Edit: The hiatus is now over, so please keep going to continue with updates. Hey readers, I have an important announcement to make regarding comic updates. This was a difficult decision for me, but I have decided to put the comic on a temporary hiatus. I know this is extremely short notice and I had not planned on doing it at all, but I feel this is necessary for a number of reasons. The reasons are mostly very personal (and thus I don't want to elaborate), but the best general explanation I can give is that I am feeling burnt out. The comic has been updating consistently without a single break or missed update for over four years now. I haven't even taken a break for the holidays or vacations. I'm proud of what I've accomplished, but this kind of ceaseless schedule also comes with a price, and the payment has finally come due. I haven't decided on the exact length of time for the hiatus yet, but I'm going to start with three months. This hiatus will not effect the Kickstarter that's currently in production or the monthly Patreon wallpapers, though if you are pledging via Patreon and would like to suspend your pledge during the hiatus it is completely understandable. There is so much support for this comic and I can't thank you all enough for it. I hope you can understand why I need this break, and if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer. Thank you, and I hope everybody has a great start to the new year!

218 thoughts on “Paused

  1. Rest up! Recharge your batteries. You are always loved <3

    1. I Know But Three months is a long time
      No offence

      1. I donno, but I think that drawing comics every single week, for four YEARS in a row, NEVER STOPPING, is a long time. Yes, three months is a while, but she deserves that time off. Actually, she deserves MORE than that, so she’s actually being VERY generous to take a break for merely three months. There’s been SO much work and effort put into these comics, so I think a three month rest is pretty reasonable.

        1. The GaMERCat 2.0

          I agree

        2. Me too.
          Better less strips, instead of no strips at all!

        3. Well, yes, but there are comics that have been going for ten years in a row, every other day, for ten years, no stopping. However, this is completely justified an that is fine

        4. The GaMERCat 2.0

          Mattomatteo is your name from the Redwall books?

          They are good books.

        5. i was just wondering if there was a discord server for gamercat and there should be, for those of you who don’t know what discord is, it is basically like skype for gamers. you can create servers to. my discord tag is endmaster#9270 if you want to contact me for help setting up the server

        6. if you want a server

        7. It’s very impressive the amount of time spent to make the comic. You deserve a break cellesse! (:

        8. Good point

        9. If she runs out of ideas, i can help.
          i have many, many, many ideas.

      2. Actually, three months isn’t that bad. Remember how summer vacation just seemed to last like, two weeks (especially in August) and then you were back at it again? Celesse needs those three months to recharge and get new ideas, and just relax about making deadlines or trying to entertain everyone. Besides, she could have said three years, instead. We can all wait three months.

        1. Hope you enjoy your break!
          and people, at least she tells us when she’ll be back.
          not like KH3
          With that, we get release dates for the TRAILERS

      3. yo stop fukin h8ing peeps need their rest

      4. oh,3 month is pretty short actually.Compared to Yoshihiro Togashi……

        1. HyperKittyGamer


        2. heh heh…
          I still miss GaMERCaT though

    2. Enjoy your well deserved Vacation

      1. Four years? WITHOUT STOPPING?! Wow, i say she gets a whole year off. So, stressed. Even with the pics i draw i at least take a couple of few day breaks. She must be stressed with all of this. I understand if she takes a break every comic at a time. Like i said, she deserves a year, not three months.

  2. Is his enemy doge? Or doggo?

    1. Actually, his enemies are mice. Anonymice, if I remember correctly.

      1. what about spiders?

      2. Anon a mouse that scurries in the darkness

        Don’t look at me. I have nothing to do with it.

      3. Anonymouse is the actual name; check in characters :/
        This is MAY now peoples! The Hiatus is almost over!
        Like only a month away :D

        1. The_MeltingClock

          or two

  3. it was fun! take your time, we’ll be here when you come back.

    1. What comics do everyone want when she is done?

      I want No Man’s Sky, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Minecraft.?

      1. KIrby Star Allies. That’s it.

        1. Kingdom Hearts 3

      2. Apocalypse (formerly known as Harrison_317)

        overwatch definitley, with no man’s sky GaMERCaT could say how he’s dissapointed with the lack of multiplayer. Fortnite and minecraft idk

  4. An avid Gamercat reader

    Don’t you worry a bit – GaMERCaT will stay right there in my feed reader and in my heart.

    It is very hard to see a burnout coming. You go on full throttle for a time and then it hits you. Don’t feel bad about it. Take all the time you need, and then more just to be sure.

    All the best!

  5. We don’t mind! You done a lot of these comics, you deserve a break.

    Best wishes!

  6. We understand. No problem, just don’t accidentally die then never post again.

    1. Welcome to the “I miss Gamercat” club.

      1. Lets just hope it doesnt turn into Helvetica.

  7. Take all the time you need – you don’t owe us anything! We’ll still be here when you get back :)

    1. I believe in you!

  8. Thanks for the long-running weekly enjoyment. Hope you find what you’re looking for, enjoy the break, temporary or not.

  9. NOOO Gamercat

    1. Welcome to the “I miss Gamercat” club.
      Tears and sorrow.

      1. … Did you respond to your own comment several days after posting it, as though you had forgotten it was, in fact, you?

        1. HyperKittyGamer


  10. Im sad, but you need a break! as a new reader, i will just wait for the next adventure of this silly, video game addicted cat.

    1. Catch up on the old ones!

      1. I read all of them 5 weeks ago :|

  11. This comic has been such a wonderful gift, but we’ve had it long enough :)
    Have a nice break! I hope you come back feeling rested, happier, and creatively rejuvenated.

  12. At least it will technically still be updated about as frequently as prequel during this break…

  13. … Of course I start reading the entire thing on the day you announce this just my luck eh?

    1. by that i mean I started yesterday about lunch time UK time.

  14. Have a good rest! Gamer cat has become one of my favorite comics and I’ll miss the updates. Rest, recharge, and enjoy life! :-)

  15. It is a shame to see this comic go on hiatus, but if you feel you need a break you should do that. Hopefully you’ll feel better and refreshed after 3 months.

  16. I love your comics and a vacation where you turn down the numbers of deadlines sounds good. You should also start to have a few weeks a year when you don’t update anything, for when I do this it makes me miss it and I start the new “season” very inspired. Hope you have a lot of tea and biscuits.

    Love from Sweden

    1. Yes a fellow Swedish :)

      1. I live in America but I am Swedish.

  17. Thanks for all thoses years, have a good break and i hope maybe one day you’ll come back :)

  18. Have a good break!

  19. I’m sorry to hear things are tough for you. You’ve made a huge number of inspiring, well crafted comics for years now and I’ve always taken them for granted without saying thank you.
    So… thanks.

  20. Thank you for the year of entertainment and amazing cartoons! hope you come back well rested and take good care of yourself! See you after the hiatus.

    1. Is your name inspired by the Korvax in No Man’s Sky?

  21. some person on the internet

    It’d be cool if you did some comics about new games like you used too. Maybe a new character?

  22. Don’t worry about it. ^_^ I hope GaMERCaT will return, of course, but your wellbeing absolutely takes priority.

  23. You do you Celesse, GaMERCat is totally worth the wait, and we’ll be here when you get back!

  24. Get better and good luck!

  25. As long as Gamer cat is back, I’m good ?.

  26. Oh and by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  27. …wait! there are monthly Wallpapers on Patreon? Well then! Let me give you my money then! You may be on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean I can’t read older comics!

  28. And now we play the waiting game -w-

    Lol jk
    take it easy, as much time as you need you deserve it ^w^

  29. So… Did Glitch throw up before sleeping here too??

    Also, GaMERCaT drools in his sleep.

  30. Is that a Duelshock 3 controller?

  31. Take al the time you need. recovery is more important than updates :)

  32. No gamercat for 3 months?

  33. Take a break you deserve it!

    However, please if you are going to extend your break then at least let us know. I know we don’t deserve anything really but I’ve seen many comics go on break and then don’t tell the readers that they had to extend the break,etc and eventually we all assume they’ve quit the comic. So for our sake and possibly yours please let us know if the hiatus turns into 6months, a year, a decade,etc.

    1. Don’t worry, I fully intend to keep everybody updated. Whether I can return in 3 months or I need to extend the hiatus, I will definitely post an update regarding it. I know how it feels when creators just disappear and I would hate to do that to everyone.

      1. Dilly oh was also a good writer he disappeared for good don’t let it happen to you though that would be sad
        We all love you

  34. Take all the time you need!

  35. Take all the time you need! we will still be here waiting for our fav webcomic.

  36. Revolutionary Lancer

    Occupational burnout happens for a variety of reasons. You’ve made the appropriate choice to break into hiatus, however it would be best to give a finalized definition to the hiatus period; I only mention this due to demotivation and long-term apathy that stems into procrastination.

    You’ve compiled excellent work over the course of the last four years, and at the very least you’ve developed a well-profiled portfolio. I remember back when you started, circa 2012; you’ve come a long way from that time period. Diversify and explore during this hiatus, you’ve many great things to do in your future.

  37. Don’t worry! We understand that you need time to recover. I’d personally wait a year or more if need be. Remeber, we’re all here to support you! Good luck!

  38. Rest up Samantha! Even if this means that now some of my faves is on hiatus, the authors mental and physical state matter more than that. And if you haven’t gone on hiatus for 4 years, than you’re rest is well deserved! We’ll see you soon!!!!!!

    1. Check your site please.
      It’s been like, a month.
      No, last year.
      two months?

      1. Sorry, can’t. (Thanks for follo-wait what the heck am I saying I don’t wanna be that guy) Look at my statement. Don’t worry though–I should start updating again in the summer! (Hopefully)

  39. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    As one who frequents many different webcomics, I can say I’m used to this.

  40. GOD that makes 2 web comics fallow now
    first nerdrage and now gamercat

  41. I can’t pause Gamercat for THREE MONTHS! *cries loud*

  42. You’ve done great! I agree that you should rest up. Your comics are pretty great so I think you deserve a rest!

  43. Take care of yourself and thank you for the wonderful comics (:

  44. thanks for all the laughs so far!
    I’m glad you are taking care of yourself, and I appreciate that you are communicating with us.

  45. Take your break and recharge buddy! It is your work and therefore you can take a break from it whenever you want. :3

  46. You could say you were having a… cat nap.

  47. I am honestly surprised you did not took a break earlier ^^””
    Rest up, recharge your batteries, play games not to find ideas for comics, but to have fun etc.

  48. Have a good hiatus

  49. Rest up and come back whenever you’re ready. We’ll be here, no worries.

  50. I love your comic, your great characters and your dedication for the past years. Thanks a lot for your art and work. I will be back when you feel that it’s the right time to unpause, if you want to :)
    Have a good time and rest!

  51. Shhhh, be quiet, lay down, and rest.

  52. ….k

  53. Break time, hooray!

    Is there any chance I could still get a copy of the physical comic? I sort of missed the train…

    1. No worries, the book will be put up in the online store after the Kickstarter is fulfilled.

      1. Yay

      2. Woohoo!!!!!

        I missed the Kickstarter so I want it

  54. Rest easy child taking breaks and recharging your batteries should be done normally :3 make sure to have a great break :3 i hash a question :3 X3 can their a new charater :P X3 one that is derpy Like Durpy teh cat .-. meh charater X3 Meow :3

  55. :P meow :3 X3 im bored as will if ya do end up making Durpy make him/her colour Blue X3 why not wanted orange but already an orange kitty x3 :3

  56. Take your time. I did once wait over a year for a webcomic to update. Maybe someone else here reads Goblins from Tarol Hunt. You should.
    Rest, recharge and maybe update a bit less frequently if it takes that much energy out of you.

  57. U dun good… U deserve a break… Im still bummed though.

  58. Insert 1 credit(s) to continue…

  59. I’m so glad you have a lot of support from everyone. I knew people who were REALLY good at art and what they did, but completely quit because they didn’t have support from almost anyone. I hope you have a good break, and sometimes inspiration cam come from breaks as well. Four years is a long time to be consistently doing this, so it is well deserved.
    I actually found this comic from the Facebook stickers, and I love both of them. You are very much appreciated.

  60. Kirito the black swordsman

    Take your break! I hope that when you come back, you feel refreshed! I love your webcomic and started reading last year. Rest up and know we’ll be waiting!

  61. No worries! Love following the comics, and the need for a hiatus is completely understandable! I’m honestly surprised it took this long, you must be exhausted!

    Take the time, and I look forward to seeing the new things you have to produce in due time ^_^

  62. God bless you, man. I love your work so if you need a break then please take it.

  63. It’s fine I have a lot to do can’t wait tell your back ??????⏰ witch means hope you have good time bye Celesse

  64. Witch commic comic should I read I’ve read only a few

  65. Dear Celeste.
    Please go ahead and take as much time as you need. I’d like to thank you for the constant stream of entertainment you provided over the course of the four years you mentioned. I’d like to see a return of Gamercat but I’d prefer it later (with you in a fresh renewed state) rather than sooner. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

  66. This… Kinda sucks… But yeah… Everyone needs a break from something.

  67. Looking forward to your return after your well deserved rest! :)

  68. Playable dog arutis

    Welp lets be real here, No one can continuously do the same action that they been doing for 1 or 2 years and so I hope you have very beutifuly pleasant cat nyap and enjoy the rest of your life. (That all I can say since I’m sadly in a much more similar but dark time)good-bye forever [GAME OVER]

  69. Hey, old fan here. Just wanted to cheer you on: take your well deserved rest and be happy.

  70. t is like best comic ever i see in my live i really want movie or episode of gamercat i really love it

  71. why not 10 comic every monday?

  72. why not 10 comic every monday?

  73. Reading this since 3 years now, you definitely need a break :p
    Take your time and come back one day with happier feelings and a creativity rejuvenated :)
    We’ll be waiting for you :)
    Have nice holidays


  75. Look if its been 4 years with no hiatus’s till now I completely understand I just wish some of my others didn’t have to as well right now but college and all that just get better soon and to greater stories in the future.

  76. I literally read through this whole blog from start to now, and it is likely one of the most adorable and hilarious things I’ve ever seen. Stuff like this takes a lot of effort and thought, and you deserve a break. Thank you for creating something so d’aaaaaawwww worthy!

  77. I have binge-read the whole comic from the start 3 times to remember the awesome thing you put into the world. Have fun on your break!

  78. and you need break too

  79. Thank you for making my mondays something to look forward to for at least a year now, you’ve really made a difference there! And it’s been a while since I’ve re-read these, so I guess now’s a good time to start that again :)

    As everyone else has said, you have done more than enough for us and definitely deserve a proper break! Good luck to your personal affairs and I hope they sort out well. Try not to worry too much about the fate of the GaMERCat, it has been a great and adorable jorney and we’ll be here whether it continues or if you deside to start something brand new :)

    If you like to, it would be great to hear from you sometimes, to know that you’re alive and how you’re doing.
    Nevertheless, I hope you all the best and have a great vacation! :3

  80. I’ve known about the existence of this comic for some time now due to my imgur browsing and I only just started to read it through tonight. Here we are at this page and yes, the update frequency and reliability is super impressive. I’ll add my positive thoughts and send my warmest hopes in your rest. If it takes longer than three months, so be it. It’s been a blast to read the archive.

    Go laze about and play some games, you right deserve it. (And considering your comment about the months being a long time… I still keep my eye on Gone with the Blast Wave when it can take years for it to drop a new page sometimes. Three months is nothing!)

    1. Oh I too love Gone with the Blastwave, and check it every few weeks just in case a miracle has happened and it has updated :D. Three monts will just fly by in comparison.

  81. I’ll be here when you come back, dear. Take care of yourself.

  82. Can’t wait to see what new comics you create after your break! Take as much time as needed. I and many of your other fans will return when you’re back! :)

  83. Well this is sad. I do hope you come back.
    Rest well and remember we love your creation!

  84. Can’t wait!!!! This is by far the best series I read!!! Take your time!!!

  85. Best wishes Celesse! Have a good break, you deserve it!

  86. you should see if other people would like to put their own spin on gamer cat maybe even fan art to fill in the hiatus
    if you want to

    1. You know… that’s actually not a bad idea! I think she should do it too.

  87. You know… that’s actually not a bad idea! I think she should do it too.

  88. Dang it. I apologize for the duplicate comment.

  89. ThatFluffyWaffleLookingAtYouThroughYourWindow

    Man, I was gonna ask you to make a comic on Halo 5, but whatever, you deserve a break.

  90. Staffan Lindsgård

    It’s always a bit sad to see a great comic go on hiatus, but it’s even more sad to see it end completely due to stress. Take your time, rest up. I can always read something else while waiting. And what I really like about this is that you told us about it. Now we know what’s happening and won’t bombard you with emails with a lot of questions about the comic.

  91. I feel like once the Hiatus ends this should be the 404 screen :3

  92. Not to be da bad guy… but hard to think of “once a week comic” and “burnt out” in same thought-line. I mean if this was a daily they yeah. I dunno how those guys even cope. But then again, I have no idea what all goes into GamerCat either, so I have no way of knowing. I just can’t help but think as we folks go to our mind-crushing, 6-day-a-week slog-jobs… that we’d LOVE to have a git like drawing Gamerat every week. Just sayin’.

    1. It might help to know that this isn’t the only thing I work on (since it can’t support me fully), and any project, no matter how posh it seems, can wear you down after long enough. I’ve been overworking myself for years now (not just on this) and unfortunately everything is affected by it.

      1. I agree I over work myself all the time take as long as you want you deserve a year

      2. You deserve a break because of ALL the comics you’ve made… I’ve been a fan since day 1 and I think you need a break for at least 2 years from the quality because that good of comics are great especially if done by hand?
        So that means you’re an artist with art that good. You should try art and see if your art will be submitted into a museum ( I mean you should try making art that would represent your life or some other deeper meaning… ) but even if it wouldn’t ( that’s a small chance of it being denied ) get submitted, try something fun like hanging out with friends or even family… if somebody in your family has recently had a baby for example then try seeing if you can babysit it while they go to work and if it doesn’t go well you can rely on us to understand and help you out greatly! Keep it up but you need a break so have some fun or “just rest and play video games”-hopefully a future ??(gaMERcat) quote. So, have fun and relax for as long as you need ?

      3. Is MAY!!! When is GaMERCaT coming back? 😢

  93. It’s cool. Have a nice break!

  94. Four YEARS of this?!

    Holy crap! Take all the time you need to relax! We can wait…sitting here, playing Dark Souls, reading random game-based comics like ‘Super Fighting Robot!’ (a comic I made myself over on Smackjeeves), eating Pringles, watching PBG…

    … — …

    1. Actually 7 years (2011 to 2018)

  95. After four years of an excellent comic strip you have EARNED your break! Get plenty of rest, plenty of exercise, eat healthy and, most of all, HAVE FUN! :D We will be here when you get back no matter how long you need so don’t try and rush things – just recharge and relax until you feel better!!

  96. So sad sadness

  97. I undrstand

  98. Can’t wait tell your back forgot your gone figured out dilly oh was gone today made me really sad hope you don’t go your comics inspired me

  99. See ya

  100. Just so long as it doesn’t become a HunterXHunter type of hiatus ? but seriously, take all the time you need. I’ve read this and Strays, back when it was still continuing, since they started. You’ve put so much work into both of them, and I’m sure you’ve put tons of work into other projects, you deserve as long a break as you need.

  101. You are a miracle worker bringing us countless heartwarming moments and laughs. It is our gift to you after you gave us do much. I think I speak for everyone when I say you deserve a break more then any other comic producer out there.

    1. Sorry autocorrect I meant ‘so’ much

  102. I did the math, so if noone here likes math then don’t read this, but Celesse has been going for 4 years now. So that’s 365 x 4 = 1460. Then she has been posting EVERY week not missing ONE WEEK EVER. So 1460 divided by 7 = 208.571428571. But we’ll just round that up to say that she has been going non stop for 209 consecutive weeks. HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY YOU NEED A BREAK! thank you to those who read, especially if Celesse reads this.

  103. i love gamercat i will miss him but you deserve a break:]

  104. Kirby Master (KRBMSTR)

    It took me about three days just to read all the comics up to this one. Pls don’t stop right now…

    1. It took me one day

  105. Take all the time you need. I am a huge fan and started reading 3 yrs ago.

  106. We are waiting for your return!

  107. ThatOneWeirdDoggo

    Take your time!

  108. Hmmm… I was thinking about it and I guess there is only one good advice I can give you at this point of time… DON’T listen to that crazy zealot Blue Fairy o_o
    Besides that have a good break time and return to us one day =3

  109. I was wondering if I could have the email you use so I can send you my ideas for the comic series because holy crap they’re good! I showed my family and they thought I was an artist and I had good ideas then I told them it was for the comic series on this page and then they said I should try to submit it! ?
    I hope that they were being truthful and not being sympathetic because my life for this year so far has been crap ?
    But if you think that gaMERcat playing Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is good then I hope I can send them my ideas! Also I have a black cat and I dressed them up as gaMER cat for Halloween and then my younger sister saw this and made her costume Nano and my Mom was Pixel, I was Glitch and my teenage sister was Sweet (because it fits her personality perfectly ) but when we went trick-or-treating my sisters told me to bring the 2DS systems of ours and the WiiU game pad and when I realized what they meant it made me laugh and we had so much candy we filled our bathtub with it and even then we had some left over ? ! I think ideas like that are the proof of a true gaMERcat fan! ?

  110. ur gonna have to make some kirby star allies comics when you’re back >;)

    1. Or Nintendo Labo

  111. Ummm… not to be a impatient person, but the 3 months is kind of up…. so…… yeah

    1. The hiatus post was made in early January. It is now late February. At best one can call it 2 months.

  112. ^ screw time

    1. Don’t screw time just read something else for a while like an ebook or a comic cause I can give you a link that is good (it’s a Zelda commic)

      1. WHERE Is IT

  113. I need a t-shirt with that paused thing on it.

  114. I just wanted to write, that I am hoping you are well, and that we still remember about you, and the webcomic C:

    Hope you really are recharging :D

  115. Well, shit. I’m going to miss you. I don’t know why you wouldn’t take the opportunity to make the strip something relatable to what is causing these problems you are having in your life to channel yourself into something that already has so much of you in it. It could be like a journal of your personal experiences for a bit where you can look at your problems in your life through a universe you can use to make fun of those experiences as a sort of therapy for you. Plus, it can be very revaloutionary for someone to study things you are feeling passionate like thoughts or ideas about and looking at them in a way that belittles them so you can possible accept how ridiculous they are, how ridiculously easy it real is to get out a situation you are unhappy with, or how ridiculously you have been supporting a idea.

    I have heard of many artist using there art as an outlet for them to work through tough times or how the people they have met making their art have been the ones who have helped them through something. For example, Jim Davis -the original artist of the Garfield strip-had used his strip to honor the loss of a beloved co-worker named Valette he had appreciated. In the strip, he used Garfield and Pookie to express what he felt towards her in the strip. I don’t know what you want this strip to be but, I’ve that things like this can become a great chance for you to put your problems in a new perspective using you’re art. I just want you to be able to do what you can with this strip and see how far you can take it because your work here has been here through some of my darker days. I want you to be able to use this strip to help you get through your dark days too.

    “We’ll…meet again, don’t know where. Don’t know WHEEn!”

    -Vera Lynn

    Until then,

    Sincerely, Name


  117. Is this restarting march 9 or March 12?

  118. Sir Fluffington McLargeHuge

    I still wait, knowing that gamercat, glitch, and the rest will return to us. The last time there was ia hiatus for a comic, it was many years, but eventually the writer returned. So to does my hope stand with this author.

  119. Thanks For a wonderfull and sweet Comic! I really like it! Take your time! Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Uh Benny I am reading your message two hours before it says it was posted what is going on because it is currently March 14th (pi day) 2018 at 12:48

      1. Time zones.

        1. *Flashbacks to playing MMBN2*
          (It is like 8 in the morning and Yumland is supposed to be India, which would be ~4 hours behind Japan)
          NPC: Why is there no one in Yumland?
          Me: TIME ZONES
          NPC: I haven’t heard from my friend in Yumland in a while
          Me: TIME ZONES! (Wait, I think ShadowMan killed them…)

  120. you deserv the longes brake. you make the best comic’s i have ever read!!

  121. still waiting till the break ends
    (i got nothing to do in my life

    1. I’d suggest Gunnerkrigg Court, Xkcd, Paranatural, the Adventures of Dr. McNinja (has ended) and Beyond the Canopy (also on break, but almost over)

  122. If you love what you do, continue now. If not, choose something else. Just let everyone know what you want to do. Thanks!

    1. Well… she hit the pause button Jan 9, 2018 and said that she wanted to take at least 3 months off. It is now March 16, 2018. 3 Months from Jan 9 would be April 9 (or a bit later since February is only 28 days). I wouldn’t fret until after April… ;)

  123. I just returned to Gamercat after a few years of not reading it. It’s just as good as I remember and I can’t wait to see what you make next! Enjoy your break, get some rest and relaxation and return when you’re ready! <3

  124. Ryan/Flerovium_red

    I would love to help you with your comics if you need help i will free i love art and i want some thing to do

  125. If I may ask how can glitch be calico and male? I know it’s technically possible in the case of a xxy mutation , so is that’s what’s going on?

    1. Well, his name IS Glitch… ;P

  126. Also, I’m not sure Glitch really is a calico. Calicos have 3 colors – white, black and ginger. It looks to me like Glitch is only white and ginger. :/ Just my guess though… only the artist knows for sure unless she chooses to tell us… ;)

    1. He could be a calico without any black. Or maybe the black fur is small and unnoticeable.

  127. this is a big break… AAH I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE COME BACK GAMERCAT!

    1. I dont need it…
      I dont need it…
      I dont need it…
      … I NEED IT!!!

  128. Are you fine? It has been a long while (Which is wellama deserved!), hope you’re treating yourself!

  129. I have screenshots of 77 gamercat comics I’m not hooked at alll


  131. person who reads comics

    Take all the break you need, you make amazing comics and everyone will be right here waiting for you when you come back

  132. Arggggg, I need your comics for moral support through bad days… PLEASE JUST POST SOMETHING!

  133. Just got my Gamercat Vol.1 in the mail. Wonderful stuff! I’m eagerly anticipating a Volume 2.

  134. It’s been three months but take your time really. If it weren’t for your comics I wouldn’t have asked for Zelda Breath of the Wild and I wouldn’t have the hours of fun it’s provided me. So really, honestly, take as much time as you need. I can wait.

  135. 3. More. Days.

  136. Apocalypse (formerly known as Harrison_317)

    Besides, this break give a chance for newcomers to your comics to read the older ones you put out a while ago!

  137. Enjoy your break! You’ve made such a great comic, I hope you enjoy your time off. And that you only draw GamerCat when you feel good doing so. I’m sure your future work, be it on GamerCat and/or anything else, will be better for having taken time to refresh yourself and get back in harmony with your Muse (Mews). Thank you so much for all the great comics, and I look forward to seeing your future work whenever the time is right!

  138. So cute.

  139. They’re knocked out.

  140. i NEW thare wuldnt be anyone from 2020 hear

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