 or 30 dollars, I can’t remember exactly, but I will say this:

      It was well worth it.
      I bought the hard disc for Journey alone. I have wanted to play that game since I first saw it. I was not disappointed. To run right through the game it takes maybe an hour, but I’ve replayed it at least 10 or 15 times now and find new things to do each time. Playing with another player is what MAKES this game fun. I spent one level with someone just flying around the map doing NOTHING. They pm’d me after we finished three hours later thanking me for having such a wonderful time.

      This game is beautiful in its artwork and concept. I hope the original poster has seen it and had a chance to play it because this game is truly a gem that should not be missed.

      1. You can play this game with someone together..? How? :o
        I can’t see a button for multiplayer :/

        1. You can’t choose to play multiplayer or not.
          The game decides. It just connects you randomly with another player sometimes. And you guys can decide to experience the Journey together or part ways and continue alone/with someone else.
          If you know “The endless forest” by “Tale of Tales”, then you know how it works :)

        2. Actually, if you disconnect from the internet/PSN you can definitely play alone.

          But for multiplayer, you’re correct, the game automatically connects you with random players if you’re on PSN.

    4. um juru can you give link pls i want to see pls?
      (yea i said pls twice)

  3. journey and bioshock are the only 2 games that really make me cry in the end.. it is so beautiful..

    1. I haven’t seen those games but the last guardian and valiant harts made me cry my heart out.

    2. are you talking about bioshock 1, or 2? cause i haven’t quite beaten bioshock 2 yet.

  4. Holy crap… That was amazing. And I really almost experienced emotion when his friend blew up there…

    There are so few games that have any sort of emotional impact nowadays, and the sad thing is that they almost all come from Indie developers that you would assume aren’t getting as much funding as the big names like Activision. That’s not to say games like Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock and Dawn of War (or Space Marine) aren’t good (I’m not going to mention CoD because after getting past the adrenaline high parts of it I’ve come to the assumption that it really is a bad game), but what it says is that no one ever goes for moving people any more.

    It’s getting to the point where they increase the price for every extra hour of gameplay you get out of it. I think Skyrim was the last game I played that was worth more than twenty dollars and asked for fifty, whereas I would gladly pay 40 dollars for games like Bastion.

    I have yet to try Journey, but especially after reading all the glowing reviews and after reading this (and after playing some of Greg’s online games; I think they’re the same person anyway), I’m going to spend the next few hours whining directly at my parents to see if I can convince them.

    Thanks for the inspiration and sorry for the long post.

    Till Hell Freezes Over


    1. It seems to me that we’re moving out of the age of story and into the age of 3D/HD/DLC/clones. Games as an art form won’t be taken seriously, and the gamer’s plight will remain. I’m going to go insane and/or uncharacteristically burst into tears.

      A fine comic indeed. Manly tears were shed.

      1. i’d like to point out that the gammers are becoming the adults in this world, as well as the majority. so that’s not entirely true.

    2. Comments like yours are the reason that I love the Internet. ^^ w<

  5. This comic really does embody the spirit of Journey. Many games may bring hours of content to the table, photo-realistic graphics, in-depth intricate and convoluted stories, but so many games out there simply lack the experience, the ability to simply take the player through, well, a real Journey.

    Journey really can’t be compared to other games, as it just isn’t like anything else. It does away with just about everything we’ve come to expect from modern games, and still delivers that much more from it. Well worth the $15 price, and whatever they charge me for an official release of the soundtrack when they give it to us.

    Bravo to ThatGameCompany, and bravo to you for such a lovely comic that does the spirit of Journey proud.

  6. oh my gosh, what happen with his friend? I wanna know what happen next!!!!!!pleaseeeeeeeeee…. >_<

    1. He got eaten. u_u Rip, pink cat friend.

      In game there’s giant worm creatures that fly, and that like the taste of your scarf. They will eat the little scarf pieces that fly around, both ‘birds’ and ‘manta’ versions. If you get caught in the beam of their eye, they’ll violently rip your scarf, your ‘life bar’, off of you and fling you way across the frozen tundra. You won’t technically die (well, I haven’t ever so idk if it’s possible), but the experience is very violent and definitely leaves a player shaken.

      1. Another gamer animal: GamerDragon

        So sad that the pink cat died :(

      2. You can die. I thought that you couldn’t, and payed the price with character death and a mental breakdown.

    2. She was actually pixel.
      The plot thickens…

      1. ERMERGRD!!!!!!!!! (0-0)


  7. I’m so proud of this game, and that it made me such an emotional wreck. I don’t think I’ve ever had a story and partner give me so many different emotions in such a short time- and you’ve captured it completely. I don’t know how to give higher praise than that.

    Thankyou for this beautiful comic, and devolving me into a sobbing mess.

  8. Oh my god, this game is so beautiful. Just watched one of the videos on the site. And your comic on this already made my eyes watery, without even knowing what the game is about. But there are so clear feelings in your drawings ;_; my gaaaawd, poor kitty QAQ now I’m crying. XD”

    Keep your art up, it’s brilliant. I really love Gamercat. (Hope there will be some more merchandise like t-shirts ;D ) <3

  9. DAMN YOU PS3 EXCLUSIIIIVES! Ugh I want to play this game so much! I love the whole idea behind it and the cinematics look amazing! (btw I would’ve tote done it with that pink cat, who knows whens the next timeyou’ll see another!)

  10. New fan of gamercat, great to see a comic about video games and cats actually update, jk. Great to see a new comic, I’ll be happily waiting,
    A new fan.

  11. I love this comic sooo much!! When I first read it, I didn’t really understand what it was about, so I decided to look into it. If it wasn’t for your comic I wouldn’t of found this amazing game!!!!!! I went and watched a walk through of the game (sadly I don’t own a ps3) and it is just amazing! So after seeing the game played through all the way, re-reading this now, it makes so much more sense, and at the same time more sad at the end. Love it though!

  12. I love the comic and the game seems so interesting, I didn’t know of it.
    Though, I’m not sure if I’ll play it now, since it seems you’ve already made the biggest of all spoilers in the comic.

    1. Actually, the specific events in this comic are based on a play through of mine. Your experience will vary greatly because the events are not set to play out a certain way. So there are no real spoilers in this comic except that the flying snake monsters will nom you if they see you.

      1. Oh, wow. That’s impressive.
        You’ve conviced me. I HAVE to play this game.

        1. Yeah, to reiterate, I’ve played through this game start to finish 13 times now, and no time was ever the same as any other.

      2. im not sure if i played this that i’d get to experience this with other players… this comic makes me want to get this every time i read it but i feel like i missed the train here… :(

        1. You can still run into other players, even now. I’ve managed it. It’s harder, sure, but the game being ported to PS4 and offered free for Playstation Plus one month helped.

  13. Wow… just wow! I love you’re style since a lot of years on DeviantArt but this one without lines is so amazing!

    And now I need to take this game :D

  14. God that was a beautiful comic. Definitely worth the long wait

  15. unexpected emotion received from a video-game comic. actually got me to tear up a bit.

    1. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

      I can tell by your username

  16. This game blew my mind. It’s aesthetically arresting. For anyone here who hasn’t picked this up, I cannot recommend this enough.

  17. This is so beautiful. I love it.

  18. Amazing. Absolutely captures the beauty of the game and the beauty of the expertly done co-op. Also: dat sand surfing level.

  19. the 11th panel = my favorite part of the game.

    Beautiful comic, beautiful game.

  20. Great comic ^^ the cat looks like my Awesome Cat costume in LBP2, i hope i will see more games in it then going around AC and Zelda but i guess its because new, bookmarked and keep on going

  21. Very beautiful, and the exact story I experienced my first time playing through, only I was the one dragged away in the snow. Perhaps we were playing together, heh.

  22. Perfect comics. Just like the game <3

  23. @.@’…
    CLONK!!! [sound of jaw dropping]

  24. This is actually EXACTLY what happened to me on my first playthrough. When I started calling out and the chime bubbles got smaller and smaller… That’s when I started crying. But the ending… Goodness gracious the ending made it all worthwhile. x3

  25. Absolutly stunning
    Really captured the beauty of that game
    love it :)

  26. omg XD thats what happend in my playthought but i was the one under the brige wile i saw my friend get slamed by the creature T.T atualy got worryed a little XD

  27. After reading this comic, looking onto a game I never knew about, reading the responses above, and watching tears roll down my eyes from a game I’ve never played, I DEMAND a donation button for this comics artist be put RIGHT next to the current comic.

  28. Just found this comic today through a link from a friend, and I must say, I’m absolutely hooked. He’s so darn cute!! I hope that eventually you look into merchandise, as shirts would be amazing.

  29. jeezuz. just so heart breaking. that game was such a blast. a real beautiful trip. and having played the game, it is that much more touching to see how Gamer Cat created a relationship with his partner.

    great stuff. now we need more!

  30. This game made me cry at the end. I love Journey. It’s one of the best game’s I’ve played.

  31. One question, did you actually check whether the other person survived.
    I myself got blasted away even though I was in hiding and survived to my companions happy surprise :D
    Journey really is a beautiful game ^^

  32. This comic was the push that made me buy the game.
    I owe the best gaming experience I ever had to you.
    Thank you.

    1. Same here. :)

      This game is so amazing, there are just no words to describe it.

  33. May I suggest a follow-up comic where they reunite at the top of the mountain? Sometimes I lose people and track them down later (though granted not between levels) so I think that would fit nicely :3

    Also, it’s enormous amounts of fun running around each other and drawing hearts in the snow when you reach the summit.

  34. please make this into a wallpaper somehow <3 especially panel 11.
    amazing game. still addicted. I'm never going to get that trophy for starting a new journey after putting the controller down for a week…

    1. I will also NEVER receive this trophy.

      1. Like your pic.

  35. OMG, I really love the way you draw! Even though I did not play any games but your drawing technique is good! Draw more please? I will definitely find out about this “journey” :)
    BTW, what program you use to draw the comic? I’d love to buy a copy of your gamercat comic….if you ever think about to publish one. <3

  36. makes me wish I had a PS3…:(

  37. Will the pink cat ever show up agen??

    1. Nope; that’s the idea of this comic. =P He lost her/him/it in Journey, and now he’ll never see him/her/it again.

      1. False. He reappears as glitch

  38. I wonder if Gamercat plays KingdomHearts :D THAT Would make my day >v<

  39. I showed this comic to the game’s producer, and she told me, “my lead artist from Journey actually posted this to the list of folks who contributed as one of his personal faves.”

    So your comic was noticed by the game’s creators and they loved it. Kudos. Keep it up.

    1. Wow, really? That’s pretty awesome!

  40. I didn’t know it was a real person playing with me! I died at the end right at this scene too… Now I can’t wait to try it again

  41. I really wish i had a freakin ps3… i want to play this game (isnt it ps3 exclusive?).. ugh

  42. I read this at first and I was like “Pretty, but I don’t get it.”
    Then I played the game, and watched my companions get destroyed by the flying stone things and I was so sad. I’d help them to recover. We would get through it together.
    The best one was when I made it to the end, I waited at the top, and while it may have been a different companion, someone came up and we flew together and it was absolutely beautiful.

  43. If I ever get a ps3, this is absolutely one of the first games I plan on getting.

  44. Never played this game, but I’ve wanted to for so long. If I ever get my hands on a PS3, this game will be my first priority.

  45. This game was simply incredible…

    I had a very similar experience to this one where my friend jumped out too soon and was taken away by snake. I chirped and chirped for a long time while huddling under a small ruin, but could not hear anything… But after a while, they somehow made it back up to me and we danced around each other and chirped and chirped endlessly and finally huddled together so we could continue on…

    It saddens me that you weren’t able to find your companion again like I did ;_;

  46. This is my favorite GaMERCaT comic! Closely resembles how I went through the game xD I love it!

  47. Did this really happen to the other player during your gameplay?

  48. I had never heard of this game before I read your comic but now that I have, I’m definitely going to play it!

  49. omg i like so much journey but i was sick a the end but after i was okay x) because it start over :D

  50. I love this comic, it’s adorable.
    I only now looked down at the comments and saw your gravatar and I instantly recognized you from Strays. You are epic! XD

  51. I honestly teared up here because I remember this game so well. I had a slightly different companion experience, but this game is so emotional for most people who actually experience it. Honestly, my heart clenched.

  52. Beautiful <3 This is just stunning!! I love the game and this piece right here was a perfect look into it :D Thank you!

  53. This comic made me buy this game. The comic is amazing and describes the game flawlessly. I love the game. Thank you for making this comic.

  54. This game was beautiful and I still play it, this picture, painful feels. losing your Journey pal… hard. Its happened to me and I get so heart broken afterwords and try and finish the journey on my own…

  55. You should consider making this a story… this is to sad of an ending for me!

  56. Do more like dis! :’O

  57. Oh my goodness I had this exact same adventure happen to me, someone caught up to me toward the beginning of the game and we had the grandest adventure having fun, hiding from the creatures floating around in the dark underwater-like area. Then we got to the snowy area, and I ran ahead thinking I could make it, but I couldn’t I was struck by the creature and sent hurtling, I tried retracing the steps toward where I was hit and where my partner was, but I never found them again. I then continued my Journey to the top of the mountain, without running into them or anyone else, I even waited by the light, just hoping my friend was just behind me, but no one came and I walked into the light alone.

  58. EPIC! Journey is such an amazing and beautiful game. And this comic does it justice! I;m so glad gamercat collided with Journey!! <3

  59. Honestly, When I played this I almost Cried ‘-‘

  60. I know this is incredibly late, but I just wanted to say thank you for making this wonderful comic. I was browsing online when I found your site, and reading this comic made me interested in what this game was about. I read up and found I really wanted to try the game.

    After a few weeks I finally was able to play it, and this game is so beautiful and emotional I cry (from joy XD) when I play it. Without your comic, I would have never had the wonderful experiences I’ve had, so thank you.

  61. This game is beautiful :(

  62. I just love the 11th panel.

  63. When I read the comic for a second time I put on a violin medley of Apotheosis & I Was Born For This (, and did my best to time the images with the mood of the music.

    Now please excuse me, I think there’s something in my eye.

  64. I love it! Journey is an great experience and you captured the emotion beautifully.

  65. So beautiful…
    I have to try this game for myself…

    1. Believe me, you should. You definitely won’t regret it. :3

  66. I feel like Pink-Cat will be a recurring character and turn out to be a potential love interest for GamerCat.

    1. You might be right, me and some others think that the pink cat is Pixel

  67. This is amazing! oAo

  68. I bought a ps3 just for this game. It was completely worth it.

  69. I think that the pink cat should become a character and be GaMERCaT’s girlfriend or something

  70. Ah. Maximum feels. Especially when your partner freezes to death right before the end. ;_;

    1. That would be fun if they couldn’t stand each other IRL

      1. Woops, i wanted to reply to firefeline4life

  71. Darned ‘Omnoms!’ >:c
    They always get me atleast once…. .n.
    Poor GC, lost his friend to the ‘Omnom…’ :c

  72. Alice David Turner

    Pewds and Bengt

  73. Will you make a character with the pink cat who played with gamercat ?

  74. Wait? There is another gamercat out there! With fur of gray and skills that rival that of even gamercats! THEY MUST MEET AGAIN!!!!!!!

    1. This may be pure fan speculation but Journey links you up with other players otherwise you are alone. And that was no mere NPC that was another gamercat! I MUST FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE!!!!!!

    2. Also is that cat gray or pink? I see gray but others see pink.

      1. if it is pink could this be the first time we see Pixel?