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Welcome to The GaMERCaT, a comic that mixes gaming humor with mischievous felines!

The comic isn't currently updating, but there's 300 strips in the archive to check out! Navigate with the arrow keys or hit the random button to be served up a surprise comic.

If you're looking for the artist, you can find me most active over on Twitter via @celesse.

Stuff and Blankets!

So, I’ve tweaked the site a little. Most people seemed to be missing my news posts because they just read the comic and leave without scrolling down, so the comic is now off the main page. Sorry to those that don’t like it, but it’s only a click away ;P Please find the “Latest Comic” link to the right in the sidebar. It will take you straight to the newest comic. I might be making further tweaks regarding other features, but that will come later. In other news, I’m holding a special preorder for the GaMERCaT Fleece Blankets! So many people have asked to restock them, and I want to deliver. But we need your help. It will be a HUGE cost to get these professionally manufactured. Rather than run another Kickstarter, there seems to be enough demand to raise the funds via preorders instead. The benefits to this new production method are numerous and worth the bigger cost. There will be enough of them for everybody to get one, the material will be thicker and softer, and the blankets will be cheaper! (Original price $39.99, now $29.99) Estimated arrival will be around October. Preorders will remain open until we reach funding, but the sooner we do the sooner we can get them ordered. So don’t hold back! Please order! Thank you!!

The GaMERCaT Complete Plush Set Auction

Hey everybody, we’ve got a very special event going on! We’re holding an auction for the GaMERCaT and Glitch plush prototypes!
In this auction you can get the complete set. Both plush, both mini plush, both costumes, and a Kickstarter backer kit! On top of that, the plush have been signed by the artist. How cool is that?? And what’s even better is 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Virginia Beach SPCA, a local shelter where Sweet himself came from! You can’t get much better than that, can you? So bid, share, spread the word! Let’s make this an awesome auction!!


Well, it’s taken longer than it should have, but it seems like I have just about enough comics to put GaMERCaT into print. While I consider the options, I would like to hear from you guys, the readers, and find out what you would like to see in the book. I would love to include bonus content, but there are several things I could toss in and I want to make sure what I choose would even be desired. So what would you like to see? Here are my ideas:
  • Concept sketches & information on how GaMERCaT was inspired and came into existence, as well as how he evolved along the way.
  • Bonus illustrations
  • Bonus comics not published online
  • Revise the earlier comics to match the new art style (GC has changed a lot since the beginning!)
I can’t do all of them (or can I?), so let me know your favorites or if you have ideas for other bonus content. I will likely be doing a Kickstarter to fund this, so some of these could be stretch goals as well.

GaMERCaT’s Journey

When I first heard there was going to be an art book for Journey, I can’t lie, I squealed quite loudly. Especially because the news came in the form of a request to add the GaMERCaT Journey comic to the book in the special fan art section they had planned. I was absolutely thrilled and very honored to be asked, as there are many other wonderful Journey pieces out there to choose from. The whole process happened very fast, and before I knew it my copy of the book arrived on my doorstep! It is personalized and signed by both Matt Nava and Jenova Chen, and the book itself is just gorgeous. It features a full artwork slip cover that belies the beauty underneath; a rich, red cover with an embossed golden Journey gliph that is, frankly, adorable! Inside the book is a plethura of images and information about the entire creative process behind Journey, including unused designs, alternate ideas and even how the journeyer evolved in appearance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. But, of course, the best part for me was reaching the fan art section and finding GaMERCaT amidst the other wonderful fan art pieces that were featured. I can’t really describe how awesome this is! I highly recommend this book for any fan of Journey. Preorders are already sold out and the book is on backorder, but keep your eyes peeled for when it comes back in stock. It will aso be available on Amazon in the beginning of October. If you need more incentive to purchase the book, then check out this 10 minute video about it and all of the special features and goodies that it contains! Safe journey, fellow travelers!

PS Vita Wallpapers

In honor of the PS Vita’s release, I’ve created some GaMERCaT wallpapers for it! You can find them below and on the Goodies page. Free for personal use and feel free to share, but please link back to the site and don’t abuse the images. Don’t make me regret giving them out, m’kay? ;3 I’d like to offer more wallpapers in the future.