Edit: The hiatus is now over, so please keep going to continue with updates.

Hey readers, I have an important announcement to make regarding comic updates. This was a difficult decision for me, but I have decided to put the comic on a temporary hiatus.

I know this is extremely short notice and I had not planned on doing it at all, but I feel this is necessary for a number of reasons. The reasons are mostly very personal (and thus I don’t want to elaborate), but the best general explanation I can give is that I am feeling burnt out. The comic has been updating consistently without a single break or missed update for over four years now. I haven’t even taken a break for the holidays or vacations. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but this kind of ceaseless schedule also comes with a price, and the payment has finally come due.

I haven’t decided on the exact length of time for the hiatus yet, but I’m going to start with three months. This hiatus will not effect the Kickstarter that’s currently in production or the monthly Patreon wallpapers, though if you are pledging via Patreon and would like to suspend your pledge during the hiatus it is completely understandable.

There is so much support for this comic and I can’t thank you all enough for it. I hope you can understand why I need this break, and if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer.

Thank you, and I hope everybody has a great start to the new year!