Generous Faults

It's the thought that counts? Just not the whole thought. I hope you all had a great (and generous) Christmas!

51 thoughts on “Generous Faults

  1. In this strip Gamercat is very “father-like” with Glitch… so CUTE!!! =^_^=

    1. GaMERCaT’s face in the 4th panel! XD

      1. GaMERCat’s face in 4th panel is really “father-like”.

        1. Who here celebrates yay day if you know what im talking about lol

        2. I celebrate yay day cat! How is sam doing?

    2. its so cute

  2. Awww, Glitch in this comic reminds me of my younger cousin. So innocent.

  3. This was great

  4. So cute and no one said it so FIRST!!!! Finally!

    1. Please note, it’s finally dying down but you’re helping it.

      1. Sorry I’ve never been able to do it so yeah

  5. so cute and adorable my little sis is like this

  6. All your other posts are so last year (hah puns)

    1. THas terrible dude….

    2. That would take mine

  7. This level of kawaii cannot be digested.
    I was waiting for the punchline to be related to things trees like.. such as decaying organic matter, including animal waste.

  8. This will be Glitch’s expression when he learns what they actually did to trees.
    >>>>>>>>>>>CLICK MY NAME<<<<<<<<<<<
    CLICK. IT.

    1. ????????

  9. I just love sweet’s face in the 5th panel.

  10. If you get a fake tree, you can just say that it’s hibernating.

  11. My question is how did Glitch and Sweet get those clothes

    1. I think its obvious…they got them as presents.

      1. Or their owners forced them into it… Either way is great of course! ^-^

  12. Does the author even read through all the comments? Or just the ones that look helpful? Someone please enlighten me on how that works.

  13. Ah. . so innocent. Just wait till he finds out. . . .

  14. Playabledog-Ayrutson

    I hope he never finds just for the sake of his innocence’s. Merry Christmas glich

    1. Merry Glitchmas!

  15. Every father. I know this when I’m not even one.

    1. When’s the last time you checked your site?

  16. Life Hack:
    You can get a slightly smaller Christmas Tree that’s in a pot and plantable.

  17. I dunno if anyone’s even gonna see this, but it’s 7:10 AM central time and the site hasn’t updated. This is mostly a nitpick on my part, and I don’t know if this is intentional or an oversight or whatever. I don’t necessarily mean this as any sort of criticism, I’m just noting it because it’s a difference from the past two weeks’s schedules (as far as I know).

    Somehow I doubt this comment will ever be seen though…

    1. If you go to tapastic you’ll see that gamer at is on a hiatus

      1. Okay, thank you. I was just confused.

        1. Wow, now that I actually looked at the Taptastic post, I feel really bad for mentioning this. This actually makes a lot of sense.

          Great, now I feel like a jerk, but it’s self-inflicted at least. Not anyone else’s fault.

          I’m definitely going insane.




          If oyu are still reading this, congratulations! You read the whole comment! (yay!)

        2. *you. Srry fer mai speling mistak

  18. Where’s the next comic???

  19. Is this comic ongoing?

    1. yes it’s just taking longer than usualR

      1. Why tho……………

  20. When will the hiatus be over?

  21. Wot in box for tree? Very curious

  22. Derp

  23. What was in the box?

  24. Pls do glitch reunited with his mom for the next one!! Thx?

  25. Can I have the paused thing on a t-shirt?

  26. Glitch is so full of hope

  27. And that’s why Glitch is my favorite.

    Not that I dislike any of them, but he’s my favorite.

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