Sympathetic Ear

Sometimes I review the guide just to give her a sense of purpose. Game: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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  1. Oh yea… That hurts mah heart

    1. Love gamers face on last pannal!
      Lol thanks gamercat your a sweet heart!

    2. i do that to!!!!!

  2. I know they will add new stuff with updates and such later, but personally I hope they least add more stuff for her to do instead of reviewing beginner’s guide and letting us know we unlocked a goal.

  3. This Is SAd but cute :’)

    1. SooOOo saaAaAAd

  4. D’awwwww

  5. Kirito the black swordsman

    Since no one else said it, FIRST!! Finally early! Also, Kirito isn’t black, but he wears black. And I don’t want to be racist.

    1. Kermit the green frog because he's a frog and he's green not to insult non green frogs or anything...

      O.o If he wore green and you called him “Kirito the green swordsman” would you feel the need to explain that he’s not a frog and you don’t want to be frogist?

      1. lol random racist nub applies to a AWESOME NON RACIS PERSON with a rude response…

        1. according to me da Kermit da green frog guy is RACIST

        2. So… Silly = rude in your world? Okay then… O.o I’ll bet you’re a hit at all the parties!! lol

        3. Oh and it’s not “racist” to not feel the need to explain oneself every time one says that something is the color it actually is. For example: Oranges are orange. Bananas are yellow. Blueberries are blue. None of those statements are “racist” nor do they need any disclaimers and it is sad that anyone would think they do. Now you want to know what IS rude? A random sjw calling someone a “random racist nub” because sjws have no sense of humor. ;P

    2. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me but seeing people do the ‘first’ comment is worse enough without it being used completely wrong.

      The practice of calling first is to claim the first comment on a new thread, not that you’re the first saying first.

    3. It's supereffective!

      I’m sorry…
      To die.

    4. I love ur name Kirito

      1. Yes, I do love your name, Kirito! I also love SAO. :)

    5. Yet you aren’t even first, you still say it, like an idiot would.

    6. blue shell

  6. Ah, the cruel, sad life of an NPC. Players almost never know how good they have it.

    1. I wonder how it feels for an NPC in a game like Zelda to pay some random stranger to do some little chore, then find out three days later that the SAME EXACT PERSON went off to defeat the Great villain that had thrown the land into chaos.
      Must Be Pretty Weird.

      1. It must feel alot like being a cashier at a big retail chain.

        1. That’s actually true. It’s like “I’m a small part of a huge company!” “I’m the person who gave our hero the extra gold he needed to buy the sword that killed The Dark Lord!”
          That sorta thing

    2. “‘I just lent him my pickaxe!’ one of the locals said. ‘He founded our very society,’ said another.”
      -Kongregate user zodion, on the game “Aground”

  7. 2 weeks? I got bored of this game after 2 days.

  8. poor isabella

  9. I was expecting something Christmas related but all I got was sadness

    1. yeah me to maybe next week

  10. Please do a doki-doki literature club crossover

  11. K I NEED to get in on this animal crossing jazz. What system can I get it for?

    1. On your phone for AC:pocket camp, or a 3DS for AC: New Leaf or AC: Wild World.

        Still, Im getting a new iPad sooner or later so I can just download it then.

  12. Oh so NOW you post a comic about gaming. How long has it been, a month? Two?
    Is Isabelle a dog?
    Gamercat’s face in panel 4 and 5 XD


      1. Or you go make one

        1. Well no trying to be rude…

    2. Celesse you’re a very good artist! Very adorable!
      Can you make a wallpaper?

  13. Make more on botw plz!?!?

  14. Make more on botw plz!?!

  15. Oops sorry… LOL XD

  16. His Face In The Last Panel Is Soo Adorable.

  17. technologicalAltostratus

    Aw, This Comic Reflects Me Playing Videogames- Always Trying To Help NPC… Dang Feels

  18. I feel so bad for her being regulated to a tutorial part in the game. I wanna make her a proper villager in the games so she can take days off after working so hard in the mayor’s absence.

  19. I wouldn’t mind if we had an arc of them building a relationship where we realise the AI, though impeded, has a deep personality.

  20. Wow, a cat feeling sorry for a dog.

  21. dude, take her to your place, give her some cookies, and maybe a cuddle. These are the things I want to do with her.

  22. what a poor isabelle
    press 4 to respect

  23. No! (2 years without playing the game) ….Okay, but only beacause I forgot how to play.

  24. This makes me feel bad because I haven’t played in a year and I know the NPCs won’t be happy about that next time I return. They keep track of how long you’ve been gone!

  25. everyone conveniently forgetting that isabelle is the one laying out your long and short term goals… does anyone actually play games or do you all just pretend to while reading gaming comics and saying “ha ha, I get that reference”?

  26. Not really a comic idea, but you should play Getting Over It.

  27. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Welcome to Cornelia.
    Welcome to Cornelia.
    Welcome to Cornelia.
    Welcome to Cornelia.

    (… I should really binge 8-bit Theater again.)

  28. She also tells you about the daily missions…. that you can access in the icon at the top of your screen anywhere you go…

  29. T_T Poor Isabelle

  30. Eeeek! So exited for tomorrow’s GaMERCaT

  31. At least in New Leaf we keep her busy with all the paperworks while we litteraly spend all our days fishing and collecting shells.

  32. Animal crossing :D I have 3 games including this one

  33. Oh, no, there is a story for Christmas or new year?

  34. Isabelle is one of the characters i play in mariokart, but i dont know the real game, and here it is.

    1. This isn’t the real game, go play Animal Crossing New Leaf or City Folk for the real game…

      1. I play New Leaf, but not City Folk. How is Pocket Camp not one of the games Isabelle comes out of?

  35. Beginners guide! :D

  36. Okay, what evil organization is forcing her to stand in place trying to give a tutorial? (She doesn’t seem like the kind of dog who would immediately hate me and try to hunt me down, so I’m on her side… for now)

    1. Lucario (Master of Aura)

      Times have changed…

      1. team rocket — but they’re all cats
        meow(th) that’s right!

  37. *sniff* *sob* I’m not crying!.. you-you’re crying!

  38. This makes me so… sad.🥺🥺🥺

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