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Welcome to The GaMERCaT, a comic that mixes gaming humor with mischievous felines!

The comic isn't currently updating, but there's 300 strips in the archive to check out! Navigate with the arrow keys or hit the random button to be served up a surprise comic.

If you're looking for the artist, you can find me most active over on Twitter via @celesse.

New Site & Hiatus Update

First things first, the website now has a shiny new layout! Woo! The old theme was in serious danger of completely borking out the site at any moment, so I finally gave in and updated to a new theme. Some formatting on older posts was lost in the transition and a bunch of older images are likely broken, but all comic content should be a-okay and the site is now more mobile friendly.

It’s also the TEN YEAR anniversary of the comic! Wow!! I started Gamercat back in May/June of 2011, so this month officially marks a full decade. I can’t believe it’s been that long! Happy anniversary!

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Break Update!

Hey guys, I guess an update is long overdue, huh?

Firstly I want to apologize for how long I’ve been silent. I didn’t intend to be quiet for so long. I might as well just be upfront and say that I burned out hard on the comic and I really needed to get some distance, so it was difficult to come back and make any kind of update posts (especially with nothing to update with). I have done an update or two with my Patreon and I have been keeping up with the monthly wallpapers there, but otherwise things have been mostly quiet.

I’m afraid I’m not ready to return to updates yet. I really don’t want to start grinding at the comic again if I can’t put genuine feeling into it, as it will result in poor comics and only add to the burn out. I realize this is super disappointing and I really am touched that this comic means so much to people. I’m genuinely sad that I can’t update it like I used to, but it just isn’t possible right now.

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Volume 2 Books Now Available!

Hey everybody, I finally finished fulfilling the Kickstarter, so the Volume 2 books are now available in the shop! Also available is the Maneki Gamercat enamel pin and a small amount of the vinyl stickers. All volume 2 books will come with a bookmark, bookplate and postcard magnet while supplies last =^w^= Shop:

Kickstarter for Volume 1 Book!

It looks like I completely forgot to make a post about this here, but I’m currently running a Kickstarter to fund the printing of the first book of the comic! It will include the first 100 comics plus bonus content, and I’m also offering some exclusive Kickstarter-only items like pins and stickers, so please check it out if you’re interested! The Kickstarter ends on October 16th!

New Shirts Now Available!

1612amznshirts A lot of you have been asking for more GaMERCaT shirts, and they’re finally here! I’ve partnered with Tapastic and Amazon to make new designs available, so check them out at the links below! They’re available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, and all designs are available on multiple shirt colors. Game On! Shirt: Gaming Buddies Shirt: Sliders: I can’t wait to add more designs in the future =^w~=

Site Overhaul Complete

So, it’s over a year late from when I said I would do it, but the site has finally gotten an overhaul! The last round of back end updates borked it up, so I figured it was a good time to rearrange and update some things. Not too much has changed, I mainly just moved stuff around and updated the look and feel of things. Also, Nano has finally been added to the Characters page. I know a lot of you really wanted to see her there and I finally got around to making her player card, so she’s officially in the cast list now. If things still seem broken to you, clear your cache and/or give it a few days for any caching to catch up. Then if it’s still borked, please let me know!

Tapastic Support Program Ending, Moving to Patreon!

Hey, readers! I have an announcement to make today. It seems that Tapastic will be ending their Support Program, so I have decided to make the switch to Patreon. The page is already set up and live, though I haven’t had time to add too much to it just yet. Still, I look forward to making it grow!

Ending the Support Program:

I needed a place where I could provide information and answer questions about the transition, so here we are. These are the important bits:
  • The Tapastic Support program will officially end on November 30th
  • Any unused credits you have in your Tapastic wallet will be refunded after that
  • I will begin sending out all unfulfilled earned rewards in bulk on December 1st
  • If you want to increase your pledge to earn a certain reward before then please do it before you’re charged in November (it depends on what day you began pledging)
I have not officially decided what I will be doing with the leftover supporter items. I can’t transition them to Patreon, but I might offer them for sale to patrons only. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them! Alternatively, please check out this post if you want more info about the Patreon. Reminder: The comic is still free. The Patreon is just a way to support the comic financially.

New Host for Site

The site has officially been moved to a new host. I’m sorry about the downtime the past week or two, but I already get a lot of views and after someone shared a comic on Reddit all of the traffic just blew up the server despite the two layers of caching I had in place. My host disabled the site and insisted I reduce the CPU usage, but it just wasn’t possible. However, I was kindly offered hosting with my advertising service, so that’s awesome! They should have no trouble handling the site traffic and they even helped me move the database over. We should see a marked improvement in site performance now :) And I don’t have to worry about dishing out an insane amount of money for a private server, haha! We’re still tweaking things here and there, so please excuse any broken links or glitches (ha) you may find. But if you come across anything that’s seriously broken please let me know.

More Site Tweaks

All right, so when I updated the site’s theme it pretty much borked everything and I was forced to migrate from ComicPress to Comic Easel. I’ve been meaning to do it anyway, so the deed is finally done after many hours of retweaking everything to look like it should. I’m still working on it, so please excuse any funky things you may see going on for a bit. I’ll try to get it all done soon. Also, a lot of people seemed to have issue with not being able to land immediately on the newest comic anymore, so if you’re one of those people just bookmark this link: Just be sure to check in on the news posts now and then, okay? Game on