Fancy Footwork

Skillz that pay the billz.

72 thoughts on “Fancy Footwork

  1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Tuna cracker sandwiches.. amusing.

    1. Is glitch….. playing with his feet?
      Wow gamercat u do that to…?

      1. I secretly play minecraft and little big planet with my FEETZ

        1. Glitch use his minipaws to play DOOM Eternal, if that game came out in 2016-2017


      1. You can’t do that. He didn’t say “first”. Or she sorry.

    3. lol thats adorable and how GaMERCat is like ” I’ll take it!”

  2. When your siblings finally imitate something actually useful lol

    1. Also I’m early for once nice!

    2. that is really cool :)

  3. Wow i think the can play with the tail

    1. Whew! Glitch is getting more human by the second!

    2. thats how he presses the buttons

  4. I’m not going to lie, that was impressive.

  5. i can play with my controller using my toes XD

  6. Go Glitch

    1. multitasking 101

  7. I’m a Fangirl, We don’t do CALM.

    I love this comic so much! Go Glitch!


    1. Sorry, looks like I accidentally removed it when I was doing some tidying up the other day ^^; Should be fixed now!

      1. Hey your profile pic changed!
        This one is much more adorable. Reminds me of Cubewatermelon :D

      2. Keep up the good work Gamercat crew! (:

    2. What about a comic button? Also, when is the last time you visited your site?

  9. DDR cats?

  10. When your in “the zone”

  11. Yeah 12th

  12. Suddenly this is a parenting blog~

  13. Whel I’ll be damed!

    1. Hamilton nice reference i going to see if sometime soon.

  14. I need to learn how to do that!! O.O

    1. me to
      thats REDICULUS

  15. WHy not make another expected and realty comic

  16. Gamercat and Pixel seriously are adorable. Does ANYONE ELSE agree???

    1. yep yep

    2. You are forgetting Glitch

      1. That means you ship him with someone…?

        1. No, just that he is adorable.
          Glitch is a strong (in videogames), independent (in terms of breathing) cat who don’t need no ship!

        2. Auuggghhh duplicate comment error why you do this to me?

        3. I know just what you mean. Duplicates. All. The. Time.

    3. The series has been self aware of the ship for ages. Who knows what will happen?

    4. A good example is in my name
      You know you want to.
      >>>>>>CLICK. IT.<<<<<<

    5. Goodness I’ve never had so many replies to my comment in my L-I-F-E

  17. Glitch’s dedication is inspiring, to a certain section of the population.

  18. Welp, I have nothing to say.

  19. When sibling emulate bad behavior, it ends badly for the” bad influence.” # relatable

  20. please animate that glitch foot skillz frame. XD

  21. sooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!

  22. sooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!

  23. When can gamercat play StarCraft 2?

  24. Glitch became a true gamer.

  25. Dang I wanna see Gamercat and Glitch doing some type of one on one feet only. Oh and please do a Star wars Knights of the Old Republic comic.

  26. Isnt the foot thing came from the manga/series “no game no life”? i think it did

  27. technologicalAltostratus

    Just Read The Whole Of Gamercat In A Day

    Worth It

  28. Awww, all that crumbs everywhere.

    1. Out of all things you could’ve said…

  29. LOL XD Gamercat is my new school boredom buster.

    1. I am legitimately surprised that your school does not block Gamercat; many counties have a software that blocks websites associated with certain content and instead have a whitelist. So Kongregate, GamerCat, etc. are all blocked, while specific instances (like Coolmath and Hoodamath) are permitted.

  30. now amagen them playing portal 2 like that together

  31. Did any one relise gamercat and pixel where walking like human beings?

  32. Now THAT’S what I call talent

  33. Everyone needs to look over their food before eating it. Someone found a large maggot-like thing in her tuna. True story. Another found a flatten spider in their oreo. Oh, and i can’t forget the time someone found a dead mouse in their coffee AFTER drinking it. Let me also include when someone found a dead frog in their coco-cola. One more, someone found a seven-inch knife in their subway sandwhich. These are all true, i found out on youtube

    1. I’m saying this because i just remembered it when seeing the tuna can

  34. Amazing but also gross because you’re putting your feel germs on the controller.

  35. Glitch’s HP is zero but mine is one-hundered.

  36. I mean, neither end has thumbs

  37. Isaias Connor Martinez

    This Comic Is AMAZING

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