I often had this thought as a child, though I (thankfully) never put it into practice. Merry Christmas, everybody!

67 thoughts on “Treescaping

  1. That’s my cats. They do it every time something plastic and uncomfortable shows up.

    1. Yes! First comment! I’ve been reloading for 10 minutes! ;3

      1. true dedication, huh?


        1. Firepaw? Greypaw? I didn’t know you read GaMERCat!

        2. oh wut r u guys doing here?

        3. Creepy chuckle

      3. i hate to brak it 2 u but ur second oh wait same person

  2. Hhng I already want more I’ve read all of them xdd. Mary christmas, this is amazing :0

  3. Just get a Christmas palm tree. Problem solved!

    1. Ingenius. A true Einstein.

  4. Pets and trees, man.
    I remember my aunt’s kitten Bowen kept hiding in her Christmas tree. It took 2 scoops of kitty treats to coax him out.
    *BONUS* What did everyone get for Christmas? I got some new headphones, FNaF merch, a couple sets of clothes, and a Gift Card for STEAM.

    1. I got a Snes classic clothes and a new kindle fire 8.0 HE i am looking at this on?

    2. I got nerf guns, headphones, clothing, and bounce a bubble.
      Also a controler for my PC, and a flarion plushi!!!

      1. [Funny Name Here]

        A flarion?
        What’s that ;)

    3. [Funny Name Here]

      I have a friend named Bowen, which suggest that Bowen is generally a name given to females, but FFTA2 says otherwise…

      1. Sir Bowen was a Knight of the old code, he hung out with Sean Connery…who was a dragon at the time.

    4. I got Tigerheart’s Shadow from the Warrior Cats series (I’m gonna also get Darkest Night, my parents forgot what other book I wanted), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, $70 on Steam, Skechers socks and shoes, a nice pillow, joycon steering wheels, a tin of butter popcorn and caramel popcorn (traded the cheese bag with my sister for a second caramel), a one-pound Hersheys chocolate bar, a chocolate Santa, and a box of 12 candy canes. In quantity, it was small, but the presents were amazing!
      My brother also got his own Nintendo Switch, so he can now play his Splatoon 2, as well as headphones. My sister got a drawing tablet for her laptop and a bunch of other nice things. She got the most presents since she likes smaller, less expensive things.


        1. YES! I <3 Warriors! My grandma, who lives out in another state from me, sent me some of the Manga books after Christmas.
          Also, My cousin who lives in Miami knew how much I love Fnaf, so he mailed me a total of 5 Fnaf plushies! I am in heaven!

        2. OMG Yaaaaaasssssssa GO WARRIORS

      2. SPLATOON 2!!!!!!! Whoo! Warriors! Yeah!

    5. I got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, LOZ: Twilight Princess HD, loads of Zelda merch and loads of chocolate.
      A satisfying haul this year.

    6. Kirito the black swordsman

      Switch Zelda Botw, Dragon Ball xenoverse, Super Bomberman R, chocolate,10$ iTunes gift card, rc car, Golden Compass trilogy, nanoblock Arc de Triomphe, etc. Really nice haul this year!

      1. some person on the internet

        I got a box set of Warriors:Omen of the Stars, a Book about all the ships from HALO, a Mug that says “The wifi went down for 5 minutes so I had to talk to my family, they seem like nice people” Rocket League and R6 Siege and a Samsung Galaxy S8. And since my B-day is right after christmas I also technically pulled Watch Dogs 2, Convoy, FTL, and Skyrim remastered. The only issue is that WD2 is meant for people who like GTA. I haven’t touched GTA in my life.

    7. I got a rock.

  5. That’s the cats outside and catnip.
    My cat only plays with catnip balls.

  6. Can the next one please be about Portal or Portal 2.
    I’ve been waiting for the next portal comic to come out.

    1. Kirito the black swordsman

      YES!!! Me too! Also Arms and splatoon!

  7. I finally got arms for the switch! Played it all night, 2nd game I have, but close to getting BotW!

  8. Also got a drone that flipped off the coffee table and broke right away. The instructions made no sense at all. We’re getting a refund.

  9. There is plenty of room for games under that tree. Even if you want them on physical media.

  10. the trees pose also nice.

  11. What game is this?

    1. Umm. I think there isn’t a game for this comic.

    2. Pretty sure this is pure cat destroying the tree humor on this one. And maybe a bit of little kid excited about presents.

  12. Like father like son, glitch is picking up from his former father figure.

  13. Well that explains what my cat was trying to do with that chainsaw on Christmas Eve.

  14. I got nothing for Christmas

  15. this is soooo true

  16. Inserttrashartmusiclifehere

    Gardenscapes? Probably not. =+=;

  17. Glitch saves the day!

  18. Can’t wait till the next comic I’ve only been reading for two days and all of your comics are top notch from comic one to this

    1. She(or he, I’m not 100% sure) uploads pretty often :)

      1. From the name Samantha and Celesse and her profile pic I’d say she’s a girl

  19. Is it just me, or would it be really funny to see pixel get into doki doki literature club and gamercat just flips out at how creepy it is?

  20. 3 more days until a new comic. 3 loooooong days…

  21. Man got me a gift card ,clothes and a bunch of money for Christmas.

  22. Does anybody else think Glitch looked a bit like Bendy in that last frame?

    1. Hecking yes.

    2. I though he looked like sans but yeah he looks like bendy…Glitch is here lil’ devil darling after all. ;)

  23. Plz make a comic about super cat bros.! it’s a mobile game where you play as alex the cat and you have to find all of your lost siblings! it has amazing music, controls, and graphics, so I would be overjoyed if it got more fame. plus, it’s about cats…

    1. Kirito the black swordsman


  24. I got a Lego set and a watch

  25. So, Glitch got his 2 front teeth for christmas?

  26. I love these comics :)

  27. I wonder how long til the next comic is published today, since it’s already Monday now? XD

  28. I though he looked like sans but yeah he looks like bendy…Glitch is here lil’ devil darling after all. ;)

  29. zangooseanimation

    i like that nobody found the mistake i see (hint look at glich tooth)

    1. Oh, i see it. what is with that?

  30. Santa never put presents under my tree. Instead, he decorates our living room with them, making little passageways for our christmas trains

  31. the fairy wasn’t seen any in 2018 or 2019… did something happen?

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